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Two guys Grynberg can't mamaguy.


What a litigous little cocksucker.

Remember that song Bob Marley sang about 'old pirates'? He was talking about Grynberg. People like him might be able to mamaguy Slavs and Khazaks and them kinda people.

But Jah know, he can never just roll on Negmarron and colonize even our least precious resources just like that.

Still, the desperation to create another Rochamel to destroy Kenny Anthony continues to fuel Flambeau's folly. More than five years after first informing us of the farcical contract, they are still trying to convince us that we give a shit.

Some of us almost believe it.

Seabeds are important. There are untold riches down there. Give any Venezuelan geologist a couple hundred bucks and you will find out that the main reason the Venezuelans love us so much is buried under the seabed.

Problem is, we KNOW its important. But as hard as it is for me to admit, we don't really CARE. If we did, Kenny Anthony would alredy be back in Trinidad where he belongs, running a constitutional mall or whatever the hell he's doing down there.

Will Flambeau never learn?

Grynberg will never catch fire. It will never grow up to be Rochamel.

I'm looking for a sucker who is willing to bet some serious money that Grynberg is going to lose.

Our case is almost exactly the same as the Grenadian case against Grynberg's RSM. And the Grenadians won. Kenny knew they were going to win when he signed with Grynberg. It was a no-lose situation. If Grynberg didn't drill, we got the seabed back. If he drilled....well, we'd have an offshore drilling operatio.

Hooray for Kenny. Hurray for genius. And hooray for the $400,000 that we know went into the Consolidated Fund and probably got spent on first class tickets for Tourist Board honchos.

As for Grynberg, who knows why he is keeping up this pretence?

When a court asks you to pay your share of the administrative costs and potential damages up front just to continue the case, what do you think that means? That you have a pretty good chance of winning?

Ha. It is to laugh.

The only thing we learn from Grynberg is that Kenny Anthony ain't much different than Allen Chastanet and that Richard Frederick will suck both their dicks if he thinks he can fuck them up the ass later.

Kenny is a smart ass.

He sold the seabed of St Lucia. Not the whole thing, but enough for a poetically unfactual investigative Negmarron to exclaim dramatically, "THE WHOLE FUCKING SEABED!!!!" and get endless right thinking Negmarron to repeat it ad naseum on Facebook.

But the contract Kenny signed had an expiration date.

There were certain things that had to be done by Grynberg and RSM to prevent the expiration. They weren't. Contract expired.

When Flambeau came into power, they sucked Grynberg's dick a little bit, hoping to fuck him up the ass the same way Kenny did.

They barely escaped getting fucked up the ass.

But the bastards in Flambeau have been playing a dirty little game with Grynberg. Along with their media compere and fellow Keny Anthony hater, Rick Wayne, they pretended they never sucked Grynberg's dick. They tried to make Grynberg into the new Rochamel.

Lucky for everyone involved, Grynberg can't find that new contract that the Flambeau government of Stephenson King, Richard Frederick, Guy Joseph and Allen Chastanet approved of. No one can.

And so, a court is likely to look at Grynberg like he is the real cocksucker and tell him to go suck his mother.



The courts in St Lucia should have done the same when certain hotels decided that they could own beaches in St Lucia, in spite of the overwhelming opposition of St Lucians to this sacrilegious and foolish idea. Unfortunately, they ruled that Sandals and Landings own the beaches in front of them because, you know, Queen's Chain doesn't apply to reclaimed land.

I know. That makes no sense.

One day, the real truth about why they ruled that way will come out.

Today, however, we must consider that when Allen Chastanet, Richard Frederick or any one from the government of Flambeau's Forty Feeves bitches about Grynberg, these are the same guys who wanted to sell Jalousie Beach.

Right now, they're saying, "We didn't want to sell it, we want to lease it."

Yeah, for a hundred years.

"Ninety-nine," they will quibble.

But in the midst of bitching about Kenny Anthony selling the seabed to Grynberg in a deal that gave us half a mil and then gave us back the seabed in five years, Flambeau's Forty Feeves wanted to create a climate in which Lucians would become more and more tolerant to selling beaches.

How is selling beaches different from selling seabeds?

How selling energy rights to the seabed for five years worse than selling the rights to a beach for 99 years? Flambeau doesn't want you to ask these questions.

Jalousie Beach: Flambeau is, like, "We NEVER tried to sell it. We just tried to lease it out for 99 mllion years..."

Labour doesn't either. But that's because they'd sell the beach too, given half a chance. In fact, when courts ruled in favor of hotels owning beaches on reclaimed land, Labour's ministers said nothing about it. And you know what silence means.

When Flambeau was in power, they bitched a lot about Grynberg. But by then, Kenny Anthony had already let the contract expire. It was Flambeau that actually signed the extension, according to Grynberg. They were wooing him. They were going down the same road as Kenny Anthony.

The only difference was that they realized that shafting Grynberg might be worth more to them than drilling for oil, because they could use Grynberg to shaft Kenny Anthony.

That's when they changed course and Grynberg went to war against us.

So really, while Kenny is the miscreant who brought the slime bag cocksucker into our business, it was Flambeau who created the conditions that caused Grynberg to sue us.

If they had told him to go suck his mother, like they should have, he would be out of our hair today.

Grynberg knows that Kenny Anthony's contract with him ran out. What he's fighting for is Flambeau's contract with him.

It seems to me that Kenny Anthony is being attacked for nothing here.

Because the last St Lucian place that Grynberg put his cock was in Flambeau's mouth.

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