Thursday, 31 July 2014



And the Spirit of the I moved upon me and said:

“Go forth and find thee truthful men and gather them unto the cause of liberty and prosperity for thine people.”

And lo, I went forth unto the people and found some truthful men. And of these truthful men, I found that most were godless fucks.

And I called out unto the I, saying: “Forsooth, my Lord, these men are godless fucks whose eyes have never seen the glory of thine glory. Whenceforth therefore shall they be of use to Thee?”

And the I spake unto me, thusly:

“Forsooth, my servant, these men are godless fucks whose eyes have never seen the glory of the I. But whenceforth, my servant, shall men be of good use who swear they have seen My glory, when, in fact, I have shewn them no such fucking thing.

“The signs and sciences I have given them since the first nanosecond, they have denied. The knowledge of the stem cells they abhor. Whenceforth, my servant shall these deniers of truth and starlight, these delighters in hatred and delusion sit at the table of the I and break bread?

“For only the most truthful, who deny not the signs and sciences, be they godless fucks or Godful, may enter into the Holiest of Holies.

“And every one who raises his voice against the cause of truth is as a devil unto me. They waste their prayers. I receive them not.

“And furthermore, anyone who believes Genesis Chapter One literally…they haven’t fucking read it for themselves.

“Go forth,  therefore, good servant, with thine band of godless fucks and Godful and kick some lying ass, wheresoever thou mayest find it.

“Thus sayeth the Lord.”

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