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This is what you get

For being an original Lucian

An Authentic Lucian

For not selling out

For not playing along

This is what you get


The north –east coast of St Lucia is the undiscovered country.

For many, is the key to truly opening up development in St Lucia. It is rich is water, agricultural land, history and archeology and endemic wildlife species.

Lucian Nightjar. Can't find it anywhere else.

Population down to about 400.

Both Flambeu and Labour approved its extinction

when they approved Le Paradis


The Nightjar. The White Breasted Thrasher. The iguana. The leatherback. Species that are so genetically unique that their St Lucian populations are critical to their global numbers.

And of course, the lawyers and real estate speculators who don’t give a damn about endemic species when they see the possibility of millions to be made. Some of them are in government today, heading ministries like tourism. Others are leading the opposition, albeit from outside of parliament.

Lucian Iguana: Never voted but getting politicized


Currently plotting to take over the island by becoming the new chicken.


In 2007,  before the world’s financiers sent us all to hell in a handbag,  the land speculators and developers were busying buying up lands in Grande Anse, Louvette and Dauphin, trying to stake their claim on the millions to be made in the north-east.

It almost worked.

Le Paradis was already under construction, right in the habitat of the Thrasher, 80% of whose population lived right there before the bulldozers moved in.  No eviction notices. No caring counselors to help the species deal with the stress on being treated like a bunch of niggers or native Americans on their own land. No compensation for what was stolen from them whatsoever.

80% of the global population of White Breasted Thrashers were forced off their ancestral lands by the Le Paradis hotel development with NO CONSIDERATION WHATSOEVER!!!!

(Not to mention the severe discrimination they face in gaining alternative employment...)


The colonists were determined to put golf courses and other useless petty stupid things on the habitat so that they could then enslave the people of the surrounding villages, make them give up their independence as farmers and fishermen, as well as their future as scientists and entrepreneurs, in order to be bell boys, waitresses and pimped out prostitutes of all genders.

They also gave away Black Bay, but that’s a whole nuther story, in part because it happened under the last Pharisee government, not the Saduccees who are currently in office and who approved the Le Paradis Natural Holocaust Progrom in their former administration.


A funny thing happened on the way to selling out St Lucia. When all the chips were stacked in the north-east, from Louvette to Cas en Bas, the south in Black Bay, new pieces of the Pigeon Island Causeway on the verge of being colonized and then ‘owned’ by foreign invaders, masquerading as investors…

The world economy went into a tailspin and the financial house of cards that they were all building crashed down on their heads.

We have been suffering the effects of their mistakes ever since, even though we have not learnt the lesson that there is nothing trustworthy about financial speculation.

But down on the north-east coast of the St Lucia, the real St Lucians are celebrating their greatest God-given victory ever. Just when they thought that they were dead, when the bulldozers had already destroyed their habitats and the people had already forgotten the ancient pacts that their ancestors had made to protect the forest and its spirits in return for food and shelter…

Just when it seemed that all was lost…

The enemy itself miraculously ran out of gas. The bulldozers stopped. The cement mixers. The men packed up and went home and never came back. The word spread through the forest like a slow, over-confident wildfire. The fer de lance who ran away to Anse la Raye and Canaries were the last to hear.

The human forces of destruction had fallen apart. They had destroyed themselves from the inside out.

The north-east refuge was safe again.

The celebration became and party and of course, the party became an orgy. The birds and the bees? Not them alone. Although population studies have not been done recently, species like the White Breasted Thrasher have returned to their natural habitat, with a little bit of left-over hotel accommodation thanks to the failed development.

And the party will continue until such time as the humans either figure out how to both be honest and make capitalism work AT THE SAME TIME, or until their lose their fucking minds again. Whichever comes first.

In the meantime, the Real St Lucians have formed their own party. And the object of the party is to breed themselves out of extinction. Now who in the right mind doesn’t want to support that?

You probably want to join....



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