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Yachting is the future.
But are SLASPA and the Marine Police Unit living in the past?

You mean to tell me in this rough guava season, SLASPA is letting a racist ass deprive the country of revenue?
 And instead of evicting him and pressing for the money, they are laughing and drinking with him just up the road from where your Aunty lives?

That's not true!!!

And yet...

There they are at Mon du Don in a rumshop drinking.

Well, they were before we reported them. The racist boat owner who owes endless money to SLASPA is up Mon du Don with marine police and officials from SLASPA having a drink.

Not while you're reading. But exactly at the the moment of writing. There they were.

The racist squatter. The SLASPA officials. With some guys who look like cops. Not necessarily all at the same time. But all in the same place. Drinking on the same tab.

On Friday, The FLOGG reported on a boating company in St Lucia that is squatting in a well-known marina for years, with SLASPA's full knowledge. Its head honcho is a well-known racist with a penchant for verbal and physical abuse.

In a new twist:

The guys at the bar with them were, in fact, cops.

Instead of evicting him and bringing charges, they were fraternizing with him.

Some individual marine police have been found to be very friendly and closely associated with the same racists whose staff and ex-staff reported, make a habit of calling them 'Nigger' in the worst possible way. And other forms of verbal, physical and financial abuse.

In fact, the boss of the racist squatters is so respected by his drinking buddies in the marine police unit that he is called 'Ti Kenny'.

The reference to his famous namesake is excessive, inadequate and appropriate. Ti Kenny is not quite a descendant of slave masters. He's the only thing that's worse. He's a descendant of the overseer. The people who couldn't afford slaves but liked to call people 'Nigger' anyway. But in other ways, he is much the same as Gwo Kenny.

He is both a Lucian and a Trinidadian.

He runs a tight shop.

He doesn't brook threats lightly.

But his livelihood depends entirely on protecting his share of someone else's pie. And so he gathers fools and miscreants to his purpose, making them think that they are gathering for their own purpose.

Ti Kenny is not an exceptional man by any account. In fact, he is eminently forgettable. Unlike the Doc, who will never be forgotten, no matter how hard we try.

But like most men who understand how to stay the hell out of poverty, he knows whose boat to float and whose boat to sink.

And when it comes to marine police, Ti Kenny knows how to float their boat.

Along with his close friends from SLASPA, including Christopher Alexander, Ti Kenny can be found in rumshop in Mon du Don, making the most of 'niggers'.

And goddamn it! What the hell is Oliver Cadet doing among these people? I hate when this happens.

What the hell does Ti Kenny have that causes their dereliction of duty? Where does this story of corruption and nepotism end?

From their close association and the relationship between the racist squatter and the marine police, several things have become evident. Marine police are aiding and abetting the very same racists who are depriving the country by squatting in the marina.

And several SLASPA officials are totally in on it.

But it's not SLASPA's turn. They had their turn and have more to come.

It's the Marine Police Unit's turn. At least, the individuals among them who are part of this mess.

So much potential. So much small-mindedness.


The marine territory of St Lucia is one of the coolest, most peaceful versions of the Wild, Wild West that ever existed. While Somalian waters are plagued by bloodshed and piracy, Lucian waters are troubled only by The Dance of The Drug Dealer, a relatively peaceful affair in which local, regional and international law enforcement agencies try to chase down any little drug dealer who hasn't paid them off.

If you're the kind of person who can get the DEA to call the RSLPF and say, "Let that one pass," brother, deal your drugs. Otherwise, you are likely to find yourself the victim of the most brutal form of tax collection in the small islands.

But apart from that, everything's cool.

Lucian marine police basically have a mandate to keep it clean and quiet. Like a referee, more than a janitor. And if they can't keep it clean, at least, they're going to make it look clean.

Apparently, some are satisfied to keep it merely dirty white.

Last year, around this time, marine police were involved in an operation to keep it clean. Apparently, there was a menace to national security living under the Sans Souci bridge. It looked exactly like a homeless old man. But the marine police said it was a menace. He was roasting fish under there. And you know what happens when you roast fish under a bridge made of concrete and steel.

OMG!!! He roasting fish under the bridge!!!!

Yeah. Exactly. Sooo....

One reporter tried to take pictures and video of the marine police forcibly removing the troll from under the bridge, flinging his personal belongings to the sidewalk, etc. One officer grabbed the camera as the reporter held on nervously.

"You want me to throw that in sea?"

"I don't think you have a right to do that," the reporter replied.

"You want to find out if I have a right to do it after I throw it in the sea?"

It was a very good point. The reporter relented. The officer had back up and he did not. With no video or audio on during the assault, it would be as though nothing had ever happened. But of course, the reporter knew that the marine police would fuck up this way again. All he had to do was be ready the next time.

Marine Police evicted this guy. THIS GUY!!!
But when it comes to Ti Kenny and all the money he owes, it's a different story. Maybe this guy should have bought more drinks...

Officers are not supposed to be threatenting and assaulting innocent people, whether or not they are reporters. Officers are not supposed to be evicting homeless people from under bridges with the bullshit excuse that they are a fire hazard.

One would hope they have better things to do.

Otherwise, we're in the market for some staff cuts.

Marine police are supposed to keep it clean. They spent endless gas and manpower, evicting a single homeless man from under a bridge.

But the upper middle class dirty white squatters in the prestigious marina?

The people who owe endless money to the people of St Lucia, via their trusted, though less than trustworthy stat-corp, SLASPA?


The marine police did not evict them. The marine police are friends with them. The marine police get drunk on their tab.

Just like the good old days in Port Royal, when a pirate could get himself a license and call himself a privateer.

And a barely white guy with no credentials can park his boats in a Lucian marina for free, for years, with everyone's consent.


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