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FREDERICK: TI CHAS PAID JASON TO BULL ME!!!! Jason Calls Frederick a Limp Dicked Liar...

"Faisal also referred to a claim by local journalist Jason Siftlet that, at the time of the UWP’s leadership convention in July 2013, the UWP "top brass" had paid him "big money" to write and publish very offensive material directed at Frederick."

CARIBBEN NEWS NOW (not a real news media house)

Dirty Little Lie Machine

When Richard Frederick told a dirty lie about me in an unattributed story on the totally discredited Caribbean News Now, I felt sorry for him. The pathetic creature was not just grasping at straws, he was making up things that have no resonant associations.
But, of course, he doesn't know what a resonant association is. He's scratching his head right now and preparing to google it. Lol.
For months, The FLOGG has laid off Richard Frederick's smelly case, having been assured that God and an angel called Cancer were currently in discussions with the former Don Dada in an effort to mend his wicked ways. No point kicking a man with testicular cancer in the balls, I thought.
The Don Dada, himself, seemed satisfied with sending me emails, comments under his many pseudonyms, including but not limited to Tori Fatal, Concerned Citizen and Pinky (from Pinky and The Brain).
But then, as Allen Chastanet's Flambeau prepares for civil war, in an effort to oust Richard from their party without losing his macoumere, former prime minister Stephenson King, Frederick made the strategic error of using fabricating facts about The FLOGG. He didn't even twist the truth. He just pulled it out of his ass.
He lied.
And not a very good lie it was.
I thought perhaps he needed a lesson in how to tell lies. Being an expert in the truth, I can tell you, there is no lie in the world that can work like the truth turned sideways.  If you really want to lie successfully, the very first thing you need to do is know exactly what the truth is.

This, of course, is a facility that Richard Frederick does not possess. Like Rick Wayne, the truth abandoned him when he started believing that he could just make the truth whatever he wanted. The truth may help you lie, but first you must pay your fucking dues. You must pay exorbitant tributes to the gods, the priests and oracles of truth. You must make sacrifices.

Every good lie is made of many, many truths. Tilted.  Bent. And overturned. When you cook up a good lie, the ingredients must be true, if you expect anyone to swallow.

In this way, every lie you tell will  resonate with truth. everywhere it is told. People will are much more likely to like Kool Aid when you squeeze a lime in there.

For example, (and this is just an example) if I say that Richard Frederick is a drug-dealing, woman-beating, Viagra-sniffing losers who rips off his friends, is a failure at drug dealing and gave himself cancer by jocking too much, that would be a lie.
A straight up lie. A libelous, slanderous, actionable lie.
But somehow…it kinda resonates in a dangerous way. The kind of person who is armed with enough to truth to tell a lie like that about anyone is a truly dangerous person and should not be referenced lightly.
This kind of spurious, malicious, venomous character assassination is the kind of thing that I would worry about if someone said it about me. It’s almost better than the truth. It has gravity and draws people in toward it. It somehow seems to be made of waves and particles of pure fucking fact, even though it is nothing like the truth at all. It merely has some small semblance of the truth of rumors that no one but the US National Security Service can confirm.

Let us, however, consider Richard Frederick's lie about Jason Sifflet:
When you say Jason Sifflet took money from Allen Chastanet to lie and say Richard is a failed drug dealer who can’t even go Martinique for medical treatment, I mean, it has a moment of shock value.
Who really paid Jason Sifflet big bucks? Most probably Butu...
In the confusion, the most feeble-minded might give in to that magic bullet. But half-brains, morons and other people who are not complete idiots don't take long to see the irony of a sell-out like Frederick accusing a mendicant like Jason Sifflet of taking money for anything apart from staying out of Family Court.
People see Jason Sifflet and his kids in the street, they read how Sifflet writes off Chastanet as the most ridiculous candidate in the history of world politics and, you know, they just don't buy your bullshit, Richard.

They just don’t buy it, Caribbean News Now.

You tell a stupid lie and you hurt yourself.
The lie asserts that the UWP leadership paid Jason big money to slander Richard Frederick. The lie is all over the place.

The UWP leadership does not have big money. They are broke and all their friends think they are thieves. No one wants anything to do with them. Not King, not Chastanet and certainly not the leperous Frederick, who can’t even get gangstas from the street to come have a coke with him anymore.

Jason Sifflet does not have big money. He hasn’t made big money since NEVER. Jason Sifflet has never told lies about Richard Frederick, everyone from niggers in the gutter to the goddam NSA knows that Jason never lied about Richard. Every single detail of the sordid, corrupt story of a man who came up from the dirt and should have done better but turned out to be the scum of the earth from the dark depths of his heart right up to the lying filth of his mouth, is true.

Plus, Jason did what he did to Richard for free.
For the Lulz.

Certainly, he had help. But it wasn’t Big Money  that helped me fuck you sideways, Richard.
It was Big Information. The Info-luminati.
That’s what I’m interested in. You already proved to me that Big Money is worth nothing when all your power is borrowed.
You expose yourself as a liar. And a stupid, corrupt one, too.
And then, Sifflet and FLOGG posse are on your ass for the next month. Big mistake. He was just starting to feel sorry for your stupid ass. Cancer is a big key word to him. You can activate and deactivate him with that word.

He actually gave you a break cos he thought you were sick.

Well, boy, you stick in that now.

The FLOGG may think Sifflet is a horrible wife beater who needs jail and therapy, but it knows he’s not a liar. Which means Richard Frederick is a deliberate liar. A manufacturer of hurtful deceptions.

A wicked little man, closed up in his tiny office at the top of the stairs, jocking to the political back on forth on SLAP behind his fake facebook profile mask.

It may be time again to make him pay.
It may be time to tell more of the truth bout Frederick.

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