Thursday, 21 August 2014


Is Lorne shielding the corruption at Tourist Board? He sure did a good job shielding Donovan Lorde...
The staff at the St Lucia Tourist Board has been gagged.

The workers have been ordered by no less than tourism minister to keep their damned mouths shut about anything to do with the unaudited shenanigans that are taking place on his watch.

And it's all because of the FLOGG.

Ha! Sweet. Talk about validation.

One would have hoped that Lorne Theophilus would see that his political career is at stake. One would have hoped that he would come down hard on the side of the honest, but lonely people who think Tourist Board needs to come clean about its happy-go-lucky spending habits.

Too bad.

Well, at least now we know where Lorne Theophilus stands.

Last Friday, Tourist Board staff was called to a meeting. They were anxious. What was it about? Staff cuts? Salaries? Restructuring? Was it the magical disappearance of the Donovan Lorde case, where a Tourist Board employee represented by Lorne was alleged to have made a $300,000 bobol?

What was so important that Tourist Board head honchos and the tourism minister, Lorne Theophilus, himself, wanted to speak with the staff personally?

It was The FLOGG and the pinez in Tourist Board who are feeding it.

Earlier that week, it was reported on St Lucia's most notorious blog that one honest board member was fighting an uphill battle to get an honest audit done of what some people consider St Lucia's most corrupt nest of vipers.

The FLOGG dared the tourism minister to show which side he was on. He did.

Poor Lorne Theophilus came down on the wrong side of history. What he told the Tourist Board staff meeting last Friday could be the beginning of the end for him.

"No more leaks," he ordered the staff. "No more propaganda." Apparently, the search to find the source of the FLOGG's information led the minister to the staff. There has been no indicator showing any contact between the FLOGG and any Tourist Board director or manager. So it must be the staff. Right?


Ironically, Louis Lewis practically admitted to being unwitting source that the FLOGG uses when he noted that the story used a photograph that was only on his WhatsApp profile.

Unfortunately, he is neither willing or able to find out which one of his personal contacts I am. As I sat, practically in the room in the room with them, listening live as they gagged their staff, I could only smfh.

Meanwhile, despite all indicators that The Lone Ranger who is trying to bring some honesty to Tourist Board has said nothing to the FLOGG and has no idea where our information is coming from, Lorne Theophilus, Louis Lewis and friends, still suspect him of ratting them out.
It's unfactual (thanks for the word, Louis Lewis) to say that there is one lone board member fighting for accountability at Tourist Board.

There are at least two.

Ray and Nobby are an unlikely pair. One is a doctor and the other one is the current king of all service drivers. One is a book boy and the other is all street knowledge. Which one is the Ranger and which one is the dangerous quiet Indian is hard to tell. But the one thing they have in common is that you can't easily pull the wool over their eyes.

When Ray first started to grumble about Louis Lewis' and Tracy Warner-Arnold's bullshit management reports to the board, they tried to force him out. It would have worked, too, except that they bit off more than they could chew.

They tried to get rid of Nobby at the same time.

That guy was just always a pain in the ass to them.

When Lorne brought the idea of sacking the The Lone Ranger, he found out something he didn't know before. Ray has some connection with Prime Minister Kenny Anthony. He's his sister's husband's father's nenen's child. Or something.

Still, Kenny might have thrown Ray under the bus. I mean, Ray is Lorne's cousin and Lorne was the one who was proposing to sacrifice him. It was close. The money wasn't on Ray's side. Ray was going down.


Nobby also has a personal connection with the Prime Minister. In fact, some think that Nobby is actually the Prime Minister's personal plant in the Tourist Board. Kenny's personal set of eyes and ears. Why that is so, no one can clearly say.
Kenny rebuffed Lorne's attempts to replace Ray and Nobby. Or rather, Nobby and Ray. Reports are that Kenny actually cursed Lorne out constitutionally. I'm really sorry I wasn't in that room. I would love to have reported that verbatim.

Somehow, though, I don't think Jadia Jn.Pierre will be providing me with that transcript.

Who knows if the Prime Minister even knew about last Friday's meeting to gag Tourist Board? Or whether he ordered/sanctioned it? You never know with these people.

Now that Tourist Board staff has been effectively gagged, Lorne and Louis can now get back to business as usual. The other conspirators are already making complots to quiety get rid of Nobby and Ray, again. This thing is getting radioactive and if Nobby and Ray get any traction, now that it's in the public, then the shit could really hit the fan at Tourist Board.

This could be big.

It could go back 20 years.

Too bad you can't shred credit card records.

And to make things worse, Martinique Consul General Shazi Chalon and local yachting consultant Cuthbert Didier just hosted a two island each bash that put the jazz festival to shame. In one weekend, they made more than$5 million rain directly into Lucian pockets, by spending approximately zero public dollars.

Kinda makes jazz look like a joke. Like a scam, really.

Meanwhile, as far as we know, The Lone Ranger and Tonto are still fighting their lonely, losing battle. They are under pressure, because they are the ones who have to take the most heat for the stuff the FLOGG reports. The only thing they have to their advantage right now is their honest confusion. Even they don't know where I'm getting this information from. And everyone can see that.

That doesn't stop them from being under surveillance, however. From the beginning, I was sure that if I contacted Nobby and Ray, they would be blamed, wholesale, for everything I wrote. Right now, I have no doubt that if I contacted either one of them, Lorne and Louis would know within the hour. It's just the excuse the bastards need to get rid of the two last honest men in their company.

Thankfully, they are not the source of this story.

There's another Lone Ranger out there.

Someone with a box of documents and a jump drive.

After that, there will be others. People are already brave enough to talk to their friends. How long before the gagged staff of Tourist Board is brave enough to put together their own box of documents and jump drive?

How long do Lorne and Louis think they can shut people up?

Hi-ho, Silver, you bastards.

There is no containing this.

Audit or no audit, this one is going to blow.


  1. Seems the "cloak of secrecy" is getting short and tight.

  2. This level of corruption in this small island of ours will take us nowhere far anytime soon. Sad that everyone you expect to straighten stuff out are themselves neck deep in the cesspool of all sorts of criminal activity (yes white collar crime).