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Does former convict Rufus Bousquet still have his diplomatic passport?

Does Prime Minister Kenny Anthony like it that way? Because it looks like he approved it. And continues to approve it.
You praying? You better pray...

It used to be that we thought Prime Minister Kenny Anthony was out to get Richard Frederick. Over the last two years, we have to come to be of a contrary opinion. Instead of being out to get Frederick, it rather seems that Kenny Anthony has been protecting him from the very monster that Kenny Anthony meant to sacrifice him to in the first place. Sorry, Langley. Sorry, Quantico. Sorry, DEA, NSA, CIA. You will not participate in any investigation of Lucian killer cops that may or may not incriminate Richard Frederick. Niggers gotta stick together. Especially, the ones with law degrees, money and secrets that would reveal a common dirty history.
Free at last, free at last!
Thank Kenny All Mighty, I'm free at last!

Not so much, the rest of them. Them poor ass Negmarron have to check for themselves.

But no one would have ever suspected that Kenny Anthony would ever put his hand in fire for Rufus Bousquet. That guy was the source of all Kenny’s pain from the day John Compton died.

And yet, there it is. Kenny Anthony’s hand, in the fire for Rufus Bousquet. Damn.


Are you Kenny's favorite?
One has to wonder if Rufus Bousquet is working for the St Lucia Labour Party. Why else would he still be travelling all over the world on a St Lucian diplomatic passport, with all the rights and privileges of a current minister of foreign affairs?

When he was foreign affairs minister from 2006-11, Rufus George Bousquet was the source of more outrage for Kenny Anthony’s Labour than any other single person. He engineered the Taiwanese re-invasion, effectively scuttling the new national hospital. He spearheaded the culture of extra-consolidatory corruption. He was shamed without mercy, exposed as the alter-ego of an American conman called Bruce Dwayne Tucker. He was accused of things no one said but EVERYONE thought, when it was revealed that he bought himself a swanky new condo at the Landings for exactly $NOF million.

Even when other Flambeaus were the target of Labour’s righteous rage, Rufus was The Cause. After all, without his interventions, Flambeauz Forty Feeves would never have been so financially empowered as they came to be. They might have become millionaires without him, but Rufus made it easier to be a millionaire. Fast. He made money rain from the sky in a way that it never did before. Dread, Rufus made it rain money on Sabbath, if you can imagine that.

So, why Lord?

Why, when Labour came to power in 2011, would they allow Rufus to continue carrying St Lucia’s diplomatic passport? Continue his life of undue privilege? Continue to give him the ability to embarrass us officially?

If he’s such a Bruce Dwayne Tucker as they proved, why would they allowed this conman former ex-con the most privileged and prestigious rights of any St Lucian traveler?

Maybe, they want him to make it rain money for them, too?

That would be dirty, disappointing, corrupt beyond words. Unfortunately, the truth about this story might be even worse. You don't even want to know...
BOO-HOO, THE POOR MAN IS SICK….(sniffle, sniffle, sniff)

Rufus is not well.

Inside sources say that the sentimental and soft-hearted Kenny Anthony government looked on the suffering of their former rival and had mercy on him.

After accusing him of all manner of evil and wrongdoing, after making people question where he got the money to buy his multi-million dollar condo at the Landings, after conclusively getting the majority of St Lucians to think of Bousquet as nothing better than a common criminal, Kenny Anthony showed some heart.

Instead of recalling Bousquet’s diplomatic passport after the bastard lost the Choiseul seat to Lorne Theophilus in 2011, Kenny let him keep it.

After all, even old Nazis need medical sympathy.

If only Kenny Anthony could do the same for all the sick children and old people who require medical treatment that they can’t get in St Lucia.

If only they didn’t have to face the American, French and British Embassies in expensive, time consuming, life threatening bureaucratic procedures in order to get permission to travel to lands where they can get such treatment.

If only Kenny Anthony had chosen Augustin ‘Farewell’ Pierre as his favorite convict, instead of Bruce Wayne Tucker.

After all, Tucker was a real conman.

Pierre is not a real murderer, just a man who is currently half-blind, dying, rotting away in prison for 30 years with the full knowledge of the Honorable Philip J Pierre while the Mercy Committee DOES NOTHING ABOUT ANYTHING EVER.

But Kenny Anthony can’t save everybody.

So he does the best he can: He saves Rufus Bousquet.

Of all the people in St Lucia, he saves Rufus Bousquet.

Aww…doesn’t that just warm your heart….with the fire of riot and rebellion? Doesn’t that make you want to light some candles and burn down the political headquarters of Lab-Flam, Incorporated?

Some in Labour protested. But Kenny, reportedly, was adamant. Those who protested may have had their integrity for a moment. But when they kept silent, they lost it.

A few of them want their integrity back.

That’s the only reason why you’re hearing this story now.

And yet, that’s not all.

Once upon a time, there was a St Lucian foreign affairs minister called The Artist Formerly Known as Bruce Dwayne Tucker.

He was a charismatic young feller and could talk just about anyone into just about anything. Being a single minded sort of feller, he spent most of his energies talking people out of their money.

Taiwanese, Libyans, Morrocans, it made no difference to him. If you had money and no vagina, there was only one thing Tuck wanted from you. Your money.

Somehow, many people found themselves giving this feller their money gladly.

But, of course, many of those people expected something in return for that money. Providing return on investment was not the feller’s strongest strength, if you know what I mean.

Now, because the kings and princes of the world want to be able to break the law with impunity, they made a thing called diplomatic immunity. This also helps to protect the profits of arms deals and drug trade from incursions by freewheeling niggers who mistakenly think capitalism means that everyone is free to do business.

While Tuck was a foreign affairs minister, he had diplomatic immunity. He could simply take these people’s money and do whatever he wanted with it, free from prosecution. But once Tuck lost the 2011 election, some of these people wanted their money back.

They were determined to hunt Tuck down and sue him.

Or whatever.

They’re Moroccan, you know. So, they’re civilized, but they also know what history is really made of and how to deal with it effectively. Slit.

Boy, Tuck get sick, one time. All his balls hurting him.

He start to cry.

Lucky for him, Prime Minister Kenny Anthony let him keep his diplomatic immunity. Now, no one can touch him. He’s under the Prime Minister’s protective wing.

But that’s none of our business.




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