Friday, 28 July 2017



When they found out that Sabwicha was one of the best recreational beaches in Saint Lucia, they did the only thing any good government would do.

They sold it out for a pittance.

But not satisfied to be just a good government, they decided to go one step further.

They decided to sell the road. The Choiseul road. The one that connects people to their jobs, their schools, their hospitals and their business partners.

And hear that: The developers did not even want the road. They were willing to own and develop the land on both sides of the road without interfering with people's ordinary lives.

But the government, eager to please the investors, decided it was better to build a new road on an existing country lane at the cost of tens or hundreds of millions, disrupting the lives of thousands of the most self sufficient people in Saint Lucia.


Just what Sir Arthur Lewis ordered.


Whose idea was it to sell the Choiseul road?

'Not me,' said Bradley, current MP for Choiseul. 'The thing was thinged by the time the people thinged Lorne and put me here instead.'

'Not me,' said Lorne. 'Even though it looks I owned it more than the people that owned it by the time it ended up at INVEST Saint Lucia.'

'Not me, said Hilaire. 'I know something about that hotel deal for Sabwicha and I think I want to explain in a language that everybody can easily understand.'

And so, on Sunday, Earnest Hilaire, the former and future next Prime Minister of Saint Lucia will explain, live and in person at Alco's Disco.

And if you know anything about Choiseul discos, you know it is going to be hot.