Friday, 25 July 2014


Robert Lewis, Minister of Education, Christian and....

Commander of the cover up that robbed a child...?!?

Lovell Motley is a bright girl.

Not just bright. Really, really bright. She is so bright that when she scored 87% in the Common Entrance Exam, her Grade 6 teacher looked at the score and thought:

“Nope. This is wrong. Something is definitely wrong here. Lovell scored waaaay higher than that.”

The Monchy Primary School teacher brought her query to the attention of Lovell’s mommy, Julianna, who was also kind of surprised that her little Miss Perfect did not totally annihilate the Common Entrance in a historic and glorious fashion.

But hey…there was nothing to complain about. I mean, what was the big deal? She got 87%. She’s going to St Joseph Convent where she's going to show the rest of these girl who's Number One. Right?
So what if she didn’t get her fair score? It wasn’t like she had passed for a comprehensive school and they were sending her to Rock Hall. Right? Just leave it alone, right?

Apparently, that’s what the Ministry of Education thought as well.

A little investigation found that the ministry knew Lovell had scored higher than 87%. They knew that there was a glaring discrepancy in the marking of Lovell’s papers. They knew that the person/people who marked her papers gave her zero for ‘general idea’ and zero for ‘composition.’

They knew that while it is very possible any child to score zero for the general idea, it is impossible for a childlike Lovell to score zero for composition.

Not to mention that upon review, she did not score zero for the general idea. She kicked ass all over that exam.

They knew that if people found this out, they would say that there was a conspiracy to make ‘high class primary schools’ like Dame Pearlette, Bonne Terre and Tapion dominate Common Entrance results. People would say that the ministry was fighting down little Negmarron schools like Monchy, even when these schools prove, against all odds, that they are the best. Both the students and the teachers.

They knew they had injured a bright little girl, a dedicated teacher, a school that deserves more credit and the entire goddam community of Monchy.

But would they make it right?

They had already released Common Entrance results with great fanfare and celebrated the top Common Entrance winner with prizes and media glory.

If they had to come back and admit they all their fanfare was for nothing, it would cause Dr Robert Lewis great shame and embarrassment than his truth-loving Seventh Day Adventist soul could bear.

If they had to make it right, they might have to take back the prizes they gave out to the false top Common Entrance student. Or worse yet, they might have to reach into the deep dark coiffers of their personal wealth or their party’s slush funds to buy some fair reward for Monchy’s newest little champion.

If they had to make it right, it would cost at least a few thousand dollars.

So, they figured, “Forget about right and wrong. Lovell’s going to kick ass in Convent anyway. Cover it up. Maybe no one will find out.”

As we now know, this was a terrible miscalculation. One that makes Dr Robert Lewis look like a liar and thief. A man who stole the glory of a little girl instead of admitting that his people made a mistake.

You see, Lovell Motley did not just score higher than 87%.

She got the highest mark in the island.

She beat them all.

And she deserves much better than what a good Christian like Robert Lewis and crew at the education ministry gave her.


What a real winner looks like!!!!


P.S. How long has this been happening? How many children were robbed of their rightful honors by the system of cover ups in the education ministry?
For those who think this is just an isolated incident, consider this: In the late 1930s, a little Faux a Chaux fisherman's son topped the entrance exam. But they didn't give him the scholarship to go to secondary school. They gave it to a boy whose family already had money and who was related to a Governor.
The little fisherman's son's family couldn't afford, so he had to go to work. He got a job teaching children a year younger than him how to pass the exam. He later worked at M&C as a bag boy. He retired as their shipping manager. He never confessed that he had been robbed, preferring to leave it in the past. But everyone else who witnessed what they did to him in the late 1930s confirmed over and over again that Wilson Sifflet was brighter than that Belizaire boy.
But he wasn't high class enough. He was just the son of a fisherman and did not deserve the honors that the local aristocracy are accustomed of hoarding for themselves.


  1. This is chilling. :( Shout it loud, bro!

  2. Great story and thanks for bringing that up. I've heard similar stories from my parents about their own education. I'll say tho that your commentary on Dr. Lewis seems personal.

    1. Everything on this blog is personal.
      As for Robert Lewis, I'm just disappointed...thought he was made of better stuff.

  3. you no common entrance is not a big deal.
    'black people'!!!!

    1. Common Entrance is no biggie, I agree.

      Robbing children, parents, teachers and communities of their rightful glory? BIG DEAL. BIG FUCKING DEAL.

  4. I fail common entrance. Went to gros islet secondary. Made it to sir arthur community collage. Got my associates degree and mostly all the children i no that past common entrance an cxc in my year in school did not accomplish any thing life.

  5. Replies
    1. Just because the system screwed you and you survived does not mean that it should be allowed to continue screwing others.

    2. Wow so blatantly ignoring the facts

  6. Nah. The Dr. Lewis I know could not be complicit in such dastardliness. My SdAness would not let me believe it. I am waiting expectantly to hear him say it ain't so even if I don't expect you to expose that putrid sore with its sick stench of the perfidious (whatever it is that they swear to uphold, hand on Bible) action you have laid bare to the Lucian air!

    1. As am I, Darnley, as am I....

      But I already see them plotting slippery knots of 'facts' to make this into no big deal, a regular thing that was blown out of proportion.

      The Robert Lewis we know is, apparently, a figment of our imagination.

    2. ...and tears....for a leader who will never be....

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