Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Okay,maybe not love to, given that it’s fairly slim pickings in Parliament nowadays. But relatively speaking, this is one of the sexiest Parliaments of all time. Compare it with the ugly ducklings of the class of 1992 and you will see exactly what we mean.

For those of you still wondering what we’re talking about:

Everyone knows what a MILF is. But as Henry ‘Charlo’ Charles once noted, politics has sexual necessities and privileges. Substitute the word ‘politician’ for the word ‘mother’ in MILF, and now, you’re headed in the right direction. Here are the results of the stupidest,most interesting poll in the history of St Lucian politics.
Permanent Secretary of Hotness

1.       ALISON PLUMMER: She’s not even really apolitician, but that’s the reward you get for accepting to be a senator. And now that she’s a political appointee, pli worse encore! Now, she’s screwed. Not literally, of course. Bottom line is that she is the hottest thing in the vicinity of parliament. Especially when she has that smug, pompous look on her face.HOTT!!!
Church MILF

2.       ALVINA REYNOLDS: Alvina has two things going for her that outshine all the rest of her attributes. One is that she is a sexy MILF and the more you look at her the better looking she gets. The second is that she has the mysterious Christian girl aura that makes you feel special just because she talked to you.

With hair...

3.       GAIL RIGOBERT: Not everyone agreed on this, but those who agreed, agreed vociferously. Gail Rigobert is black kryptonite. Even Superman is helpless. That dark chocolate thing, the smart doctorate thing and that stupid faux British country bookie accent all add up to make a certain kind of person kneel before her. Also, she looks like the kind of person who has whips at home – although The FLOGG cannot condone such summary snap judgments.

The man makes Sammy look ordinary

4.       SHAUN EDWARDS: If this poll wasa simple national vote, Shaun Edwards would be number one on this list. He is the current stud puppy and stallion of Parliament – isn’t thatright, ladies? He is the current pin-up model of the House and no one has owned the role quite like him. He could probably go shirtless with abs in under two weeks – a boast that no one else, except maybe Alvina could make. Women love him. Fellas wanna be him. And gays are turning to religion because of him. (They praying he gay!)
Good boys can strike a pose,too

Musa does cut hard...on drums, we mean
5.       RKL/MUSA: The Waiwai Twins (they’re paternal) are not just smart, hard working, willful andmischeivously funny, they are also relatively ‘do-able’ according to a recent survey conducted by the FLOGG inconjunction with Oh Who Are We Kidding There Is No Survey. Suffice it to say that one could reasonably allow one's daughter to marry either of them.

The Smirk of Doom

6.       LORNE THEOPHILUS: Hailing from the same Wildife Reserve as the FLOGG editor, Lorne Theophilus shall remain ‘outta dat’. No, for real,dawg. We know too much about each other.

His head not good, but his face still pretty

7.       CHASTANET: A little blubbery, but he still gives good head….I mean, face. He has a photogenic face. He’s verypretty from the neck up. Not to mention that that he’s always ready to bend over for cruise ship companies and foreign investors, so long they let him screw them back.

Stud, bad boy and former Attorney General

8.       DODDY: The Stud. My Lord, the stud…

President of the Caribbean MILFness Association

9.       BERTHIA PARLE: I smoke, so I don’t care. She will always be sexy to me. Like if Angela Basset owned the hotel in Waiting To Exhale, instead of just visiting.
The Speaker has outfoxed you, Mr President

10.   PETER FOSTER: The sexiest speaker of all time…and that’s counting both women and the gay dude who preceded him.

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