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What good did it ever do you?

There are some who worry that St Lucia’s unilateral assertion of free movement in the OECS will result in dangerous people coming to St Lucia.

Are you kidding me?

Lucians are the most dangerous people in the small islands. The rest of them need to be afraid of us. The only  people more dangerous than us are the slimebags that St Kitts is handing economic citizenship and honorary consulship.

St Kitts PM Denzil Douglas with Arthur Porter, Economic Citizen and Honorary Conul

The Po-Po with Arthur Porter, international con man

The rest of them are just trying to do business. The problem is that they have to go through us.


Vincentian National Hero  Chatoyer smoking a big fat joomba

Ganja. Conch. Seafood. Land food.

Everything a Lucian could possible want to sell in Laba, the Vincis are selling it at a fraction of the price the French are willing to pay. If Vinci was the position St Lucia was in, Laba would be raining money on them constantly.

Unfortunately, we're in the way.

And they have a transportation problem you wouldn't believe. In spite of being on part-owners of LIAT, you can't get a direct flight to St Vincent from anywhere of any significance, except for Barbados. You would think that as the natural middlemen between the greatest producers of the Eastern Caribbean and the best market, we would be rather pleased to cultivate good relations over there.

But nooo!

Lucians had  better idea. They were going to eat the Vincis alive and keep ALL THE MONEY.

So, of course, now we have a reputation as cold-hearted pirates over there. And with good reason. Over the last few decades, Lucians found that it wasn't enough to profit from transporting Vinci goods to Laba. They had to steal from the Vincis, too. Now, no one trusts a Lucian unless they know them personally.

Great going, Lucians.

Now that's a cool flag

Mercury Beach proved what many Franco-Lucians have always known. By a fluke of politics and geography, that land mass 14 miles to the north of Pointe du Cap is both the Caribbean and Europe at the same time.


Euros. Can you smell them? But there's another smell mixed up in there. It stinks of violence and bloodshed, fraud and crime. Ten percent of Laba's prison population is St Lucian. When you hear there's been a violent crime in Laba, it's reasonable to presume that there's a Lucian involved, somehow. Haitians have a better reputation as industrious contributors to the French economy. And they're mostly refugees, who bring nothing but their hands.


Thaddeus Cox - Went to Vinci to plant weed. Brought and ammunition.

Unfortunately, Lucians are well known in both Laba and Vinci as pirates, thugs and thieves. Even the white collar ones. In the last few months in St Vincent, the most high profile drugs and ammo arrest AND the most high profile white collar crime arrest were both of Lucians. Thaddeus Cox and Tamara Gibson are St Vincent's most notorious suspects right now. St Lucia couldn't ask for worse public relations. And when Vincis watch Choice News Now every night, they only get more confirmation that they should thank God they are not us.

Tamara Gibson-Mark - Went to St Vincent to work as registrar. Currently on trial for embezzlement or something...

Don’t ask for Laba.

They should have a Lucian embassy in the  Martinique jail.

Don’t be surprised when you find out that Lucians were involved in the increasing corruption in St Kitts. They are a dominant force at the ECCB and the worst of them make the best of connections. I have no doubt that when the cookie starts to crumble in St Kitts, Lucians will be implicated.


No matter how many times we read history, we still don't get it.

The island is situated in a very strategic position. This is not just a military advantage. It is a trade advantage, too. Barbados developed as a hub for British colonialism mainly because the French and the Negmarron frustrated every effort to make St Lucia that hub.

In the Independence era, the military importance of that strategic location has been reduced to a tourist shelf footnote in the romantic history of the island. But the trade value of that strategic location remains. And it will grow, as long as St Vincent does not own a cargo link to Martinique.

We have spent our energies looking over oceans for the foreign exchange we need, when Europe is only 14 miles away. We have struggled with domestic production, when we have a satellite producer less than 20 miles in the opposite direction. When people say they are afraid that the criminals of other islands will come here because of free movement, they're talking ass.

The problem with OECS unity isn't the criminals from other islands. That's ridiculous. Anyone who knows anything about small island crime knows that these guys are NOT the bad guys.

We are.

Lucians are the real criminals of the OECS.




Wednesday, 27 August 2014



Whereas ALL reasonable people have written off Flambeau and Labour as the same species of wolf in different sheep's clothing...

And whereas the hegemony of well-monied males, especially lawyers and other professionals have dominated the two major political parties has profited us NOTHING in the big picture, and in fact, has injured and weakened us as a Soucouyant does a child...

I want to propose that we are ready for a government of women. We are ready for a few able, conscientious women to go down to a beach somewhere, make their conspiracy.

We're ready. Yeah, we're ready.

Like Therold Prudent says, we have had any political WOW in two decades. Even the most senseless gathering of unlikely women is sure to WOW us more than this current crop of bullshit.

I mean, leaders. What did I say? Doesn't matter. Whatever it was, I meant it.


Historically, the successful St Lucian Negmarron first formed under a woman prime minister.

They didn't call her a prime minister. But what we know of Flore Bois Galliard's leadership at Fond Gens Libres in the 1790s suggests that she was the civilian head and had considerable influence over the old men who commanded our army of the bush and the young men who commanded our battles.


I imagine that she was a lot more like a queen than a prime minister. But monarchy or whatever, our island tribe was born as a matriarchy. In our creation myth, our first leader was a woman.

Of course, her era of Negmarron honor was followed by a brief 200 and something year interval in which a weird new patriarchy that preached equality and freedom but practiced no such thing established itself as the thing that really ruled the world.

But while the local vassals of global patriarchy etched their names into history as the fathers of our nation, women were still commanding the essential social units. As though all the sargeants in St Lucian Sparta were women.


Families were increasingly female dominated, as Negmarron men drifted from their children in a drunken stupor. So, women like my mother, did the only thing they could. They pressed forward. Inevitably, they made progress. The result is that we now have a society in which, not just the sargeants, but almost all the captains are women. Lots of colonels in law, finance and business. And of course, there have always been women generals from the beginning of history. Some women just don't understand that their genius and power is circumscribed by social norms. And thank God for that. Sometimes.

Official educational instruction was conquered by women from the moment their were allowed to join the old school masters on staff.

Nursing - women invented that shit single-handed somewhere between 6,000 and 200,000 years ago. Let's not even go there.

Middle management of banking, marketing, communications, whole host of modern jobs are just infested with chicks.

The next police commissioner of St Lucia is a chick.


And we're not ready?

The only reason we're not ready is because you think we're not ready. Because there is nothing a government of women could do that could possibly be worse than what we got from these guys for the entire 21st century.

If you're ready to vote for them, we're ready. We're ready. Yeah, we're ready. We're ready.

In spite of the fact that some woman with African ancestry continues to exert an enormous amount of influence, if not authority in your life, you continue to feel like 'we're not ready.' Or 'they're' not ready. Lol. Because, of course, you are a bona fide progressive and have always been ready.

But you're not ready.

Let me tell you why:

The African and Amerindian women are the bottom of the totem pole in the Western Hemisphere. Even when we're fighting for minority rights, we're really fighting for the rights of the males. The females continue to be dominated by the same black or Native American males who fought for freedom and the power structure continues to encourage the males to maintain the imbalance of power.

Basically, most St Lucian women are so far down the totem pole of power that it's like they barely exist. They don't exist enough for their contributions to be noted for what they really are. And so, Flore Bois Galliard barely exists on Google. Heraldine Rock is a distant blip on the historical radar. Lovely St Aimee Joseph is not the best reporter on television today. Emma Hippolyte is not the minister of finance.

Suzy knows what I'm talking about.

Justice Suzy d'Auvergne. We all like to note that she was the first female this and the first female that. But while it is important that the lady broke a lot of barriers for other women, I think it's infinitely more important that she brought a new level of objectivity and fairness to the incestuous little boys club that was the law fraternity before she came along.

You see?

While we focus on her gender, her true importance lies in her actual contribution to justice. But if we have to focus on that, we will not only see that she was better than most of these men who 'mentored' her, we will see that compared to her commitment to ordinary justice, many of these exalted and worthy gentlemen were, in fact, pieces of shit.

And we can't have that, can we?


When I first heard that proverb, I detected something I wouldn't be able to express for decades.

Yeah, I see what you're trying to say, I thought, as a six year old in Grade One/Stage Two. The problem is that I'm not an ant. I don't want to be an ant. Why didn't you use 'lion' or something?

As a child, they wanted me to be an ant. A good little worker ant. That's what most Lucian schools are preparing you for. Most training in general. I was a conflicted child. I liked learning, but I hated school. Fuck school. With their time tables and corporal punishment, trying to keep me in line and on time. Ask my former bosses how that worked out.

"Jason? He's a talented guy, but...."

My mother found me quite as irrascible as my bosses did. That's funny.

Because Aunty Martha and her sisters Cynthia, Julita, Mabel (Lord, too many to name all), etc. can still make me show up on time for anything anywhere just by asking nicely. I still can't smoke in front of them. I will always be a child to them and somehow, I accept that.

That's authority.

Lots of guys I know are like that. There are guys in government like that. No man can ever hope to control us with fear or law or anything else. But women...?

We can only do bad things with impunity because the women who have authority over us cannot imagine the things we do. They can't even ask the question, so we never have to lie to them.

There are a lot of guys out there who can identify with this, even though they had a father at home.

And then, there's this little observation: Families who have a girl child first stick together longer. With a few exceptions, (like my grandfather Wilson Sifflet) big extended families gather around a female center. It's simple biology really. Women live longer. The oldest person with power is likely to be a woman.

And you can't just shove an old Marronesse to the side the way you can an old man. She'll mess you up in ways you cannot imagine. She will drain you of all your energy.

You can't disrespect an old woman the way you might an old man. It's also much less likely that she disrespecting herself. When old men give up they go to the rumshop. When old women give up, they go to church.

As a man, it turns out that I am neither ant or lion. I am a Negmarron. And that means while I respect no man's authority and trust no man, there are women in the world who can make a child out of me in a moment.


Because these women EARNED their respect. They showed up. They made sacrifices. They invested. They did the job of two people for the price of half a person. What more do you want of a political candidate?

We can't boast our fathers like that - not most of us. We can't honestly say the same for the last generation of Caribbean men. If you're between 45 and 15, chances are, your father sucked.

Leadership by women is, in fact, more natural to St Lucia than the farcical comedians that pass for politicians, past and present.

Matriarchy is our true way.


There is no question that Caribbean women are ready to lead.

They've been doing it from the very beginning. And St Lucia is testament to the fact that Negmarron were just a bunch of infighting gangs before women came along and brought some order and harmony to disparate groups.

When I really think about the ways women are more qualified to manage the many moving objects that constitute the government and the economy than men, I realize something.

When we say we're not ready for a government of women, we're not really saying that women aren't ready to lead. We're saying that we aren't ready for women to lead us.

We scared of them. We scared that we will never regain control. If we get a female dominated government and it works, we will never control women again. Not even a little tiny bit.

We're scared of losing control. They're scared of not being controlled. It's hilarious.

Granted: The Marronesse is some crazy shit.

She can't be controlled. She can't be fully understood. And she's a woman, so this thing where little words about feelings have to mean the same thing today that they meant yesterday...yeah, that's off the table. St Lucian history is full of stories of good women who spent decades taking care of a man and his children before slicing his throat, cutting his ears and nose off and stuffing his testicles down his throat.

And then burning the house down.

There were no cars in those days, so she couldn't just flat some tires or smash a windshield. She had to commit. She had to go all the way.

But when you read all the manuals of power, those are great characteristics for leaders to have. Unpredictability, killer instinct, the ability to think out of the box, the willingness to go all the way - if I had described a man commiting such violence in history, most people would not doubt that I was speaking of some highly intelligent epic hero. But because I was talking about some chick, well, all that courage and intelligence and character is just craziness.

She had her period.

Or something.

Such bullshit. We're ready.

Monday, 25 August 2014



Two guys Grynberg can't mamaguy.


What a litigous little cocksucker.

Remember that song Bob Marley sang about 'old pirates'? He was talking about Grynberg. People like him might be able to mamaguy Slavs and Khazaks and them kinda people.

But Jah know, he can never just roll on Negmarron and colonize even our least precious resources just like that.

Still, the desperation to create another Rochamel to destroy Kenny Anthony continues to fuel Flambeau's folly. More than five years after first informing us of the farcical contract, they are still trying to convince us that we give a shit.

Some of us almost believe it.

Seabeds are important. There are untold riches down there. Give any Venezuelan geologist a couple hundred bucks and you will find out that the main reason the Venezuelans love us so much is buried under the seabed.

Problem is, we KNOW its important. But as hard as it is for me to admit, we don't really CARE. If we did, Kenny Anthony would alredy be back in Trinidad where he belongs, running a constitutional mall or whatever the hell he's doing down there.

Will Flambeau never learn?

Grynberg will never catch fire. It will never grow up to be Rochamel.

I'm looking for a sucker who is willing to bet some serious money that Grynberg is going to lose.

Our case is almost exactly the same as the Grenadian case against Grynberg's RSM. And the Grenadians won. Kenny knew they were going to win when he signed with Grynberg. It was a no-lose situation. If Grynberg didn't drill, we got the seabed back. If he drilled....well, we'd have an offshore drilling operatio.

Hooray for Kenny. Hurray for genius. And hooray for the $400,000 that we know went into the Consolidated Fund and probably got spent on first class tickets for Tourist Board honchos.

As for Grynberg, who knows why he is keeping up this pretence?

When a court asks you to pay your share of the administrative costs and potential damages up front just to continue the case, what do you think that means? That you have a pretty good chance of winning?

Ha. It is to laugh.

The only thing we learn from Grynberg is that Kenny Anthony ain't much different than Allen Chastanet and that Richard Frederick will suck both their dicks if he thinks he can fuck them up the ass later.

Kenny is a smart ass.

He sold the seabed of St Lucia. Not the whole thing, but enough for a poetically unfactual investigative Negmarron to exclaim dramatically, "THE WHOLE FUCKING SEABED!!!!" and get endless right thinking Negmarron to repeat it ad naseum on Facebook.

But the contract Kenny signed had an expiration date.

There were certain things that had to be done by Grynberg and RSM to prevent the expiration. They weren't. Contract expired.

When Flambeau came into power, they sucked Grynberg's dick a little bit, hoping to fuck him up the ass the same way Kenny did.

They barely escaped getting fucked up the ass.

But the bastards in Flambeau have been playing a dirty little game with Grynberg. Along with their media compere and fellow Keny Anthony hater, Rick Wayne, they pretended they never sucked Grynberg's dick. They tried to make Grynberg into the new Rochamel.

Lucky for everyone involved, Grynberg can't find that new contract that the Flambeau government of Stephenson King, Richard Frederick, Guy Joseph and Allen Chastanet approved of. No one can.

And so, a court is likely to look at Grynberg like he is the real cocksucker and tell him to go suck his mother.



The courts in St Lucia should have done the same when certain hotels decided that they could own beaches in St Lucia, in spite of the overwhelming opposition of St Lucians to this sacrilegious and foolish idea. Unfortunately, they ruled that Sandals and Landings own the beaches in front of them because, you know, Queen's Chain doesn't apply to reclaimed land.

I know. That makes no sense.

One day, the real truth about why they ruled that way will come out.

Today, however, we must consider that when Allen Chastanet, Richard Frederick or any one from the government of Flambeau's Forty Feeves bitches about Grynberg, these are the same guys who wanted to sell Jalousie Beach.

Right now, they're saying, "We didn't want to sell it, we want to lease it."

Yeah, for a hundred years.

"Ninety-nine," they will quibble.

But in the midst of bitching about Kenny Anthony selling the seabed to Grynberg in a deal that gave us half a mil and then gave us back the seabed in five years, Flambeau's Forty Feeves wanted to create a climate in which Lucians would become more and more tolerant to selling beaches.

How is selling beaches different from selling seabeds?

How selling energy rights to the seabed for five years worse than selling the rights to a beach for 99 years? Flambeau doesn't want you to ask these questions.

Jalousie Beach: Flambeau is, like, "We NEVER tried to sell it. We just tried to lease it out for 99 mllion years..."

Labour doesn't either. But that's because they'd sell the beach too, given half a chance. In fact, when courts ruled in favor of hotels owning beaches on reclaimed land, Labour's ministers said nothing about it. And you know what silence means.

When Flambeau was in power, they bitched a lot about Grynberg. But by then, Kenny Anthony had already let the contract expire. It was Flambeau that actually signed the extension, according to Grynberg. They were wooing him. They were going down the same road as Kenny Anthony.

The only difference was that they realized that shafting Grynberg might be worth more to them than drilling for oil, because they could use Grynberg to shaft Kenny Anthony.

That's when they changed course and Grynberg went to war against us.

So really, while Kenny is the miscreant who brought the slime bag cocksucker into our business, it was Flambeau who created the conditions that caused Grynberg to sue us.

If they had told him to go suck his mother, like they should have, he would be out of our hair today.

Grynberg knows that Kenny Anthony's contract with him ran out. What he's fighting for is Flambeau's contract with him.

It seems to me that Kenny Anthony is being attacked for nothing here.

Because the last St Lucian place that Grynberg put his cock was in Flambeau's mouth.


Primus inter Pompous

Boy, you think Tourist Board staff taking that so?

Lorne tried to shove a gag order down their throat to kill any further investigation into the nasty state of Tourist Board's spending.

So, in return, they took his gag order to their union.

Now, the union is determined to take the same gag order and shove it back up is Lorne's ass where it belongs.

This is proving more difficult than expected, as Lorne was born with loads of gold and silver cutlery, mostly spoons, in all of his bodily orifices, but most of it in his posterior. It is a rare condition, only suffered by people at risk of affluenza. One major side effect is that due to blockages of the posterior by the cutlery, sufferers sometimes expel feces orally.

Lorne has, in fact, suffered from severe chronic affluenza and all attempts by his parents to explain that that spoilt rich boyz ought to have the silver spoons in their mouths have come to nought.

Major excavation works to make room in Lorne's ass for his gag order are currently on pause. However, workers promise to resume work shortly on this vitally mission to shovel Lorne's shit back to where the sun don't shine.


When tourism minister Lorne Theophilus and Enabler-in-Chief Louis Lewis gagged their staff and slammed them for things that they didn't say in the FLOGG, they thought they were clamping down on leaks.

Instead, they opened a whole new can of whoop-ass on themselves.

Lorne and Louis were like a retarded Batman and Robin. They could clearly see that the FLOGG was using compiled info that staff members would probably not have access to. They could tell that either someone in their own circles had betrayed them or there was something completely unforeseen at work.

But Batman and Robin came down hard on the staff anyway.

And so, the demoralized staff of the St Lucia Tourist Board, who are sick and tired of watching top staff milk the system with first class tickets and per diems they never provide receipts for, did the only reasonable thing.

They called their union.

Of course, we know that the Civil Service Union, once the most reliable political partner of the St Lucia Labour Party, is now a more effective opposition than the United Workers Party, itself, kicking government in teeth with the strength of several thousand salaried votes at a time, every chance they get.

(The SLP has returned the favour by inadvertently making Mary Isaac a national figure, either loved or hated, but never, ever ignored.)

The CSA wasted no time humbling the minister and assuring the staff that staff rules aside, they had freedom of speech and that even some of the staff rules on speech were unconstitutional.

Which kinda means that the staff are now free to blow the whistle on Lorne and Louis with impunity BECAUSE THE COUYONS TRIED TO IMPOSE A GAG ORDER.

Thank God for that.

Otherwise, how else would we know that they are trying to fire Wayne and replace him with Leo CLarke's sister.

Who's Wayne, you ask?

Just a guy at Tourist Board whose assessments are off the chart.

More importantly, he's the one who questioned why no one in Tourist Board ever provided a receipt for the per diem when they travelled.

And you know if they provided no receipt, that they definitely didn't provide any reimbursements.

But according to Timothy Poleon's midday sidekick, "That's for another show. Film at 11."

Gag order....


Let them go and persecute Wayne now, for something he had nothing to do with. As though Wayne is the one throwing away the people's money with no accountability.

Poor Wayne.

He himself is sitting there wondering what the hell I know about him and what he knows. Doh dig nothing, bro. Tell them check your phone records and whatever. You, unlike them, are not afraid of an audit. You, unlike them, have not violated any of your oaths.

Sunday, 24 August 2014



Donna Regis, SLASPA Corporate Communications
Ti Kenny's niggerz iz practically sabotaging her every effort....
With two bottles of El Dorado, they can wipe out hundreds of thousands in corporate imaging

Donna Regis hit the roof when she read the FLOGG late last week. Not only were managers at SLASPA helping the racist Ti Kenny to continue robbing SLASPA of fees, they were drinking with him.

Worst of all, they were destroying a carefully constructed corporate image. Regis had spent years meticulously redrawing SLASPA's image as a modern, progressive, corporate port manager, rather than the dingy Third World operation it ws for decades before she came along.

Managers! Not rank and file workers. Managers!

And for what? For endless money? No.

They were damaging SLASPA's image for nothing. For drinks. For some stinky little dirty white boy who buys endless drinks but never pays rent.

Ti Kenny is a racist little bastard who runs a booze cruise in St Lucia from a world famous marina without paying a cent in fees or rents to SLASPA.

And SLASPA knows it.

But somehow, they're cool with it.

For years, there was a joke that whenever someone appeared on the market to rival Ti Kenny, their boat would sink. It was like he had put a jess on them. Funny stuff.

But Ti Kenny wasn't anything easy either. He knew the way of the high seas. You had to lobby, you had to curry favor and, more often than you think, you had to sink boats. I mean, cut throats.

What did I say?

It's all metallegoriphorical, anyway. We're not talking about facts, here. We were talking about a joke.

But seriously:

Who is this infamous Ti Kenny, blackguard captain of the high seas who scuttles his rivals, owns several marine police like they were his personal little militia and has the full consent of SLASPA to deprive the government of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions in revenue?

Take a closer look.

In our last episode, Ti Kenny was compared to his famous namesake Dr Kenny Anthony.

Ti Kenny also bears passing resemblance to another light-skinned straight haired man with connections in Trinidad and a curious addiction to all things Lucian.

Bob Leotaud is a Trini with aspirations of running a fishing boat charter in St Lucia. Bob and Ti Kenny have approximately the same non-Lucian Caribbean accent. Bob is whiter, but in a reputedly racist environment, that would give him the edge. And both live in houses that the average St Lucian cannot afford. One would think that Bob would get the same kind of preferential treatment as Ti Kenny.

One would think wrong.

In spite of the fact that he was willing to pay all the fees that Ti Kenny wouldn't, Bob's company REEL IRIE ended up spending hundreds of thousands in court, fighting Ti Kenny's friends in SLASPA for a license that was guaranteed to him by CARICOM conventions, CSME, etc.

For the entire four and a half years that REEL IRIE fought SLASPA for their license, Ti Kenny paid not one dollar of fees to SLASPA.

While you worry about paying VAT and increased bus fare, this guy doesn't even pay rent.

Vendors on the beach pay more to government in revenue than Ti Kenny. In the meantime, Bob's boat mysteriously sank.

The curse. Lol.

Just like so many boats in competition had mysteriously sank in the past. The old curse had returned to boat charters in St Lucia. And Ti Kenny and his crew were just about the only people protected from the curse.

How does he do it?

How does Ti Kenny manage to make his boat float when others sink?

How does he manage not to pay any fees or rent to SLASPA while using their facilities for years and years?

How does he manage to get SLASPA officials to go up the Mon du Don hill to drink with him, instead of sending him lawyer letters and detachments of marine police to evict him from his current comfortable headquarters?

You want answers?

What are you looking at me for?

Ask Adrian Hilaire.

Ask Oliviere Cadet.

Ask Christopher Alexander.

They all work for SLASPA. They all know the deal.

Saturday, 23 August 2014



Yachting is the future.
But are SLASPA and the Marine Police Unit living in the past?

You mean to tell me in this rough guava season, SLASPA is letting a racist ass deprive the country of revenue?
 And instead of evicting him and pressing for the money, they are laughing and drinking with him just up the road from where your Aunty lives?

That's not true!!!

And yet...

There they are at Mon du Don in a rumshop drinking.

Well, they were before we reported them. The racist boat owner who owes endless money to SLASPA is up Mon du Don with marine police and officials from SLASPA having a drink.

Not while you're reading. But exactly at the the moment of writing. There they were.

The racist squatter. The SLASPA officials. With some guys who look like cops. Not necessarily all at the same time. But all in the same place. Drinking on the same tab.

On Friday, The FLOGG reported on a boating company in St Lucia that is squatting in a well-known marina for years, with SLASPA's full knowledge. Its head honcho is a well-known racist with a penchant for verbal and physical abuse.

In a new twist:

The guys at the bar with them were, in fact, cops.

Instead of evicting him and bringing charges, they were fraternizing with him.

Some individual marine police have been found to be very friendly and closely associated with the same racists whose staff and ex-staff reported, make a habit of calling them 'Nigger' in the worst possible way. And other forms of verbal, physical and financial abuse.

In fact, the boss of the racist squatters is so respected by his drinking buddies in the marine police unit that he is called 'Ti Kenny'.

The reference to his famous namesake is excessive, inadequate and appropriate. Ti Kenny is not quite a descendant of slave masters. He's the only thing that's worse. He's a descendant of the overseer. The people who couldn't afford slaves but liked to call people 'Nigger' anyway. But in other ways, he is much the same as Gwo Kenny.

He is both a Lucian and a Trinidadian.

He runs a tight shop.

He doesn't brook threats lightly.

But his livelihood depends entirely on protecting his share of someone else's pie. And so he gathers fools and miscreants to his purpose, making them think that they are gathering for their own purpose.

Ti Kenny is not an exceptional man by any account. In fact, he is eminently forgettable. Unlike the Doc, who will never be forgotten, no matter how hard we try.

But like most men who understand how to stay the hell out of poverty, he knows whose boat to float and whose boat to sink.

And when it comes to marine police, Ti Kenny knows how to float their boat.

Along with his close friends from SLASPA, including Christopher Alexander, Ti Kenny can be found in rumshop in Mon du Don, making the most of 'niggers'.

And goddamn it! What the hell is Oliver Cadet doing among these people? I hate when this happens.

What the hell does Ti Kenny have that causes their dereliction of duty? Where does this story of corruption and nepotism end?

From their close association and the relationship between the racist squatter and the marine police, several things have become evident. Marine police are aiding and abetting the very same racists who are depriving the country by squatting in the marina.

And several SLASPA officials are totally in on it.

But it's not SLASPA's turn. They had their turn and have more to come.

It's the Marine Police Unit's turn. At least, the individuals among them who are part of this mess.

So much potential. So much small-mindedness.


The marine territory of St Lucia is one of the coolest, most peaceful versions of the Wild, Wild West that ever existed. While Somalian waters are plagued by bloodshed and piracy, Lucian waters are troubled only by The Dance of The Drug Dealer, a relatively peaceful affair in which local, regional and international law enforcement agencies try to chase down any little drug dealer who hasn't paid them off.

If you're the kind of person who can get the DEA to call the RSLPF and say, "Let that one pass," brother, deal your drugs. Otherwise, you are likely to find yourself the victim of the most brutal form of tax collection in the small islands.

But apart from that, everything's cool.

Lucian marine police basically have a mandate to keep it clean and quiet. Like a referee, more than a janitor. And if they can't keep it clean, at least, they're going to make it look clean.

Apparently, some are satisfied to keep it merely dirty white.

Last year, around this time, marine police were involved in an operation to keep it clean. Apparently, there was a menace to national security living under the Sans Souci bridge. It looked exactly like a homeless old man. But the marine police said it was a menace. He was roasting fish under there. And you know what happens when you roast fish under a bridge made of concrete and steel.

OMG!!! He roasting fish under the bridge!!!!

Yeah. Exactly. Sooo....

One reporter tried to take pictures and video of the marine police forcibly removing the troll from under the bridge, flinging his personal belongings to the sidewalk, etc. One officer grabbed the camera as the reporter held on nervously.

"You want me to throw that in sea?"

"I don't think you have a right to do that," the reporter replied.

"You want to find out if I have a right to do it after I throw it in the sea?"

It was a very good point. The reporter relented. The officer had back up and he did not. With no video or audio on during the assault, it would be as though nothing had ever happened. But of course, the reporter knew that the marine police would fuck up this way again. All he had to do was be ready the next time.

Marine Police evicted this guy. THIS GUY!!!
But when it comes to Ti Kenny and all the money he owes, it's a different story. Maybe this guy should have bought more drinks...

Officers are not supposed to be threatenting and assaulting innocent people, whether or not they are reporters. Officers are not supposed to be evicting homeless people from under bridges with the bullshit excuse that they are a fire hazard.

One would hope they have better things to do.

Otherwise, we're in the market for some staff cuts.

Marine police are supposed to keep it clean. They spent endless gas and manpower, evicting a single homeless man from under a bridge.

But the upper middle class dirty white squatters in the prestigious marina?

The people who owe endless money to the people of St Lucia, via their trusted, though less than trustworthy stat-corp, SLASPA?


The marine police did not evict them. The marine police are friends with them. The marine police get drunk on their tab.

Just like the good old days in Port Royal, when a pirate could get himself a license and call himself a privateer.

And a barely white guy with no credentials can park his boats in a Lucian marina for free, for years, with everyone's consent.


Friday, 22 August 2014


The last time Flambeau and Taiwan were friends,
Flambeau fucked up.
For the last year, Taiwan wanted nothing to do with them.
On Friday night, things changed.
Frederick's Departure Opens The Door For Flambeau To Get Funding

Well, that didn't take long.

No sooner did Allen Chastanet kick Richard Frederick out of the party than high level Taiwanese officials open talks with the opposition party.

On Friday, August 22nd, at around seven PM, Taiwanese vehicles were seen at Coco Palm for the very first time in long time. At 10pm, they were still there. And they weren't there to listen to Mary G and the band. They were nowhere near the restaurant, the bar or the massage parlor.


Where were they?

In a place where Labour can't hear them plot the future of the beleaguered United Workers Party.

From the moment former ambassador Tom Chou set foot in St Lucia, the St Lucia Labour Party was openly hostile to him. When Flambeau started using Taiwanese money to fuel their rampage of corruption, during the last administration, Labour blamed Tom Chou and the Taiwanese for facilitating them.

But secretly, the Taiwanese were even more fed up with Flambeau than Labour. After all, it was their money being burned on condominiums at the Landings and apple farms in Canada or upstate New York or whatever.

Their internal communications and their communications with the government at the time are a record of that frustration. Still, Labour couldn't see the benefit of kissing and making up with the Taiwanese.

Even when a multi-millionaire deal to register and perhaps even manufacture Taiwanese yachts in St Lucia seemed imminent, Labour dragged its feet, hesitant to make Taiwan such an integral part of the St Lucian economy.

From the moment Allen Chastanet stripped Stephenson King of Flambeau's leadership, the UWP has been trying to get back into Taiwan's good books.

But Taiwan had had enough of that group of UWP leaders. They were just not a good investment. According to all reliable reports, the Taiwanese bluntly told Allen Chastanet that he could not rely on them for anything until the day that Stephenson King and Richard Frederick were out of the party.

They don't have much use for Guy Joseph, Ezekiel Joseph and Arsene James either.

It seems now that the Taiwanese are willing to take Richard Frederick's expulsion from the party as proof enough that Allen Chastanet really is changing Flambeau for the better.

In the absence of any goodwill whatsoever from Labour, even when Taiwan is dangling multi-million dollar yachting carrots in their face, Taiwan now has no choice but to deal with the only political leader in St Lucia who is willing to depend on them.

Labour could scuttle the whole partnership by pushing for a completion of the Taiwan-St Lucia yachting deal. But this would also permanently close the door on Labour's relationship with Beijing. At some point, in the extremely near future, the leaders of the St Lucia Labour Party are going to have to decide whether they are going to do what is good for Beijing or what is good for St Lucia.

At appoximately 10:04pm, the Taiwanese vehicles departed the company of Flambeau. After a year of being almost completely static, the St Lucian political landscape is in flux.






Dear Christopher Alexander,

Racist people are squatting in a St Lucian marina, making endless money, without paying a dime in the fees that everyone else has to pay.

They have been doing it for years. And getting away with it. How does a company that has made money in tourism for years escape paying their fees to SLASPA?

A funny thing happened on the way to researching the promising yachting sector of St Lucia. It came to my attention that there is, in St Lucia, a ghetto marina. Imagine that.

A  place where a business that makes hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe over a million in revenue a year is allowed to squat FOR FREE.


Hmm. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

And to make it worse, the owners seem to be downright racist. It has been witnessed and reported enough times over that these people routinely call their staff ‘Nigger’ and not in a friendly, thuggish Tupac kind of a way.

To be clear, when they say ‘Nigger’ it sounds like what, in academic and technical circles, called “Some Massa Shit.”

Ironically, on the other side of this ghetto, another St Lucian of the lighter skinned persuasion is running a totally legit group of businesses, struggling to pay rents and fees and licenses on facilities that could use some investment from you.

So, like, it’s not to say, all light-skinned, straight-haired Lucians are racist. Just these motherfuckers, in this instant, at this moment.

I’m hope that as the person who wears the pants on government’s maritime affairs, this revelation will come as a shock to you and that you will curse yourself for not detecting this dangerous anomaly before. It would be very, very hard to take if one could confirm that you knew about this before and were the kind of son of a bitch to go along with it for whatever reason.

In the wake of the REEL IRIE case and the HIA upgrade scandals, I’m sure you appreciate how hot the scene is for SLASPA right now.

In fact, SLASPA is competing with Tourist Board for the number one spot when it comes to unaccounted waste and corruption.

When coupled with the overt racism of the upper middle class squatters in question, it looks like SLASPA is facilitating the classist, oppressing post-colonialism that robs average St Lucians of their opportunities in business, in career, in education, in sports.

Is it?

Are you going to get defensive like Lorne Theophilus and order a gag on your staff to protect the rich squatters?

Or are you going to honestly look into how much money these people owe SLASPA for the use of facilities that the People of St Lucia have entrusted to SLASPA’s care?

Some people predict that you will do nothing to address the matter of these squatters who owe endless money to the Government and People of St Lucia, in this, the Mother of All Guava Seasons.

I reserve my opinion and depend upon your actions in come Monday morning.

In the meantime, I await your call or email.

Because, you know, there is an outside chance that you really don’t know who I’m talking about. After all, when was the last time anybody at SLASPA knew anything that they could report honestly to the media.