Tuesday, 12 August 2014



“They know…

They know, they know, they know….

They know, they know, they know…” - Drake

You might be questioning which Lucian politician has a secret millionaire life in Florida. But St Lucian politicians aren’t. They know.

In the Lower House, they know. In the Upper House, they know. And in the Cabinet, they know. It’s you that doesn’t know. Because you’re the sucker in this whole thing.

"I'm innocent, man. I'm persona non motherfucking grata!"


The only thing you can figure out is that it’s not Richard Frederick. He has no US visa. Funny how the black sheep comes out white as snow.

In fact, the way things are going these days, Frederick, once dubbed ‘the most dangerous’ man in local politics, is nothing special. They’re all the same as him. All the ones who wield actual power, anyway. The ones who are clean are basically patsies who go to Cabinet meetings without actually participating in real decision-making.

But think about this.

At this point in the story, you, the reader, are not ruling out anyone close to the apex of power in St Lucia. Not Kenny Anthony. Not Stephenson King. Not Guy Joseph (in fact, that was one of the first names that came to your mind when you read the headline). Not Richard Frederick, even though he has been wrongfully denied of his US visa. And certainly, not Allen Chastanet – and he never even won an election.

Is it me? I'm reading with baited breath.


In your mind, it could be any one of these guys. Except Richard Frederick, because he has no US visa.

The core truth of the story that follows is not that one St Lucian politician has betrayed your trust and stolen your money. It is that you don’t trust any of them. You think that any one of them could do this to you. None of them has given the majority of us enough reason to stand up and say, “No! XYZ-Politician would NEVER do that!”

Doesn't even matter whether it's you or not.

You knew and you didn't report to us.

What happens when the servant fails to report a matter like this to the boss?

What happens, Kenny?


But enough with the collective introspection.

Let’s FLOGG someone.

Or better yet, let’s FLOGG them all, for the wrongs that one of them has done. That’s right. We’re redrawing the lines of class and race warfare. Now, ‘Them’ means everyone in the political elite who profits from not keeping their promises to the people. And ‘Us’ means everybody who somehow ends up paying for their bullshit.

Any politician who doesn’t want to be painted with this stick has to be prepared to do some good old fashion ‘standing alone.’

Guy whispering to Allen:


"You feenk he know about my apple farm in Kunayda?"



There is, among us, a class of people belonging to two political parties, who make millions regardless of what the hell happens in the economy.

These millionaires are a special class, in particular because if they were not in politics, they would have zero possibility of making the amount of money they do in politics.


Some of them are elected. Some are appointed. Some of them are Leo Clarke, who by the way is not the subject of this story.

Doh dig, Leo. We eh dealing with you and Bebef yet.

All serve at the behest of the Honorable Prime Minister of St Lucia.


Let me tell you how they live.

There is a house in Florida. It’s a half-million dollar house, by today’s American standards. You understand what that means in EC.

Don't hate! You gotta...No,  wait...We paid for this? Hate!



It was bought in August, 2013 by a very famous St Lucian politician. There are no outstanding financial arrangements on this house. It’s bought and paid for.

Bought and paid for.

It’s a 3800 square foot house. Maybe more. It sits on a property a little over 11,000 square feet. I didn’t have a ruler, but I’m pretty sure.

The house has five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

The house is not alone. It is married to a white 2013 Mercedes Benz. I’m not good at cars, so I don’t know what model it is.

But the license plate number is BHUC78. The engine is 5.5L V8 Twin Turbo. It’s a seven-speed Automatic. Sweet!

Ah, there we go. It’s written right on the car.

That is one sweet fucking ride, Boy!!!


It’s a Series 63 AMG. CLS model. I think I’m reading that right, even though I’m sure I’m saying it wrong. That car costs almost 100 grand. Now, convert to EC.

There is no outstanding balance on this vehicle. It was bought and paid for. Bought and paid for.


Now, explain this:

If Richard Frederick is the only millionaire elected to Parliament, like, ever in the history of St Lucia, how does any politician (apart from him), Flambeau or Labour afford this?

If the Prime Minister of St Lucia makes less than 200 grand year for five years, he has to be pinching pennies the whole time to afford this expensive, upscale Florida life.

Either that, or there is something else going on in St Lucian politics. And it’s not enough to blame one person anymore.

They must all be held responsible.

Because they know what I just told you. And they tolerated it. You know why? Because no matter what they tell you, they all want that life. They want more than a pension, these days.

They want to live like millionaires at our expense.

So one side covers up for the other side, while making noises, as though they are something different.

But in Cabinet, they know of this Lucian politician’s lavish Florida life. And they know it came at the expense of the St Lucian people. But they let it pass.

Because when it’s their turn, they want the other side to let it pass, too.

And that’s why even though Kenny Anthony didn’t do this, he still has to get a big ‘Fuck You!’



  1. Hmmmm. Partner. Looks like you one of them too e. Cause u eh say who it is.

  2. Jason u another KENNY ANTHONY cause you know and not telling us. I hate half ass story.

  3. I usually read this blog and never comment - but this got me vex... Know and then what? What is anyone going to do about it? Jason has given fact, after fact, after fact, about politicians we ALL KNOW. Still, nothing is being done. Lucians want to know for roro, for soaps, to talk about "de pahtee", flabeau vs lay-bah (and who is seemingly better)... For all other reasons BUT to make them responsible for their actions.

    PS: For a small fee, it's easy to find details on a FL Drivers License, perhaps those interested should become familiar with Google's magical powers if they're so eager to know!


  4. license plate searches are bogus. i know i tried it ^_^

  5. ahh Jason. You always leave us hanging huh. Probably a good thing. I am quite entertained/alarmed/concerned by the items posted on your blog, if its possible to feel all these things at once.
    I wonder what else you are going to expose about these politicians. Maybe Lorne's young girl in Saltibus, maybe Kenny using his power to provide "concessions" for construction to help boost his very good "friend" and senator's True Value. Maybe the government ministers and officials providing contracts to individuals under the condition that they get a cut of the proceeds from these individuals. Too much corruption.

  6. Why do people insist on spewing shit out of their ignorant mouths? So every tom dick and harry has his wife at home and about three other women on a side and its ok, but we act appalled when we hear the same about a politician, however true or not we may be (who gives a shit if its true though? Anything to go tell your neighbour "You didn't hear so & so doing this & that" just to occupy your god forsaken pathetic little lives. And concessions for True Value? THE CONSTRUCTION STIMULUS PACKAGE was a program designed by the government to provide a grace period within which people could buy building materials at VAT and duty free prices, after the island wide implementation of VAT. DUTIES are controlled by CARICOM, meaning the government had to get permission from CARICOM to allow importation of the various materials sans duties. And the government passed on collecting VAT on the items that had normally attracted a consumption tax component as well. How does that benefit one person and not every single person building a house during the CSP period? Let me ask, do you Lucians enjoy sounding stupid? And bitter and jealous? It's funny, because we talk about how the country is going down, but it seems like all we want is for everyone who takes risk to provide jobs and help to build the economy, all we do is wish for them to fail. No government could ever be responsible for what is happening in our country, it is directly the fault of our people. INFORM YOURSELF, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!!

    1. Last time I tried to explain to someone how St Lucians are to blame for a lot of the crap we find our selves in. They just could not see what I was saying. Good to see a next man sharing that same view.

  7. I can't take you seriously whoever the hell you are if you can say something like "No government could ever be responsible for what is happening in our country, it is directly the fault of our people."
    How dare you blame the people of this country for the mess these fools are putting us through.. And I am not talking about uwp or slp because they have both helped to create many of the conditions for this economic crisis that are going through.. People like you will never hold them responsible and it's sad ..blame the people, blame the global economic crisis. But never, never blame the government, right? U were sure to defend every point I made above weren't you? Who exactly am I jealous of? I don't get it. Jealous? I must say I got a bit of a chuckle from that. Are you in elementary school? Concerned citizen is more like it. Concerned these politicians brazenly implement policies to help their friends. This has nothing to do with vat exemptions .. Everything to do with being out his friends.. There's so much more to this but the truth will come out someday. I have spent enough time addressing your bs

  8. I am confused as to how the Construction Stimulus package was implemented to 'help a friend' and not the entire nation. SMH. Flawed logic at its best