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"Hey, look at me, I'm chillin' wit' my homies...(so keep back! Ugh!"

He ain’t no John Compton, but he’s better than any other proposition we have had for prime minister. So why do we hate Kenny Anthony so much.

"Di sa ou vlay, Jason.  I don't want to be John Compton and never compare myself to him.


He robbed us of Prime Minister Mario Michel.
He waited too long to call the 2006 election. So basically, everything that Chastanet, Frederick and them did in that government is his fault. It never woulda happened if he had called the election when Menissa Rambally told him to.

"You bastard! Will you never forgive me for that?"


He promised us Richard Frederick’s head on a platter and failed to deliver.

"Jezi, Marie la Vierge en ciel! Not that again!"

His economic stewardship is stifling us.

He’s a terrible judge of character. He doesn’t know the difference between a con man and an investor.

"Which one are you talking about?"


He wastes millions in potential revenues for the island every month by delaying critical developments in the yachting and agriculture sectors (esp. ganja and food security).

He promised us a lot of stuff he didn’t deliver.

He delivered us a lot of stuff we didn’t want.

"But...but...the external factors...the global shitconomy..."


He’s the Hesitator in Chief. The man can’t make a goddam decision without a committee report.

He can’t do a sit or a leg lift, which in my opinion makes him a terrible role model for the youth. (It’s not like he has a medical excuse.)

"Now that was actually quite funny...because I can do a leg lift...

To put my foot in your!"


His political motivations are stronger than his care for St Lucia. But then, that’s true about all of them.

He loves Labour more than he loves St Lucia, but he loves Kenny Anthony more than he loves Labour. Why else does he put them through such hell, instead of putting both Frederick and Flambeau out of their misery?

"You already said that, genius!"


He drinks, but he doesn’t drink with us.

He doesn’t smoke nearly enough marijuana.

"Good ending. Around of applause for every politician's favorite asshole...

Jason Sifflet!"


"The round of applause is over. What are you waiting for, a tip?

Get outta my face, you ganja-smoking little freak!

And I mean that in the nicest possible way..."



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