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Donna Regis, SLASPA Corporate Communications
Ti Kenny's niggerz iz practically sabotaging her every effort....
With two bottles of El Dorado, they can wipe out hundreds of thousands in corporate imaging

Donna Regis hit the roof when she read the FLOGG late last week. Not only were managers at SLASPA helping the racist Ti Kenny to continue robbing SLASPA of fees, they were drinking with him.

Worst of all, they were destroying a carefully constructed corporate image. Regis had spent years meticulously redrawing SLASPA's image as a modern, progressive, corporate port manager, rather than the dingy Third World operation it ws for decades before she came along.

Managers! Not rank and file workers. Managers!

And for what? For endless money? No.

They were damaging SLASPA's image for nothing. For drinks. For some stinky little dirty white boy who buys endless drinks but never pays rent.

Ti Kenny is a racist little bastard who runs a booze cruise in St Lucia from a world famous marina without paying a cent in fees or rents to SLASPA.

And SLASPA knows it.

But somehow, they're cool with it.

For years, there was a joke that whenever someone appeared on the market to rival Ti Kenny, their boat would sink. It was like he had put a jess on them. Funny stuff.

But Ti Kenny wasn't anything easy either. He knew the way of the high seas. You had to lobby, you had to curry favor and, more often than you think, you had to sink boats. I mean, cut throats.

What did I say?

It's all metallegoriphorical, anyway. We're not talking about facts, here. We were talking about a joke.

But seriously:

Who is this infamous Ti Kenny, blackguard captain of the high seas who scuttles his rivals, owns several marine police like they were his personal little militia and has the full consent of SLASPA to deprive the government of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions in revenue?

Take a closer look.

In our last episode, Ti Kenny was compared to his famous namesake Dr Kenny Anthony.

Ti Kenny also bears passing resemblance to another light-skinned straight haired man with connections in Trinidad and a curious addiction to all things Lucian.

Bob Leotaud is a Trini with aspirations of running a fishing boat charter in St Lucia. Bob and Ti Kenny have approximately the same non-Lucian Caribbean accent. Bob is whiter, but in a reputedly racist environment, that would give him the edge. And both live in houses that the average St Lucian cannot afford. One would think that Bob would get the same kind of preferential treatment as Ti Kenny.

One would think wrong.

In spite of the fact that he was willing to pay all the fees that Ti Kenny wouldn't, Bob's company REEL IRIE ended up spending hundreds of thousands in court, fighting Ti Kenny's friends in SLASPA for a license that was guaranteed to him by CARICOM conventions, CSME, etc.

For the entire four and a half years that REEL IRIE fought SLASPA for their license, Ti Kenny paid not one dollar of fees to SLASPA.

While you worry about paying VAT and increased bus fare, this guy doesn't even pay rent.

Vendors on the beach pay more to government in revenue than Ti Kenny. In the meantime, Bob's boat mysteriously sank.

The curse. Lol.

Just like so many boats in competition had mysteriously sank in the past. The old curse had returned to boat charters in St Lucia. And Ti Kenny and his crew were just about the only people protected from the curse.

How does he do it?

How does Ti Kenny manage to make his boat float when others sink?

How does he manage not to pay any fees or rent to SLASPA while using their facilities for years and years?

How does he manage to get SLASPA officials to go up the Mon du Don hill to drink with him, instead of sending him lawyer letters and detachments of marine police to evict him from his current comfortable headquarters?

You want answers?

What are you looking at me for?

Ask Adrian Hilaire.

Ask Oliviere Cadet.

Ask Christopher Alexander.

They all work for SLASPA. They all know the deal.

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