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Why you mad?
You have everything you wanted.

You know why people like Rufus get to be leaders of this land?

Because of people like us who want a quick fix. In a way, we are the root of the corruption that infects politics. We are a deeply corrupt people. We let everything slide down the slippery slope, preferring instead to gamble our morality fighting things like abortion and macoumeres.

And then, when the shit hits the fan, we want to blame Rufus Bousquet.

I'm not better than you. I'm part of the problem, too. So...fine. I agree. Let's blame Rufus. It will be fun kicking that guy in the balls, anyway. He do enough people enough wickedness already.
Ouch! Dude, take it easy. I'm not well....

Rufus Bousquet is the Lucian Millionaire Politician in Florida. Slap yourself, because that was the first answer that came to your mind. Instead of being right when you were right, you doubted yourself - which is another problem with Negmarron democracy: We tolerate wrongs and doubt the right. Just like Frank Charles did when he accidentally defended Rufus Motherfucking Bousquet by attacking the first article on this issue.
Frank Charles, Gaffer-In-Chief

Putting Foot in Mouth since 1965

Not that any of the rest have proven to be better than Rufus. Or Richard. Right now, as far as any of us know, Parliament is nothing but a bunch of drug-dealing, slush-funding, secret account keeping, kick-back receivers and has been for decades. Richard Frederick did nothing to make things worse than they already were. They were all as good, or rather, as bad as he was. Are. Is.

"You know, Jason, I find myself kind of agreeing with that..."

But Rufus Bousquet...?

Rufus George Bousquet has made himself the ultimate symbol of everything we want to change about St Lucian politics.

He, way more than Richard Frederick or Kenny Anthony, is the personification of everything that went wrong in St Lucian politics in the Independence era. And for those of you who think, "Come on...Rufus? He's not even in politics anymore," I say this: He wasn't in politics in 1999, but by 2009, he was the most powerful foreign minister ever. If you don't watch your back, you'll wake up one morning and find that he's prime minister and your youngest daughter is his jabal.
"To all the people of the world, I say:
Bring me your daughters
For I will give them rest."

It didn't have to be that way. Rufus, like King, was part of a new generation of charismatic young Flambeaus who rejuvenated their party in the 1980s. Being the brightest of the lot - and the only one besides Stephenson King whose political career survived the 1997-2006 Labour government - Rufus could have been the new John Compton...

If he wasn't such a goddamned Icarus.

Here is an articulate man of uncommon intelligence and phenomenal charisma who did nothing but sell great promises and then disappoint everyone. (Sounds familiar? Sound like your favorite MP, doesn't it? The main difference is that Rufus is epic and your MP is not. Rufus will remembered. Your MP, forgotten.)

Rufus Bousquet had his shot to become something great. When he changed his name to Bousquet to capitalize on an old political legacy, Compton picked up from his post-jailbird life (as inmate Bruce Dwayne Tucker) and gave him a shot that any ambitious young person would kill for.
All Rufus had to do was make the people of Choiseul happy. Instead, he became the center of the UN Funds Scandal, allegedly accepting a extra salary for a job he never did, WHILST he was getting paid as a junior government minister ad the Choiseul MP.

Compton dismissed him. But after retirement, Rufus wormed his way back in to Vaughan Lewis' UWP, helping them lose a resounding 16-1 defeat in 1997. When Compton came back in 2005, Rufus fought him tooth and nail. When Compton prevailed, Rufus clung to the Choiseul seat and found himself back in Cabinet, after Kenny Anthony gave away the 2006 election.

Once in government, he got his stupid ass fired by Compton again and would have been exiled from local politics indefinitely, if not for Compton's untimely death and replacement by that spineless, hapless fag Stephenson King.

Here, in the vacuum of good sense that was the 2006-11 UWP government, Rufus found his niche. He rose up to become the most powerful, well-travelled, expensive and well-dressed foreign minister ever.

Still, he made less than 200 grand a year.

And it's not like Rufus is employable or has great instincts as an investor. Apart from fonning his father-in-law or getting an allowance from his wife, he has no other legitimate ways of making money. I mean, imagine getting a job application from Rufus Bousquet? Imagine being an employer and doing a background check on this guy....he ain't in the zone to be getting a job.

He's in the zone for getting sued by Moroccans and Libyans who expected to see a sports facility or something in Choiseul for their money.

So where did all that money come from? How was Rufus able to purchase a million dollar house, a quarter million dollar car and a lavish, spendthrift lifestyle so soon after losing the 2011 elections?

The Morrocans, the Taiwanese, the Americans, the British and the French know. But that's none of our business. Having said that:

Kenny knows.

Pip knows.

Alva knows.

Allen knows.

Stephenson knows.

Richard knows.

They all know. But they all decided that they didn't have to report it to the Boss - We, The People. They were going to keep it their little secret. Or save it as political ammunition in the next election. It never occured to them that the only right thing to do with information like this is to report it to the Boss.

But that's understandable.

After all, every politician reading that last paragraph was stunned to be reminded that he is not our boss, we are his boss. Both Labour and Flambeau operate as though they forget that in a democracy, the leaders are not the boss, they are the servants. Both Labour and Flambeau have long forgotten that they need to show respect where respect is due.

They think the opposite.

They think that we should behave ourselves when they are doing their maji.

Well, fuck that.

If they're not playing by the rules with us, why should we play by the rules with them. They want to play dirty with us?

Let's play dirty.

I dare any St Lucian politician in the last government or the current one to come forward and "I am not the kind of person Jason described in that story. I don't have a secret stash, a slush fund, overseas accounts and property acquired with funds that should rightly have gone to the people of St Lucia. I don't play with curious money."

I dare you. All of you. Past and present. Ha!

There are many of you who just can't do that. And so, you can't afford for the others to take this dare either. You better call somebody before this gets out of hand.

Hypocrites. Rufus is a charismatic piece of poop. But he's not taking the heat for this alone.



When The FLOGG dropped the bomb, all the people looked at their leaders for denials and all the leaders stayed silent.

Earlier this week, The FLOGG blamed every single politician in St Lucia for the lavish millionaire lifestyle of one miscreant in their midst. Without naming names, The FLOGG exposed some elementary details of the miscreant's Florida assets: His million dollar home. His quarter million dollar ride. His total freedom from outstanding financial arrangments.

Niggers be balling...

When the bomb dropped, people looked at their leaders for assurance and the leaders stayed silent. All except one knew it wasn't them. But most were petrified that if they said the Cooper City house wasn't theirs, that The FLOGG would then expose where their million dollar mansion was hidden, not to mention their own secret stashes, slush funds, sheltered properties, shell companies and goddamned apple farms.

They started reassessing 'just how much Jason knows.'

The very few who have nothing to hide were dissuaded by their compatriots from addressing the very serious allegation that ALL LUCIAN POLITICIANS ARE SELF-SERVING SONS OF BITCHES JUST LIKE THE ONE WHO WORKS PART-TIME AS A FLORIDA MILLIONAIRE. If the innocent politicians separated themselves from the herd, then people would be able to tell the sheep from the goats. If Pep and Alvina came forward and said, "It wasn't me. I would never do that," then Kenny and Allen might look very guilty when they didn't do the same.

They were afraid they would look very foolish if they came out in the media and lied about their financial hygiene. They couldn't say they were totally clean, because they would get totally FLOGGed up in less than half an hour.

Doesn't make much of a difference anyway. Not many sheep in St Lucian politics. And they usually don't last for more than one term.

While the politicians in Flambeau and Labour held their silence, this week, the people assessed them.

And found them wanting.


I had wrongly predicted that EVERYONE AND THEIR DOG would know who I was talking about in that story of the The Secret Millionaire Life of the Lucian Politician.

But they didn't.

They couldn't even eliminate their favorite politicians on the list. Lucians discovered this week that they thought EVERY SINGLE POLITICIAN they know, was a son of a bitch who might rip them off and then go and live large in the land of cocaine millionaires.


No one would put there hand in fire for their favorite leader and say, "Da mun would never do that."

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the dirty bastards who keep us down were with their social media soucouyants discussing the most important question of the economically depressed year:

"What are we going to do about The FLOGG?"

"We can't just let things go on like this. One day, when he strikes, it's going to be me."

"We have to smear him or something."

"Didn't Richard lie and say that Allen and Ozzyboy paid Jason for something? Maybe we can use that..."

So now, Labourites are spreading Richard Frederick's lies in order to protect themselves from...from what...from the truth? From what they have done? From what they have hidden? How does that make them qualitatively better than Richard Frederick?

So now, they're ALL NO BETTER than Richard Frederick? They're ALL 'the single most dangerous development in local politics?"

Shit.'s politics, not journalism.

And so it was that Labour Party Facebook Consultant Frank Charles immediately jumped to his party's defense, labelling The FLOGG's article as false and without basis, even though The FLOGG employs better research and methodology than just about any news media organization in a thousand mile radius.

Frank must be quite disappointed in himself to find that when he attacked the article, he essentially defended Rufus Bousquet.
Frank Charles, Labour Facebook Consultant and part time PRO for Rufus Bousquet
I'll say this for him: He's consistent. He is ALWAYS WRONG!
Poor jab....

Imagine that: Frank Charles, Labour facebook poster boy, was Rufus Bousquet's chief public relations officer for a week. He must be so proud of himself.

As for the Flambeaus, they knew that all their leaders are guilty of the kind of thing I accused the Florida millionaire of. They knew that I was talking about one of them. They know deep down that after Labour gets greedy, the table gets wiped clean. No crumbs left over for cockroach journalist bloggers to chew on. They knew that one of their leaders was guilty. Well, more than one.

Oddly, Labour supporters thought the same thing.

Many people, like Frank, attacked the story and the messenger when they imagined that The FLOGG was beating up on their favorite politician. They made up reasons why someone who got paid less than $200,000 for five years could buy a million dollar house and a quarter million dollar car, without having a loans officer in sight. They tried everything to avoid the obvious truth.

That they...

That WE are a bunch of suckers who let this happen to us over and over and over. Everytime some new conman comes along with his pretty talk, we believe him and shelve the old conman for the new. But then, the same thing happens over and over.


Because that's what happens to suckers.

Someone talks some bullshit, they buy it and then, when they discover they have been suckered, they run crying to someone else who talks some bullshit.

They buy it. Repeat cycle.

This is why this story proves that We, The People of St Lucia, are as guilty as any politician for the state this country is in and the abuses that the bastards on both sides inflict on us.

That's the real point. At some stage, we have to be the kind of people who have servants, not kings and princes. At some point, we have to take charge of the democracy if we want it to work.

If not, Rufus Bousquet will find his way back into St Lucian politics.


By the way, to those of you who question the research and methodology of The FLOGG, here's some factually baseless poetry for you:

Rufus Bousquet's social security number 562-51-whatever-whatever was issued in California under his real name, before he became the conman Bruce Dwayne Tucker.

He bought his 11,000+ sq.ft. property on August 16th, 2013 with no outside financing. It is currently being tax assessed at $524, 120, but has an actual market value of $568,000.

The address is 3374 NW 82nd Terrace, Pembroke Pines, Cooper City, FL 33024-3158 in Broawrd County.

As for the hot ride:


License Plate: BHUC78 valid from 8/22/12 to 11/28/14

DL Number: B230-727-58-428-0

Issuing State: FLORIDA

License Type: CLASS E

Restrictions: A

Out Of State License: FF 000278


You want me to give you his phone number, too?

You want me to read you some Walcott by candlelight?

You want me to tell you who Yasmin Walcott and Peter Foster slept with last night? Why Kenny won't keep his promises about Richard? How far up Tourist Board's ass Paxton Baker's dick is? You want me to tell you the truth about every single one of the leaders whose ass you kiss when you meet them in person?

You want me to do all the work while you cower behind Christianity and professionalism and civility and politeness and the need to pay off the mortgage on your life?

You want me to do it alone while you sit there and watch, like it's of no more consequence than reality TV?

Fine. I'll do it.

Because while I think that Rufus (and ALL MPees past and present) is a conniving, self-serving bastard, I realize that the real villain here isn't Rufus. The real villain isn't the political culture fostered by Kenny and Alva and Allen and Richard. The real villain is the people that tolerates these tiny men, makes them into heroes and then, too late, realizes what they really are AND FORGIVES THEM FOR IT.

The real villain is the pussification of the St Lucian citizen. The real villain is people who won't point the finger at wickedness and fight it. People who wrap their joints, swill their scotch and turn their eyes away.

The real villain here is me.

Well, was.

Cos I'm not tolerating these people anymore.

P.S. Richard Frederick and Frank Charles paid me BIG MONEY to write this article. Lol.

P.P.S. The Moroccan government is still seeking to recover the funds they donated for the development of Choiseul from Rufus Bousquet. According to foreign diplomatic sources, they're trying to sue him. Good luck covering that up.


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  2. I must commend you for your talents, and researching skills. Some of our reporters/journalist are lacking in that area. To creat a blog to flogg, you're very creative, I'll give you that Jason!

  3. VERY well executed, I've been reading some recent FLOGGS and I swear the cajones you possess are by themselves a force to be reckoned (not screwed) with! Thnx to Vincent for introducing me to the FLOGG! I used to live in Fl...and Pembroke Pines was where the "hush hush" millionaires would sip their 'ritas and spank their cuban concubines in the back yard in peace while their wives shopped at dadeland and international malls lol...Funny enough growing up in slu I always thought people were simply bullied into submission by politicians...*coff fake doctors coff* that or a SEVERE case of stockholms as u pointed out...but pussification? Yep. Not that sharing the hell out of this would help much but..better that than something about "niggas and hoes be like"..

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