Friday, 22 August 2014



Dear Christopher Alexander,

Racist people are squatting in a St Lucian marina, making endless money, without paying a dime in the fees that everyone else has to pay.

They have been doing it for years. And getting away with it. How does a company that has made money in tourism for years escape paying their fees to SLASPA?

A funny thing happened on the way to researching the promising yachting sector of St Lucia. It came to my attention that there is, in St Lucia, a ghetto marina. Imagine that.

A  place where a business that makes hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe over a million in revenue a year is allowed to squat FOR FREE.


Hmm. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

And to make it worse, the owners seem to be downright racist. It has been witnessed and reported enough times over that these people routinely call their staff ‘Nigger’ and not in a friendly, thuggish Tupac kind of a way.

To be clear, when they say ‘Nigger’ it sounds like what, in academic and technical circles, called “Some Massa Shit.”

Ironically, on the other side of this ghetto, another St Lucian of the lighter skinned persuasion is running a totally legit group of businesses, struggling to pay rents and fees and licenses on facilities that could use some investment from you.

So, like, it’s not to say, all light-skinned, straight-haired Lucians are racist. Just these motherfuckers, in this instant, at this moment.

I’m hope that as the person who wears the pants on government’s maritime affairs, this revelation will come as a shock to you and that you will curse yourself for not detecting this dangerous anomaly before. It would be very, very hard to take if one could confirm that you knew about this before and were the kind of son of a bitch to go along with it for whatever reason.

In the wake of the REEL IRIE case and the HIA upgrade scandals, I’m sure you appreciate how hot the scene is for SLASPA right now.

In fact, SLASPA is competing with Tourist Board for the number one spot when it comes to unaccounted waste and corruption.

When coupled with the overt racism of the upper middle class squatters in question, it looks like SLASPA is facilitating the classist, oppressing post-colonialism that robs average St Lucians of their opportunities in business, in career, in education, in sports.

Is it?

Are you going to get defensive like Lorne Theophilus and order a gag on your staff to protect the rich squatters?

Or are you going to honestly look into how much money these people owe SLASPA for the use of facilities that the People of St Lucia have entrusted to SLASPA’s care?

Some people predict that you will do nothing to address the matter of these squatters who owe endless money to the Government and People of St Lucia, in this, the Mother of All Guava Seasons.

I reserve my opinion and depend upon your actions in come Monday morning.

In the meantime, I await your call or email.

Because, you know, there is an outside chance that you really don’t know who I’m talking about. After all, when was the last time anybody at SLASPA knew anything that they could report honestly to the media.


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