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Sweet soapy soupson, Batman.

Did you read the report of the Commission of Inquiry into the firemen saga? Who cares about issues when you have a story with so much expensive petty drama?

One could almost totally forget that the Firemen Strike Saga is, in fact, just another chapter in the Untold Story called Labour’s Civil War.

It’s easy to pick on Flambeau and ridicule their untimely civil war. Both the Allen Chastanet faction and the Richard Frederick faction of Flambeau are a hot trannified mess.

It’s much harder to see that Labour is having a devastating civil war of their own.

We in the media still reporting it as though there was a problem in the Fire Service in which all sides waved too much phallus around in other side’s face.

But here’s what The People’s Commission of Inquiry has found on the whole issue that Kenny now claims to have resolved, now and forevermore, blessed be the name of the Anthony:

(the ‘n’ is silent)

The St Lucia Labour Party under Dr Kenny Anthony has evolved into a creature that has no real connection with the Labour Movement that gave birth to the selfsame Labour Party. Basically, if the labour movement in St Lucia is a mother, the current leadership of Labour are like a bunch of ungrateful children. They abandoned their mother in her time of need. They run talk with strangers in the media about what a bitch she is. They think she is senile and has outlived her usefulness. Given the union’s tactical nothingness, the old lady might be senile for true. But that’s no way to talk about your mother – the woman who washed other people’s clothes and cooked their food to give you the shot to be a big minister who eats dinners at Sandals for free. After all, guys….

Gone are the strugglers who lived through the teargas and gunshot. Even the ones who marched in the hot sun with Julian Hunte in the 80s and early 90s have faded away or been pushed out of the leadership. Labour’s leadership is now almost entirely composed of people who went straight from university to a job and never, ever had any good reason to identify with the working man. Hence, the dick-headed, self-righteous attitude to the indignation of workers who, when asked to take a pay cut, wonder why the government doesn’t just stop wasting so much money on bullshit like Tourist Board and the foreign affairs ministry?

The People’s Commissyon of Inquiry also found that everything Victor LaCorbiniere said about firemen in his interview on Jadia JnPierre’s handjob under the desk show on Monday is bullshit.

His criticisms bounced off them and landed on him and his colleagues.

“Responsibility,” was his watchword. Imagine that.

Imagine any St Lucian government in the last 25 years accusing anyone of neglecting their responsibilities. The irony is rapes you so hard that you come. The pain turns into a strange guilty pleasure.

It tingles and tickles.

Victor LaCorbiniere, a guy who has been in charge of the backyard pwayvit we call the St Lucian justice system three different ways, says the firemen are irresponsible.

And they wonder why a trained journalist must give them the finger and curse them on their mother in order to maintain his integrity…


Now, the People’s Commission isn’t saying that the trade unions and associations are blameless. In fact, many of the current crop of leaders have transcended blamelessness and have achieved the enlightened condition referred to in California Zen as TFC – Total Fucking Cluelessness.

The Labour movement of today is a fount of epic failure surpassed in glory only the politicians who never once led a trade union.

Just the fact that more than a century after first starting, it is still called the Labour movement, instead of the Collective Owners Club or the Cash Money Billionaires, is itself a sign of epic failure.

Trade unions could have invested union dues in more collective ownership so that when shit hit the fan – as it is currently doing – those investments could buffer members against the crap that governments, banks and businesses do. They got to the point of creating their own ‘banks’, the credit unions. But they never got to the point of making owner-investors of the average union member.

Too bad. Credit unions are the highest form of koudmen in the world. The creation of credit unions ranks up there in civilization with the discovery of fire and invention of irrigation. They’re like banks that are programmed to help you rather than eat you alive with a smile. They're like angels with money.

If trade unions had completed the task of turning average workers into owner-investors, we would be having an entirely different discussion with our government today. In fact, our government would be an entirely different set of people.

But the world is what it is.
So while, today's union leaders are still in the role that saves workers from the petty bourgeois PhD set, they are still not much better than a bunch of assholes. Most of them. There are exceptions everywhere.

In the final analysis, what we have is a bunch of losers fighting a just cause (the unions) against a bunch of smart alecs who have totally lost touch with reality (the government).

Since 1997, the St Lucia Labour Party has been very disciplined about keeping its internal disputes contained. Anyone who thinks Labour could turn into an open festering sore like the current United Workers Party is waiting for something that is never going to happen.

But historically, the St Lucia Labour Party is nothing without the trade unions. Nothing.

So when the unions turn on the Labour Party, when the workers feel like a Labour government is the vampire that sucks their children’s blood in the night…

It’s worse than civil war.

Tactically, Labour is in a worse position than the fractured Flambeau.

Their only advantage is that Flambeau has been far removed from the lives of ordinary for so many decades. The petty bourgeois have not the slightest idea how to exploit Labour’s fatal flaw.

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