Friday, 22 August 2014

FREDO'S LAST SHOT TO BE THE HERO: Castries Central MP Could Blow The Lid on Lab-Flam Corruption



I didn’t see it. Did you?

What I saw the entire political class fall in stature to the point where they were no better than Richard Frederick. In fact, Richard Frederick has one up on them.

One of the most important rules of war is that you shouldn’t fuck a man who has nothing left to lose.

Another important rule is that you shouldn’t wound a dangerous beast if you mean to survive. You should kill him. One time.
The wounded beast..
"Do I look dead to you?"

The failure of Kenny Anthony and Allen Chastanet to effectively address the threat of Richard Frederick, their procrastination, delay, indecision, weakness in the face of internal dissent, all of these have led us to this point.

The point where everyone in the international community and the local populace can see clearly that Richard Frederick is no worse than any of the politicians who have successfully painted him as a drug dealer, a wheeler dealer and the most dangerous kind of politician.

They’re all the most dangerous kind of politician.

But Richard Frederick has one on them.

He’s more dangerous. He plays hard ball. While they are weak hearts who don’t know how to kick the dog when it’s down, Richard Frederick is a risk taker, who has correctly bet that neither Labour or Flambeau has the guts to do what it takes to get rid of him.
Richard Frederick with some retarded children

And here’s the upshot.

Richard Frederick, of all people, now has the most legitimate shot at coming out as the real hero, the real goddam revolutionary, in all this.

He is expertly armed in information that lesser men in the same position neglected to arm themselves with.He has maintained cells of personal loyalists in the planning ministry, in the justice ministry, the attorney general’s office and of course, the police force. He had always had cells and contacts in Customs and Immigration, although those are not so useful given the heightened state of international surveillance of St Lucia.
Who really runs planning? Richard Frederick or the current minister (who just happens to be Richard Frederick's former partner and Richard Frederick's child's pawen)

He is not averse to collecting background information on his rivals and using it against them.

He’s a real Macchiavellian. The kind of Christian pope who will stab you in the back and take all your shit, just because the time is right.

Now that he has had enough time to use his Lucian al Qaeda to gather all the information he could need to attack his enemies, now they want to throw him out of the party. Now, they want to figure out how to beat him in an election so that he loses his diplomatic passport.

But it’s too late for that. Because the smart money says that there is more than one person in the Lower House of Parliament who has dealt in the traffick of cocaine. There is more than one person there whose accounts and lists of assets are full of ill-gotten gains. It doesn’t even matter which political party you’re talking about.

These men are corrupt.
"Drug money, it's gonna buy you what you want
Fish scale, I'll buy you what you want
Thousand bill, I'll buy you what you want
A hundred square, I'll buy you what you want..."

And Richard Frederick, perhaps more than anyone else, knows how corrupt they are. They don’t want to fight with him. They want to dance with him.

But if he has the guts to expose them for what he knows they are…

If Richard Frederick starts dropping bombs of truth that no one else in parliament would tell…

Tell me, wouldn’t you consider him a hero in the making, too?

Of course, I wouldn’t bet money that Richard Frederick is going to drop any real hard science on his enemies in Flambeau and Labour. I’m betting that he’s dancing with them, too. They’re negotiating the new balance of power, now that it seems a credible third political force has come about for the first time since George Odlum had abs.

Richard Frederick could change the entire game by exposing every single one of the dirtiest players in parliament. But the problem is that Richard Frederick is not one of us, yet.

He’s still one of them.

I wonder if he’ll ever learn.

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