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What good did it ever do you?

There are some who worry that St Lucia’s unilateral assertion of free movement in the OECS will result in dangerous people coming to St Lucia.

Are you kidding me?

Lucians are the most dangerous people in the small islands. The rest of them need to be afraid of us. The only  people more dangerous than us are the slimebags that St Kitts is handing economic citizenship and honorary consulship.

St Kitts PM Denzil Douglas with Arthur Porter, Economic Citizen and Honorary Conul

The Po-Po with Arthur Porter, international con man

The rest of them are just trying to do business. The problem is that they have to go through us.


Vincentian National Hero  Chatoyer smoking a big fat joomba

Ganja. Conch. Seafood. Land food.

Everything a Lucian could possible want to sell in Laba, the Vincis are selling it at a fraction of the price the French are willing to pay. If Vinci was the position St Lucia was in, Laba would be raining money on them constantly.

Unfortunately, we're in the way.

And they have a transportation problem you wouldn't believe. In spite of being on part-owners of LIAT, you can't get a direct flight to St Vincent from anywhere of any significance, except for Barbados. You would think that as the natural middlemen between the greatest producers of the Eastern Caribbean and the best market, we would be rather pleased to cultivate good relations over there.

But nooo!

Lucians had  better idea. They were going to eat the Vincis alive and keep ALL THE MONEY.

So, of course, now we have a reputation as cold-hearted pirates over there. And with good reason. Over the last few decades, Lucians found that it wasn't enough to profit from transporting Vinci goods to Laba. They had to steal from the Vincis, too. Now, no one trusts a Lucian unless they know them personally.

Great going, Lucians.

Now that's a cool flag

Mercury Beach proved what many Franco-Lucians have always known. By a fluke of politics and geography, that land mass 14 miles to the north of Pointe du Cap is both the Caribbean and Europe at the same time.


Euros. Can you smell them? But there's another smell mixed up in there. It stinks of violence and bloodshed, fraud and crime. Ten percent of Laba's prison population is St Lucian. When you hear there's been a violent crime in Laba, it's reasonable to presume that there's a Lucian involved, somehow. Haitians have a better reputation as industrious contributors to the French economy. And they're mostly refugees, who bring nothing but their hands.


Thaddeus Cox - Went to Vinci to plant weed. Brought and ammunition.

Unfortunately, Lucians are well known in both Laba and Vinci as pirates, thugs and thieves. Even the white collar ones. In the last few months in St Vincent, the most high profile drugs and ammo arrest AND the most high profile white collar crime arrest were both of Lucians. Thaddeus Cox and Tamara Gibson are St Vincent's most notorious suspects right now. St Lucia couldn't ask for worse public relations. And when Vincis watch Choice News Now every night, they only get more confirmation that they should thank God they are not us.

Tamara Gibson-Mark - Went to St Vincent to work as registrar. Currently on trial for embezzlement or something...

Don’t ask for Laba.

They should have a Lucian embassy in the  Martinique jail.

Don’t be surprised when you find out that Lucians were involved in the increasing corruption in St Kitts. They are a dominant force at the ECCB and the worst of them make the best of connections. I have no doubt that when the cookie starts to crumble in St Kitts, Lucians will be implicated.


No matter how many times we read history, we still don't get it.

The island is situated in a very strategic position. This is not just a military advantage. It is a trade advantage, too. Barbados developed as a hub for British colonialism mainly because the French and the Negmarron frustrated every effort to make St Lucia that hub.

In the Independence era, the military importance of that strategic location has been reduced to a tourist shelf footnote in the romantic history of the island. But the trade value of that strategic location remains. And it will grow, as long as St Vincent does not own a cargo link to Martinique.

We have spent our energies looking over oceans for the foreign exchange we need, when Europe is only 14 miles away. We have struggled with domestic production, when we have a satellite producer less than 20 miles in the opposite direction. When people say they are afraid that the criminals of other islands will come here because of free movement, they're talking ass.

The problem with OECS unity isn't the criminals from other islands. That's ridiculous. Anyone who knows anything about small island crime knows that these guys are NOT the bad guys.

We are.

Lucians are the real criminals of the OECS.




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