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THE GHOST OF OLLIE GOBAT: One Murder That Won't Just Go Away


Ollie Gobat, entrepreneur, baller, national athlete
and somebody's son...

Something is happening.

Usually, when some gruesome or international homicide happens here, there is a flurry of news activity. Then, the flurry ends and the case goes nowhere. That's how it is in the small islands. Police forces were not built to solve crimes in the Caribbean. Historically, the only function of the police force is to keep the local slave population in check.

Apart from that, whatever.

But months after the frenzy over the kidnapping and murder of Ollie Gobat, something is happening.

They thought they finished Ollie Gobat when they burnt him to death in his vehicle. But they thought wrong. Ollie Gobat isn't going away.

On August 18, a bunch of people who looked like local and British cops visited the site of the kidnapping of Ollie on the strip of road approaching the Landings.

"You taking a stroll?" they asked, as I approached them.

"Nope," I replied. "I'm looking for Ollie Gobat's killer. You?"

"Training exercise," they lied. "Yep. Just a little training. Nothing to do with nothing at all."

"And then you wonder why no one trusts a word that cops say..." I pretended to mutter.

"I think you should move on," a handsome local pit bull growled, restrained only by the presence of the foreign masters of crime solving.

Pretending to investigate
Bal fini, once the cameras are off...

"I think," I said, daring him to be an asshole local cop while the British were watching, "that you should be more polite when you speak to people."

The men and women with British accents in the group kind of huddled together under the tree where Ollie Gobat was stopped on the way to or from the Landings, after leaving the golf club. Most of the men sported tattooes that looked kind military - you know, swords made of fire and proud serpents, scrolls with writing or whatever. The women, thankfully, did not seem to be so adorned. Science cops, maybe. Consultants? I'd ask the Royal St Lucia Police Force, but then, they'd just lie to me, like they do about everything of any significance whatsoever.

There was a vehicle parked around where Ollie Gobat's vehicle was seen to be parked by someone who knew him. There was a transit van parked behind a bush on the track just east of where Ollie's vehicle would have been parked.

One vehicle was parked under the tree where Ollie was flagged down. Other vehicles were parked on the west side of the scene. I figure they had nothing to do with anything, just transport. But I could be wrong.

One senior, more sensible local cop tried to diffuse me.

"It's just a training exercise," he repeated.

"Oh come on, that's a lie," I pushed on. "If you tell me, 'Yo Jason, this thing is at a sensitive stage. Just chill and stay close to me for a few weeks or months and you'll get your story,' I would be cool. But when you lie, I have no choice but to not trust you and to mess with your whole game."
This is Ollie's vehicle
It is also the state of the investigation of his murder

Somehow, all the servants of the world have forgotten that they are the servants. Somehow, they think they are the boss and that they can withhold information from us and then abuse us when we press for the truth.

They decided that they had done enough 'training' for the day and got in their vehicles and drove away.

But it was enough for now.

It was enough to know that this Ollie Gobat case hasn't gone away. Will not go away. The local cops can't just continue to pretend that this was some crime of passion.

Something much more wicked and thoughtful happened here. And the presence of those local and British cowboys on the site where Ollie Gobat was kidnapped confirms several things for us.

This was planned.

It involved several people.

It goes further than anyone in the Royal Crapaud Police Force wants to know. It goes far enough that local cops are afraid to truly investigate this.

Any real investigation of Ollie Gobat's murder is going to be driven from outside St Lucia.

There is currently a real ongoing investigation of Ollie Gobat's murder.

It will probably result in yet another indictment of St Lucian cops, who have done absolutely nothing to really investigate. Crapaud. They are not incompetent. They are cowardly. Those of them who are not completely corrupt.

As I watched the sniffers drive away, I could help but wonder how many of the local cops were in the real killers' pockets. The force is so infected that during the extra-judicial killings a special cell of officers managed to assassinate quite a few people before international justice put some spokes in their wheels.

Justice in St Lucia. Ha. That's like reversing forwards.

Historically, we have never had justice in St Lucia.

But someone wants justice for Ollie Gobat. And whoever it is, they are well connected enough to get British officers to the site of Ollie Gobat's kidnapping to actually investigate what the hell really happened there.

As for the training, I don't think the local cops were really paying attention. There's a certain look on a man's face when he's learning something and I didn't see that look on any one of their faces. They weren't learning. They were resisting the need to aggressively investigate things that do not want to be investigated.

Change doesn't suit them.

They're fine being khaki clad colonial keepers of the peace who spend more hours oppressing their own people than, um, what did you call it....solving crime.

But that's ok.

This time, someone else will figure it out.

They just better hope that none of them are part of the cover up.
"It's just a lover's quarrel with some aviation fuel thrown in..." WRONG!

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