Sunday, 3 August 2014


Google Peter Foster.
Just for fun.
Lol. There's an Australian conman convicted and jailed three times in a multi-national weight loss scam.

Peter Foster, profession con jobber

Don't worry. The FLOGG has him on the run.

There's a character on the TV show Scandal who...well, that kinda says it all doesn't it.
Peter Foster is also a columnist with the Financial Post who slimes the efforts to Greenpeace in Canada to fight against profiteers who give nothing to the Earth but think they have a right to take everything from it with no regard for anything. A real corporate sell-out.
There's the ex-cop Peter Foster who killed his girlfriend. He was sentenced to life, battered in prison and then found hanging.
There's a stockbroker...nuff said.
There's a canoeist. And there's the Catholic painter whose bid to paint the stations of the cross in Anglican churches made him famous for the wrong reasons.
And then, there's Mr Perfect, the St Lucian Speaker of the House, who is so untouchable that he can serve as House Speaker, defend government statutory bodies in civil suits AND represent plaintiffs against the government in civil suits.

It's a's a House''s....

The Adulterator!!!

Adulterating his role as Speaker with his greed as lawyer since 2011.

Take about having your cake and the other guy's cake, too.

It’s been months since Reel Irie and Robert Leotaud won his pyrrhic victory over the St Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority and their favorite Queen’s Counsel and Speaker of the House,  Peter Irving Foster.

The jazz festival came and went.

Carnival came and went.

Summer is more than half over.

But SLASPA doesn’t seem any closer to paying Reel Irie the forty grand of chump change that the SLASPA and Foster agreed to pay in damages for violating Leotaud’s rights as a CARICOM national to conduct business in St Lucia. After dragging Reel Irie through an unjust and unnecessary four year battle, SLASPA and Foster seem determined to be not just strong, but wrong.

In fact, it now seems that Leotaud is back at square one, with SLASPA and Foster getting to claim a tactical victory, because not only did they successful frustrate his efforts to conduct business, they are also frustrating his attempts to donate that money to St Lucian youth initiatives.

REEL IRIE'S  Robert Leotaud: The one that wouldn't just go away.


Leotaud is currently scouting several St Lucian sports groups and children’s organizations in an effort to figure where the money from his war on SLASPA’s protectionism will do the most good.

He is currently interested in the neglected Boy’s Training Center, Blackheart Football, The Soufriere School for Special Children and the School for the Deaf, among others.

Leotaud also issued a Reel Irie Challenge to both SLASPA and Foster to match his donations to charity, in the spirit of goodwill, so that the spirit of acrimony that prevailed during the court battle can end on a positive note.

In spite of making hundreds of thousands of dollars defending SLASPA, in a case that clearly raised questions about whether the House Speaker should represent the government and its statutory bodies, Foster has declined to even respond to the challenge, preferring to walk away with the money than to jump at the chance to salvage his integrity.

It’s a question of priorities, I guess.

SLASPA, meanwhile, continues to pretend that Reel Irie, Robert Leotaud and the sports groups, schools and charitable causes in question, simply do not exist.

Keegan Cox, regretting his new job before it even started


New SLASPA General Manager Keegan Cox, who took over soon after the court ruled on the case, has preferred to let the bad blood from the Reel Irie fester, rather than turn the potential public relations nightmare into an opportunity.

Perhaps, he is taking a page from the public relations playbook of education minister, Robert Lewis, who consistent strategy is deflect any responsibility for anything he can’t pretend out of existence.

In completely unrelated news, St Lucia has a new superhero, who claims to be the scourge of any man who will leave his wife alone for 30 minutes for any reason, including work.

Known as The Adulaterator, he has been incidentally tarnishing the reputations of Peter Foster, the conman, the killer, the sell-out, the stockbroker and the esteemed Speaker of the House of St Lucia.

The Adulterator has been very busy with several matters, including getting cock-blocked in his efforts to bed a famous news anchor. On a flight out of St Lucia, colleagues in the Justice League reported that he was surprised to find the beautiful news anchor accompanied by her husband, a man of some integrity who finds himself unwilling to become The Adulterator’s newest cuckold.

With news of the Adulterator's serial adulterations eclipsing both his professional and fledging political career,  the once distinguished Speaker of the House now spends much more time pretending that people aren’t thinking what they are thinking than pretending to be the guy he wanted us to think he was.

Along with Martinique Consul General Yasmin Walcott, foreign minister Alva Baptiste and more recently minister-doctors Jimmy Fletcher and Robert Lewis, Foster is now part of a growing list of ruling party functionaries who may not be emperors,  but have been exposed to be wearing no clothes.


When your enemy is winning, it is incumbent on you to be seen irie than him.



  1. The Flogg Blogg! Waa-ii!! Translation: Inimitable.

  2. Great work of letting us know what is really going on man. Keep shining that light into the darkness of personal greed and corruption of the ruling class. These guys always put themselves before the youth and the sufferer. Then act like they have some sort of divine right and they better than poor people.

  3. You know it completely baffles me that people don't know these things are going on. I have always said that the worst thing is not that we have corrupt politicians but a divious media we can add scary to that.