Monday, 7 July 2014



So now, not only does St Lucia’s Consul General in Martinique have a nasty reputation that eclipses her stature as a diplomat, she’s a breaking the law of France, too.

Yasmine Walcott has broken the law of France and only her diplomatic immunity is protecting her from prosecution.

The longer Prime Minister Kenny Anthony and foreign affairs minister Alva Baptiste take to fire Yasmine Walcott from the foreign service, the more they will be to blame for the house of cards she is running in Martinique.

Last month, The FLOGG reported on the management and human relations nightmare that is Yasmine Walcott’s leadership of the Lucian Consulate in Martinique.

Her former housekeeper was suing her, her driver was suing her, her secretary is not speaking with her, her cultural attaché wants no one in Martinique to associate him with her professionally and her private indiscretions and personal reputation have totally eclipsed her stature as a representative of the government and people of St Lucia.

Last weekend, The FLOGG confirmed that Walcott fired her closest, most intimate staffer, a woman who was her own Nanny as a child as well her own offspring. The FLOGG also confirmed that Walcott never applied for a work permit for her personal nanny, opting instead of exploit the woman as an illegal labourer while representing St Lucia in a foreign country.

This week, The FLOGG has confirmed why Walcott wanted to keep her nanny illegal.

In France, there are minimum wage laws. If Walcott had applied for a work permit for her nanny, she would have to pay her about 1500 euro a month. She would have to do social security and health insurance co-pays. She would have had to dip a little deeper into her half a million dollar a year compensation from the foreign ministry to pay the woman who cared for her children.

But Walcott did not want to do that.

She preferred instead to pay the nanny about 800 euro a month. She preferred to break the law of France knowing her diplomatic immunity would protect her from prosecution. She preferred to treat the woman who was her childhood nanny as something like a slave.

And then, when the woman talked to French workers and found out that the meager salary Walcott was giving her was considered an ILLEGAL form of HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE, Yasmine Walcott did the only thing Yasmine Walcott does successfully.

She fired her.

When the poor nanny went to authorities for recourse, she found that she was all alone. She found that she had been working in the country illegally. She found that Yasmine could not be prosecuted. She could not even be reprimanded.

Meanwhile, in St Lucia, the prime minister and the foreign affairs minister continue to be at loggerheads over what to do with Yasmine. Kenny Anthony, aware that his party is bleeding political capital fast, wants to throw Walcott under the bus and start the rescue of his party.

But foreign minister Alva Baptiste would rather lose the next election than fire Yasmine Walcott. You see, whether Labour wins or not, Alva will win the Laborie seat. A Labour loss would actually help clear the way for Alva to become the leader of the Labour Party. It would make it so much easier to get rid of Kenny Anthony right now.

While Kenny vacillates and Alva continues to mock the prime minister, Walcott is preparing to go on an all-expense paid vacation to Cannes.

How long can the prime minister can continue to cower before the foreign minister before the waste, the fruitlessness and the corruption of the foreign ministry help bring down his government and tarnish his already stained legacy forever?

How long will Kenny let Alva think that he’s the boss?

Alva is nothing. Laborie will vote Labour with or without Alva.

But Kenny Anthony has always been susceptible to unreasonable political fears. That’s why he screwed up Rochamel. That’s why we don’t decriminalize ganja. That’s why we took too long to join Petro-Caribe. And that’s why the State Department of the United States of America will continue to deny St Lucian cops training and visas, until they see him riding his dirty little horse into the political sunset.


  1. ' Laborie will vote Labour with or without Alva '...Point

    1. He thinks he's the be all end all when, in fact, he is HIGHLY EXPANDABLE.

    2. Expendable...

      Although the mistake works too.