Thursday, 31 July 2014



And the Spirit of the I moved upon me and said:

“Go forth and find thee truthful men and gather them unto the cause of liberty and prosperity for thine people.”

And lo, I went forth unto the people and found some truthful men. And of these truthful men, I found that most were godless fucks.

And I called out unto the I, saying: “Forsooth, my Lord, these men are godless fucks whose eyes have never seen the glory of thine glory. Whenceforth therefore shall they be of use to Thee?”

And the I spake unto me, thusly:

“Forsooth, my servant, these men are godless fucks whose eyes have never seen the glory of the I. But whenceforth, my servant, shall men be of good use who swear they have seen My glory, when, in fact, I have shewn them no such fucking thing.

“The signs and sciences I have given them since the first nanosecond, they have denied. The knowledge of the stem cells they abhor. Whenceforth, my servant shall these deniers of truth and starlight, these delighters in hatred and delusion sit at the table of the I and break bread?

“For only the most truthful, who deny not the signs and sciences, be they godless fucks or Godful, may enter into the Holiest of Holies.

“And every one who raises his voice against the cause of truth is as a devil unto me. They waste their prayers. I receive them not.

“And furthermore, anyone who believes Genesis Chapter One literally…they haven’t fucking read it for themselves.

“Go forth,  therefore, good servant, with thine band of godless fucks and Godful and kick some lying ass, wheresoever thou mayest find it.

“Thus sayeth the Lord.”

Wednesday, 30 July 2014










"Hey, look at me, I'm chillin' wit' my homies...(so keep back! Ugh!"

He ain’t no John Compton, but he’s better than any other proposition we have had for prime minister. So why do we hate Kenny Anthony so much.

"Di sa ou vlay, Jason.  I don't want to be John Compton and never compare myself to him.


He robbed us of Prime Minister Mario Michel.
He waited too long to call the 2006 election. So basically, everything that Chastanet, Frederick and them did in that government is his fault. It never woulda happened if he had called the election when Menissa Rambally told him to.

"You bastard! Will you never forgive me for that?"


He promised us Richard Frederick’s head on a platter and failed to deliver.

"Jezi, Marie la Vierge en ciel! Not that again!"

His economic stewardship is stifling us.

He’s a terrible judge of character. He doesn’t know the difference between a con man and an investor.

"Which one are you talking about?"


He wastes millions in potential revenues for the island every month by delaying critical developments in the yachting and agriculture sectors (esp. ganja and food security).

He promised us a lot of stuff he didn’t deliver.

He delivered us a lot of stuff we didn’t want.

"But...but...the external factors...the global shitconomy..."


He’s the Hesitator in Chief. The man can’t make a goddam decision without a committee report.

He can’t do a sit or a leg lift, which in my opinion makes him a terrible role model for the youth. (It’s not like he has a medical excuse.)

"Now that was actually quite funny...because I can do a leg lift...

To put my foot in your!"


His political motivations are stronger than his care for St Lucia. But then, that’s true about all of them.

He loves Labour more than he loves St Lucia, but he loves Kenny Anthony more than he loves Labour. Why else does he put them through such hell, instead of putting both Frederick and Flambeau out of their misery?

"You already said that, genius!"


He drinks, but he doesn’t drink with us.

He doesn’t smoke nearly enough marijuana.

"Good ending. Around of applause for every politician's favorite asshole...

Jason Sifflet!"


"The round of applause is over. What are you waiting for, a tip?

Get outta my face, you ganja-smoking little freak!

And I mean that in the nicest possible way..."



Monday, 28 July 2014


Just when you thought it was safe to go be cool with the education ministry…
The FLOGG has uncovered more Monchy Primary School children who, like Lovelle Motley, got zeroes for composition. And if you think maybe something is wrong with the school or the teacher, then you don’t know anything about Jane Jacob-Jean and Troy Nestor.
The FLOGG has confirmed three more children from the same class as Lovelle who also got zeroes in composition and has unconfirmed reports of at least two more.
Lovelle Motley is not an isolated case. She might actually be the tip of the iceberg of a systemic evil that has been tolerated, perhaps even propagated by education minister after education minister since the days when there were no poor boys at St Mary’s College. She is proof of the perpetuation of exam errors is chronic…almost conspiratorially so.
Either that or something is wrong in the state of Monchy Primary –which it isn’t. Monchy Primary is the new Best Damned Primary School on the island whether the education ministry likes it or not. From kindergarten to grade six, the teachers are generally made of the right stuff and are exalted members of the community. People of Monchy know they have something special going on in that school.
According to sources in the Monchy community, Principal Jane Jacob-Jean is the kind of leader who runs her little shop like an interdependent nation. The Monchy school like every good mocambo, Palenque or other small society, grows food, plays music, makes art, and plays hard as well as kicking butt on the academic field. The humble but firm Mrs Jacob-Jean has earned a reputation as the best mix of old time authority and new, fangled modern psychology and social theories like ‘nesting’ and ‘learning by discovery.’ Jacob-Jean, unlike many leaders, seems to take her job quite personally, imagining that she is not just trying to raise the school’s reputation, but that she is actually a co-parent who is responsible for building whole adult humans out of the raw materials that parents give her to work with.
And everyone knows Troy Nestor.
He is the star math teacher on Choice TV in the afternoon. What most people don’t know is that he is a driven, miracle working Grade Six teacher who can make a good student want to be excellent, the average one want to be good and the ‘bad student’ realize that, you know, this learning thing might be more fun than I originally thought. Whatever it is that possessed Troy Nestor to commit himself to the success of children, don’t interfere with it. It’s working without the rest of us.
Vacations for Jacob-Jean, Nestor and the rest of the educational militants at Monchy Primary are more like an excuse to plot new ways to reach the children and improve the school. Their summer and Easter workshops have been so successful, so highly rated, that this year children are coming from as far away as Vieux Fort South to get a piece of the magic of Monchy Primary.
If Nestor and Jacob-Jean were of the same ilk as their minister Robert Lewis, they would have parlayed their prestige into political positions already.
But they’re not. So they stay put in Monchy, one of St Lucia’s most productive, most neglected communities, tightening their focus on the thing they do best. It has been a hard uphill climb over many systemic and traditional obstacles. But they were starting to see the light. In Lovelle Motley, they saw the mountaintop. When that star girl came along, they saw the student who would claim that top prize, establish their brand as a superior educational facility and set a standard that all future students could aspire to. Lovelle was not just a bright girl. She was a motivational technique that would affect Monchy children who are not yet born.
She was evidence that the little rural Negmarron school was, in fact, Top Ting.
It’s almost a good thing that the systemic evil picked the wrong girl when it chose to abuse Lovelle Motley. Less extraordinary children get cheated all the time with no questions, reviews or consequences. And it is the less extraordinary who suffer more because five marks for them is the difference between a the best secondary school and a simply good one. Even with people like Jacob-Jean and Nestor on the educational frontlines, the injustices done to those children by the endemic traditional wickedness of the education ministry might have gone unnoticed, unchallenged, unsung.
Lucky for all these children in St Lucia who are cheated out of their marks and their rightful places in the stratified, classist post-colonial school system, the systemic evil did pick Lovelle. And then, Nestor couldn’t help but take off his Clarke Kent glasses and rip open his shirt, as prelude to defending Children, Justice and The St Lucian Way.
Troy Nestor and Jane Jacob-Jean don’t want to fight with the education ministry.
They just want to do their jobs.
But when systemic evil forgets to stay in its section and attacks their children, they have no choice. They had to defend the children at the risk of offending all who would rather defend the system.
Thank God for people like them. True St Lucian heroes who build the future brick by brick.
You would think that Robert Lewis would be bending over backwards right now to accommodate people like that. But Pontius Pilate has already washed his hands of the blood of the innocent.
This is not the end.
I wish it was. But it’s not.



They tried to make her 38th, but she was AT LEAST 4th, according to their own people in the education ministry.

Now, they're trying to make her10th.

When will the hurting stop?


Last Friday, The FlOGG published a disturbing story of a young Monchy girl who had been robbed of her rightful glory as a top Common Entrance student.

The story accused the education ministry, not only of chronic screw ups in examinations and marking, but of doing their best to keep such things out of the public eye.

More bluntly, The FLOGG accused the minister, Robert Lewis, of being part of the cover up that downsized little Lovelle Motley of Monchy so that she was a top 40 student instead of top 10.

The FLOGG also asserted that some people in the education ministry were of the opinion that Motley had topped the exam and that when Motley’s teacher raised a stink, the ministry did their best to ensure that her revised scores did not embarrass them too much.

Last week, the inside track was that the official revised scores made Motley 4th in the island. But Robert Lewis and his team are all genius, all the time and they knew they could do better than that.

And so by Monday morning, when Lewis was forced to go on Shelton Daniel’s party hack platform, 90 Minutes, on Radio St Lucia, Motley was pushed back from 4th to 10th.

The stats had spoken. And stats never lie.

Nyahnyah, nyahnyahnyah, The FLOGG was wro-ong, The FLOGG was wro-ong….lol…

I'm smug, I'm strong, I'm right and you're wrong


So why is it that after this interview, Robert Lewis is more the bad guy than ever before his life? Why is it that calls who thought Sifflet was malicious and unprofessional in his reporting still asked the minister, “How come we had to hear this from him? It feels like if he didn’t attack you, you would have never said anything about this.”

“Oh, we would have definitely said something,” the Seventh Day Adventist minister lied. “Definitely.”

And yet, he did not. Not until he learnt on Friday afternoon that he had two anuses, because The FLOGG had just torn him a new one.


When a little college boy with plaits was kept out of class because his principal thought that nigger plaits in class would bring about the end of Western Civilization, Robert Lewis kept his head down and said it was not his problem.

When people get shot in his constituency and reporters ask him about the rising violence between youth whom he represents, he told them, “That is a problem for the police.”

More and more, it is becoming clear that Robert Lewis is not the kind of person who can take responsibility for anything. Nothing is his fault. He never has good reason to get hands on with any problem. Any failure is not his fault and not his business to fix.

That’s what the police are for. That’s what the Chief Education is for. That’s what District Education Officers are for. Robert Lewis is not responsible for the sorry state of affairs in either his ministry or his constituency.

He’s just the leader.

He just makes policy.

That’s all.

It’s not his fault that everything around sucks as much as it did before he was in charge, if not more. That’s someone else’s fault.

He is to leadership as Richard Frederick was to policing – a guy with big talk, bluster and brandish who hides under the table when the bullets are flying and then when it’s over, tells stories at the after party like he’s half a hero,  just for being there.

“I’m not here to vindicate Robert Lewis,” Robert Lewis said on his forced talk show appearance, speaking of himself in the third person, as a primus inter pares should. “These things happen. We can’t go back and do the whole ceremony (for top 10 recognition). And in all of this, no one says how well the examiners executed their responsibilities.”

Oh right. Robert Lewis, the ceremony, the examiners…

That’s what’s important.

Some of us almost thought this was a story about doing right by a bright little girl. But Robert Lewis never got around to caring about Lovelle Motley in his Monday morning talk show appearance. Why?

Because this isn’t not about her at all. It’s about Robert Lewis. Everything is.


Ironically, in his vainglorious effort to defend himself and the people around him from all criticism, Robert Lewis totally blew his shot to be a national hero.

If, instead of being a narcissistic hypocrite, Robert Lewis had simply focused on the little girl, everything The FLOGG had said of him over the weekend would have been promptly ignored.

All Robert Lewis had to do to pinjouk The FLOGG’s hypercritical bubble was approach the teachers and the family and arrange a special little celebration of Lovelle Motley’s achievement. Blast it on the midday news and the evening news. Everyone wins.

Game over.

The FLOGG would have been forced into a position of admitting that in spite of whatever errors and cover ups occurred, this man was the kind of man that we need to lead St Lucia. If he had been magnanimous to the girl, her teacher, her school, family and community, he would have become impervious to attack.

Instead, he did the only thing he knows how to do: Duck, dodge, deny and deflect. Avoid responsibility. Never say you’re sorry.

It was an advanced course in political self-destruction for the uninitiated. And all of it in the name of God.


Both Daniel and Lewis, short on ammunition, given their unfortunate strategic position at the moral low ground of the situation, appealed to higher powers for help.

They had been appealing to God all weekend hoping for an unlikely miracle to help them escape the consequences of the Truth.

As good Christians, they quoted Bible, with Daniel accusing Jason Sifflet (floggus inter pares) of being a jobless loser information mercenary who profits nothing by selling his soul for peanuts.

Ironic. Shelton Daniel IS a paid political information merenary. Why would glass house man throw that stone? It puts him in the same moral predicament as Richard Frederick, except without the spy satellites watching his every move.

Lewis, meanwhile, insisted that only God can vindicate him.

As for God, at press time, She pushed a press release dissociating Herself from both Robert Lewis and Shelton Daniel. Of the latter, She said, “I know Him not.” Of the former: “I know you Thyatira, and you are neither hot nor cold.”

The release from God went on to say: “Maybe you can’t go back and do the right thing, but you can go forward and do the right thing. Something extremely special must be done to make restitution to Lovelle Motley.

“When the minister says how well his staff executed their responsibilities, I had to laugh because, no matter how well they did, they still mess up. There are chronic systemic errors that need addressing. Furthermore, they did not execute their responsibilities well. If they had, I would not be writing this press release disassociating myself from anything to do with Robert Lewis (or that shil Shelton Daniel, for that matter).

“Nonsense like this is the norm at the education ministry,” God continued, “and this is why I helped you to win elections in the first place. It occur to Me that either I misjudged you or you screwed up your divine assignment. And as everyone knows, I don’t make mistakes, so brother, you are in a world of trouble.

“I also want to call attention to the vast difference between your words and your actions. You say that you’re not seeking vindication but all you did on that show was seek vindication. You say you want to reform and improve education but the new school leavers this summer attest to your abject failure to improve anything meaningful. You failed to care that girl for a second during the interview. And you say you’re not running away from the callers, but you took two calls and then when I called and asked you to go over your argument, Shelton Daniel practically told me to piss off and hung up on me, while you packed your things and ran away. It looks bad for you, Robert.”

As for the vindication of Robert Lewis, God said, “Robert Lewis might want consider getting a new religion. Because right now, he’s not suffering the little children. The little children are suffering because of him. Not cool, dread. Not cool.”

Friday, 25 July 2014


Robert Lewis, Minister of Education, Christian and....

Commander of the cover up that robbed a child...?!?

Lovell Motley is a bright girl.

Not just bright. Really, really bright. She is so bright that when she scored 87% in the Common Entrance Exam, her Grade 6 teacher looked at the score and thought:

“Nope. This is wrong. Something is definitely wrong here. Lovell scored waaaay higher than that.”

The Monchy Primary School teacher brought her query to the attention of Lovell’s mommy, Julianna, who was also kind of surprised that her little Miss Perfect did not totally annihilate the Common Entrance in a historic and glorious fashion.

But hey…there was nothing to complain about. I mean, what was the big deal? She got 87%. She’s going to St Joseph Convent where she's going to show the rest of these girl who's Number One. Right?
So what if she didn’t get her fair score? It wasn’t like she had passed for a comprehensive school and they were sending her to Rock Hall. Right? Just leave it alone, right?

Apparently, that’s what the Ministry of Education thought as well.

A little investigation found that the ministry knew Lovell had scored higher than 87%. They knew that there was a glaring discrepancy in the marking of Lovell’s papers. They knew that the person/people who marked her papers gave her zero for ‘general idea’ and zero for ‘composition.’

They knew that while it is very possible any child to score zero for the general idea, it is impossible for a childlike Lovell to score zero for composition.

Not to mention that upon review, she did not score zero for the general idea. She kicked ass all over that exam.

They knew that if people found this out, they would say that there was a conspiracy to make ‘high class primary schools’ like Dame Pearlette, Bonne Terre and Tapion dominate Common Entrance results. People would say that the ministry was fighting down little Negmarron schools like Monchy, even when these schools prove, against all odds, that they are the best. Both the students and the teachers.

They knew they had injured a bright little girl, a dedicated teacher, a school that deserves more credit and the entire goddam community of Monchy.

But would they make it right?

They had already released Common Entrance results with great fanfare and celebrated the top Common Entrance winner with prizes and media glory.

If they had to come back and admit they all their fanfare was for nothing, it would cause Dr Robert Lewis great shame and embarrassment than his truth-loving Seventh Day Adventist soul could bear.

If they had to make it right, they might have to take back the prizes they gave out to the false top Common Entrance student. Or worse yet, they might have to reach into the deep dark coiffers of their personal wealth or their party’s slush funds to buy some fair reward for Monchy’s newest little champion.

If they had to make it right, it would cost at least a few thousand dollars.

So, they figured, “Forget about right and wrong. Lovell’s going to kick ass in Convent anyway. Cover it up. Maybe no one will find out.”

As we now know, this was a terrible miscalculation. One that makes Dr Robert Lewis look like a liar and thief. A man who stole the glory of a little girl instead of admitting that his people made a mistake.

You see, Lovell Motley did not just score higher than 87%.

She got the highest mark in the island.

She beat them all.

And she deserves much better than what a good Christian like Robert Lewis and crew at the education ministry gave her.


What a real winner looks like!!!!


P.S. How long has this been happening? How many children were robbed of their rightful honors by the system of cover ups in the education ministry?
For those who think this is just an isolated incident, consider this: In the late 1930s, a little Faux a Chaux fisherman's son topped the entrance exam. But they didn't give him the scholarship to go to secondary school. They gave it to a boy whose family already had money and who was related to a Governor.
The little fisherman's son's family couldn't afford, so he had to go to work. He got a job teaching children a year younger than him how to pass the exam. He later worked at M&C as a bag boy. He retired as their shipping manager. He never confessed that he had been robbed, preferring to leave it in the past. But everyone else who witnessed what they did to him in the late 1930s confirmed over and over again that Wilson Sifflet was brighter than that Belizaire boy.
But he wasn't high class enough. He was just the son of a fisherman and did not deserve the honors that the local aristocracy are accustomed of hoarding for themselves.

Monday, 21 July 2014

ST LUCIA SIMPLY FRAUDULENT: Is VF The New Wild West of White Collar Crime?



Part of an ongoing investigation into


This town needs an enema

When Kenny Anthony first boasted that Vieux Fort was going to be a university, anyone who attended university abroad could smell the money. Even me. And you know me. Usually, all I can smell is rats.

University towns are like the best of everything. Your ‘tourists’ are long term and are generally smart, young, spendthrift people, instead of the old, stupid cheapskates who tend to populate all-inclusive hotels and cruise ships. There are no all-inclusives, so the money doesn’t trickle down, it saturates the ground, seeping into the driest cracks while simultaneously flooding the economic plain.

There is not a university town in the world that is a shit hole, something that cannot be said for tourism towns or manufacturing towns. Good universities tend to improve not just the economy but the politics, culture and spirit of surrounding areas.

My Caribbean experience of Barbados Community College (now Cambridge something or the other) and Cave Hill Campus had taught me that the artificial Barbadian community of Wanstead was, in fact, engineered as a real estate gold mine. It’s not a natural community with two bakeries and some grocery shops and a church. It’s an economic strategy, a real estate ploy to exploit the fact that thousands of Caribbean students need housing as close to campus as possible.

The original Cave Hill dorms were built before the surrounding communities exploded into residential complexes. They couldn’t serve all the students. Wanstead was a response. Every single house in Wanstead is either for rent or has an apartment for rent. Every single one.

Let the church say $Ch-ching$!

The newer dorms were built, not just to bring in more revenue for the university that created the real estate gold mine, but to act as a balance against rising rents.

It’s a neat little eco-system. Except for the fact that there is no hot bread around the corner. For me, the 24 hour auto-mart at the bottom of Cave Hill is great for a 3 am beer run, but I woulda given up all its convenience for some fresh hot creole bread. (Melting butter not included.)

Of course, Wanstead’s landlords don’t really give a damned about my hot bread fixations. Paying off their mortgages is child’s play. Owning a house with apartments in Wanstead is like winning the lottery a little bit at a time, every month, for the rest of your natural life.

That’s what the promise of a tourism town in Vieux Fort was supposed to mean. Except with hot bread in the morning. And the afternoon. And the early evening.

Wins all around.

All this and an education, too?


Vieux Fort was finally on its way to fulfilling at least one of its promises to become St Lucia’s second city. It was all going so well. But of course, we all know that’s the best sign that things have gone completely wrong. The smell of hot bread was imaginary. But something else was in the air. A so familiar scent…

Like I said…rats.




(Or How To Strangle Little Southern Landlords)

For the last couple of decades, Spartan Medical University has been at the heart of this emerging university town. Vieux Fort has made millions on rents, services, food and drinks for the relatively few students who study at Sparta every year. Now that the school is gaining a better reputation than most schools in its category, it is getting more popular.

And its management has a brilliant idea that they should build hundreds of dorm rooms for their students. This will not only raise the university’s revenues, it will increase security for the students and encourage them to stay closer to school facilities and most importantly,…

It will strangle Vieux Fort’s little landlords, who have come to depend on the students to rent their apartments, fund their expansions and support whatever real middle class the south has left.

Serve them right for price gouging. For riding high without defending their economic turf. Fuck the southern middle class. Fuck all landowners. Inbred aristocrats, all of them.

Except that the southern landlords who are about to get screwed by Spartan are on our side, so, if they suffer, we suffer. Not good. Dammit, eh…

So they should lower rents to be more competitive than the dorms, right? Yeah. Sure. That’s one way to lower your VAT. Amongst others…like starving your children…and shooting yourself.

But before we light the pitchforks and set out into the night after the evil scientists who have put our people in this position, let us consider this:

Even with their massive landlord strangling scheme to construct dorm rooms, Spartan is still plus in Vieux Fort. Relatively speaking, they are still the best of the bunch in the southern university scam….

I mean, city. Town. That’s not what I said?


What did I say…?



David Singh,director of...

Oh I'm sorry, that's Je$u$...


(…aaaaand ACTION!)

The silent death that stalks Vieux Fort’s landlords is so stealthy, that it is mentioned in the last government’s top secret quadrant development plan and the new drafts for the Vision Plan AS A GOOD THING.

Collective national face palm.

It also benefits from the fact that some of the people who followed Spartan into Vieux Fort’s university town dream are not made of the same stuff as Spartan. Spartan is not a scam. It is a real school. A real member of the Vieux Fort community. Compared to some of the others, Spartan’s plan to build dorms that take the bread out of southerners’ mouths is child’s play.

"Who me?" Yeah, you!

Take what’s his name from Destiny University. David Singh. Google him. This guy makes you thank God for Spartan at the moment when Spartan is going all Xerxes on your black Greek Nobel Prize winning ass.

You'd rather this guy army than David Singh's charity

GOODREADS says he is the author of a book called TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FINANCIAL DESTINY. He founded Fortune Financial Corp. and Infinity Mutual Funds Management, Inc. His companies hired 700 sales agents. He made millions and helped others donate millions more to charity. I mean, ‘charity.’

Who is this  millionaire genius philanthropist David Singh who dropped on us out of Canadian Olympus?

He was born in Guyana but they don’t want to take responsibility for him anymore and I don’t blame them. He’s a Canadian, although, they would rather send him on a one way flight back to Guyana. Or wherever. And under both Labour and Flambeau governments, he was one of Vieux Fort South’s favorite foreigners.

“Destiny Group of Companies selected St. Lucia this year as the destination to host their Incentive Programme which brought to the island in excess of 80 persons comprising of Executives of the Group, Independent Financial & Tax Planners, their spouses and children. They are guests at the Almond Morgan Bay Resort, Choc, Gros Islet for the period May 20 – 27, 2007 and apart from enjoying the beautiful beaches, playing golf and sightseeing tours, there was also a serious dimension to the programme when on Monday and Tuesday there was a two half day “Strategies for Success Conference” which exposed participants to information about the achievements of the Group of Companies and the outlining of new investment programmes for 2007/2008. The second day of the conference was addressed by Hon. Stephenson King, Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Health and Labour Relations and Mr. Nicholas John, Attorney at Law and Executive Chairman of the National Development Corporation. Their presentations afforded the visitors a level of comfort that will redound to substantial investments in Offshore International Business Corporations (IBCs) and real estate on the island.”

Business guru,, consultant, Christian and David Singh lover, Edward Harris

What fond reminiscence. The stuff that dreams are made of, right, Ed?

Harris continued to Singh songs of adulation for his hero. Singh was a finance mogul who went all humanitarian. Disaster relief, HIV/AIDS, rebuilding Grenada, medical donations. He healed the sick and sheltered the homeless. He fed the poor and enriched the middle class. He made millions in everything he did, including charity. This guy was better than Jesus. He was Wall Street Je$u$.

He had donated 40 beds to Victoria hospital, alone. In a handing over ceremony held on May 23rd 2007, he promised 100 more “electrical beds, millions in medical equipment, new cafeteria building (wa!),  a gym and lockers for the entire staff.”

Easy like dropping manna from the sky.

Je$u$, mweh di’w! Je$i Kwi with money and friend$ with money. And all us niggers were his nigger$.

In his entourage, he had celebrities…okay, Canadian celebrities, but still, these people had real internet credibility. Former ministers (Joe Fontana), former athletes (Adrion Smith). He found RARE (Responsibility, Attitude, Respect and Education) for God’s sake. Business people, bankers and politicians all had his phone number. You can count the number of local lawyers who didn’t kiss his ass.

“He has his eyes on two important areas in the financial services sector, offshore banking and money transfer business,” his good friend Harris wrote, somewhat prophetically. “His investment in real estate on the island sets the stage for a major tourism project in the Pigeon Island are. Given the network of financial consultants on his team, putting together the finances shouldn’t be a problem. The Destiny Village project is already receiving attention from locals and visitors and in the months ahead the project will be unveiled.”

That was only about 66 months ago. So, you know, it could still happen. Lol.

Since then, has reported that the exact same David Singh who was Wall Street Je$u$ in Vieux Fort was running a tax shelter, I mean, charity, where you could claim you made a thousand dollar donation and get a tax credit for all or more than you donated. And then, to put icing on the cake, a philanthropic trust in Vieux for would send you a tax receipt for a $6000 donation of medical supplies which entitled you to an extra $2600 tax credit by the unsuspecting Canadian Revenue Agency.

A Vieux Fort philanthropic trust? I mean, really?



I mean, why didn’t we think of that ourselves? Here we are trying to grow actual food out of the actual ground when we could make millions by misreporting our charity to the Canadian government. What a waste of time we are. What a bunch of Negmarron. also reported that Singh was the kind of maverick who got in so much trouble with securities regulators that in 2000 he was banned for five years in Ontario and British Columbia – which is basically everywhere in Canada they speak English and have financial markets at the same time.

Just the kind of guy you want to go to bed with…after smoking way too much crack…

The more we smoke, the sexier Singh gets!

Hold on for a sec. He's still not sexy enough.

Lemme get some more crack...


The CRA concluded that Singh’s Destiny Group alone had passed off a little over a hundred grand in medical supplies as almost three and a half million dollars in purchases/donations. No, wait.  New info says it was $13 million. Wait, this just in, it was $42m…just now….

It seems three and a half mil was chump change to the maverick David Singh.

By April 2010, the Toronto Star reported that Singh had issued more than $131 million in charitable receipts in 2005 and 2006. But only a small portion of that was collected and most of it disappeared in fees to companies Singh headed or owned.

By this time, Financial Fortune Corp. and Infinity Mutual were no longer hiring 700 agents. He had to sell those after being disciplined repeatedly by the Ontario Securities Commission. By that time, he was operating pay-day-loan transfers, money transfer companies and ‘raising funds for a medical school in St Lucia.’

Oooooh…so that’s what Ed Harris was talking about…offshore financial services, indeed.

Singh claims that most of the money, 40% went to pay agents’ fees. Cathy Hawara of the charities directorate had a different opinion: “…all of the actual cash received (was) diverted into the hands of the promoters and related companies…”

For what?

“Tax shelters.”

Bitch. Thinks she’s fucking Scooby Doo. She coulda got a cut. Her loss.

But what does that mean about St Lucia? Did we take a cut? How big was our cut? Did we collect? What did we spend it on? Is there any left?

Are there notes in a law enforcement agency somewhere that say Vieux Fort’s university town has been infected by tax shelter scams? Does Kenny know about this?

Face palm. What am I saying? Of course he does. He’s not stupid. Kenny is super, super bright. He knows EVERYTHING.

Kenny knows how far this goes. And it goes way beyond what was reported in the Canadian media.

The brightest boy in the south.

He knows EVERYTHING!!!





Okay, I know it sounds bad. It sounds like all the universities in Vieux Fort and maybe even those in the north of the island might be using us as a shelter for their dirty little tax shelter faggotry.

I know you’re thinking, before these tax shelter motherfuckers come and check us, they need to either pay a better minimum wage in their country or they need to pay their fucking taxes so their underpaid poor have proper social support in return for their slavery. I mean, servitude. Nah. I meant, slavery. I really did.

But that’s not completely fair.

I know you don’t care, right now. You’re thinking, if we’re going to scam the Canadian government, why don’t we do it ourselves with a certain amount of class and tropical flare, instead of letting the world’s worst con artists ruin our reputations AND bag the loot?

I mean, why should David Singh get rich when we can sully St Lucia’s good name ourselves? We don’t need help to ensure that people all over the world know the advantages of choosing St Lucia when you want to do some financial gymnastics that might (WILL!) be considered unethical (ILLEGAL!) behavior in places where there is a far better pretense of being civilized.

We could turn that into a tourism marketing tool.

Nothing says COME TO ST LUCIA like tax fraud.

Don’t you love it?


While we’re improving our tax fraud kung fu, we’re going to need some cash. Lucky for us, there are other medical schools in Vieux Fort that we can use to ‘raise money for charity’. A quick financial forensic audit should provide us with enough information to determine whether these other medical schools and universities are doing enough to promote Vieux Fort as the new Wild West of White Collar Crime, or whether they need some government assistance in the matter.

No doubt, both Flambeau and Labour and all the ass-kissing lawyers and consultants in St Lucia have gone out of their way in the past to meet David Singh’s needs. Having gotten all that free press in Canada, St Lucia is now in a position to position Vieux Fort as the ultimate destination for people who are spending other people’s money.

Improving the white collar criminal hub in the south not only diversifies the criminal economy of St Lucia, it also makes more lawyers move away from Castries, which will do a lot to decrease the city’s population of rats.

As for David Singh: He has contributed so much to the reputation, well-being and economy of St Lucia. He has kept St Lucia in the Canadian national news for years. I think it’s only fair to repay the man in kind for all his selfless good service and free publicity.

How about we sue this guy for damages? Sue him until he buys a boat on the Essequibo that only goes one way.  Sue him for the negative effects of his financial faggotry on the good name of our nation. Sue him until…

What’s that...?

We colluded with him to damage our ‘good name...?’

Which ones of us? Can we sue them too? I’m willing to go all Grynberg on these bitches if I think we might get a couple million out of it. Times are tough, pal. It’s kill or be killed out there. And this guy made a killing on us. It’s only fair that we should hunt him down and feast on his financial flesh.

In fact, cannibalizing him might be the only just thing to do.

Otherwise, we might send the signal that we are the kind of people who tolerate this kind of professional kakalakery.

What’s that? Too late? We already sent that signal through two successive parties/governments. Sigh.

Gimme a few minutes to think about my reply.

In the meantime, is it just me or do we need to do something about that smell?

I mean, it’s white collar crime. You’d think it smelled like paper, air conditioned cigar smoke, fabric softener and good whiskey.

Instead, it smells like…

What the hell is that smell…?
"Yes, it's true
It's not just you
I smell it too..."