Sunday, 6 July 2014



The St Lucian Catholic Church is flush with cash. It has assets coming out of its most pious posterior.

And yet, when the economy is stifling us, when the economic pressure is pulling triggers and mugging innocent people, pimping young girls and dealing cocaine, the Archbishop is calling for….whatever. Smh.

This week, he was calling for peace and morals and all that good stuff while making a half a million dollar donation of prosthetics and other useful things. Sweet. Except for the fact that it wasn’t his donation. It was a donation from some good soul overseas.


You collect thousands every Sunday and you’re coming on TV to boast about someone else’s donation? Have you no shame? Where is your charity, sir? Where is the money that came from the Church in St Lucia? Where is the money that came from your personal pocket?

Hear that, Mr Archbishop: Las Pwiye.

Take the church’s resources and get out here and help us. Sell your car like Jesus and buy the vehicular equivalent of a donkey.

Go to the strip clubs, the blockos and the gaming houses where Lucians are losing their souls and fight the battles that Jesus Christ fought. Feed the increasing numbers of the poor. Return to your roots and educate the children. This is the century of St Francis, nigger. Rich priests are out of style. The Pope walks with regular shoes. It’s your turn to be a real Christian.

Talk is cheap.

I want to see you out there with bare feet because you, realizing the gravity of the situation, gave away your shoes.

Stop praying and stop calling for change.

Be the change.

Or shut the hell up.

It makes you look bad when you talk shit and do nothing. Everyone but the hardcore Catholics already think you are part of the problem. Your PR bullshit does nothing but make things worse for you.

It makes you look like a cold, heartless hypocrite who is trying to score political points.

See you in the street, rich boy.

And the next time you boast about a half a million dollar donation that the Church gave away, make sure it’s YOUR OWN MONEY. Because what you did on TV this week amounts to taking credit for SOMEONE ELSE’S CHARITY.






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