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Short story:

Allen is an ass. He had to expel Richard last year at this time. Instead, he attacked Stephenson King, fracturing his party further than it already was.

Allen is an ass. At this stage in the game, it's too late to be fracturing Flambeau to expel Richard Frederick. He should, like the FLOGG, be changing tact and attacking Kenny Anthony for either lying about Richard Frederick, or not exposing him, as promised.

Allen Chastanet is an ass. He hasn't even figured out where and how he will win a seat, but he is attacking people in his party who have proven they don't even need Flambeau to win.

Lucky for Allen Chastanet, Kenny Anthony is also an ass. Any right-thinking strategist would have called the election and destroy Flambeau already. In the aftermath of that election, they would be so decimated that the expulsion of Richard Frederick would be a non-story.

If Kenny Anthony was smart, he wouldn't wait for the dust to settle from this Flambeau civil war. He wouldn't wait for things to get worse. He would just call an election and destroy them while they were destroying each other.

But as we said before, Kenny Anthony is an ass. Or was that, Allen Chastanet? Can't remember. What's the difference?


"I can't wait to see your take on Richard Frederick's expulsion from Flambeau..."

The person who said it doesn't even talk to me.

But I guess this stupid blog must be having an effect for my enemies to be egging me on against their enemies.

From the moment I realized The FLOGG might be more than the joke it started out as, I stopped following the regular news. That stuff is misleading. It's the facts after being filtered through lying political, social and business leaders, filtered through duplicitous, exploitative public relations people and finally, through a bunch of untrained reporters who mostly fall in the category of 'those who know not but think they know.'

One the issue of Richard Frederick, the regular news has be blind, misleading and in some cases (especially in the case of Caribbean News Now) has been just plain corrupt. Reporters, apparently, are as much for sale as voters.

And media managers? They're all a bunch of hostages, selling political and commercial lies in order to keep their licenses and get some advertising dollars.

So while I wouldn't normally report something that has already been reported in the regular news, I guess, this time, I have a responsibility to say something, to clear some of this smoke that's circulating now.

Not to mention that I want to say the words, "Allen Chastanet is an ass" as many times as I credibly can.

I think I might be able to establish this as a fact.

Also, if 10,000 of Frederick's and Labour's supporters hit this article, every time anyone in the world googles Allen Chastanet, the first thing they will see is: ALLEN CHASTANET IS AN ASS.

I'm sure that Fully Blessed Angel and Jadia JnPierre understand exactly what their roles are in this and I thank them in advance.


If Kenny Anthony is the Hesitator-In-Chief and Jason Sifflet is the Castigator-in-Chief, then Allen Chastanet surely is the Procrastinator-in-Chief.

The simple conclusion here is that Allen Chastanet takes too long to arrive at an inevitable conclusion.

Everything that's happening now had to be done last year. And doing it now might prove to be Allen's last fatal mistake. If Kenny wakes up from his egocentric daze and just listens to good sense for a moment, he will call elections sometime this year. If he does that, he will catch Flambeau in the middle a civil war. I don't have to lay out the conclusion for you.

Regardless of whether you are on Frederick's side or not, there is no getting around the conclusion that if Flambeau does not shake this guy, they have no friends.

No friends in Taiwan, no friends in the Republican Party, no friends in the Tory Party, no friends whatsoever. Basically, they will have no money except what Richard Frederick gives them. And Richard Frederick just doesn't have as much money as he used to.


When Allen Chastanet won the leadership of Flambeau last year, he had to do two things. First, he had to expel Frederick from Flambeau as violently as he possibly could, in order to impress everyone in the world with how antithetical he was to everything Frederick stood for. Second, he had to keep Stephenson King, close, close, close. Steven had to kept as Opposition Leader, no matter what the cost. Allen had to find himself falling asleep and waking up at King's house. King had to be separated from Frederick in order to rescue the soul of the party.

But Allen Chastanet is not just a procrastinator.

He is an ass.

And so, after spending months procrastinating over Frederick's inevitable expulsion, he did the one thing he should never have done. He stripped Stephenson King of the office of leader of the opposition. He didn't think it through. If he did, he would see that there is no better person in the parliamentary opposition right now who is better suited to this post.

The result was that within days of the announcement, Stephenson King's staff were claiming victimization because the new LOO, Gail Rigobert, dismissed Steve's staff without making accommodation for them. She just threw these good Flambeaus to the wind. Facepalm. Self-slap. I wonder if Gail can kick herself in the balls, cos she deserves it.

The story dragged on and on, until it got to the point where there was no point in getting rid of Frederick until after the next election. At this point, when Labour is scrambling, the opposition needs to consolidate, not fracture and fragment. Allen would still need to sabotage Frederick at every step, but he'd need to do it stealthily, so that Labour could never take advantage of his party's division.

Kinda like the way Kenny and Alva HATE each other, but have the discipline to keep that shit indoors. Left to Kenny, Alva will never be PM. And left to Alva, Kenny would be relegated to the dustbins of history. But Flambeaus don't know that. So they can't use it.

Isn't it funny how the tables have turned?

When I first started working in Lucian journalism, Flambeaus were the ones who never leaked and Labours  were the ones in constant disarray.

And now, Kenny Anthony is one step closer to his secret dream of being the new John Compton.

Well, at least, the version of John Compton who kept winning elections after his usefulness had run out.

Say one thing for John Compton though. He had no patience for his political rivals. If John Compton was in Kenny Anthony's place, both Richard Frederick and Allen Chastanet would be a thing of the past.

Of course, when John Compton was in Kenny Anthony's place, he retired, he didn't he? But then again, John Compton wasn't going up against an ass like Allen Chastanet.

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  1. Agree cause the hypothesis would be proven. Only an ass would send Bram Bram up against Compton.