Tuesday, 12 August 2014


KENNY ANTHONY’S FOREIGN RELATIONS NIGHTMARE: Americans Pissed That Kenny Did Not Keep His Promises

“It takes one to know one,” said the faggot to the priest.

"I told you so!!"

You certainly did, Sir.

You certainly did.

While the final decision has not yet been made, reliable intelligence reaching the FLOGG confirms that the US State Department is on the verge of restoring the US visa of MP Richard Frederick.

While the decision hinges somewhat on the outcome of a case brought by Frederick against the US government for wrongful withdrawal of his visa, the proceedings and communications of the court case itself seem to have become a negotiation in which the Americans hope to restore Frederick’s visa without having to incur any damages or admit any wrongdoing.

And the new turn of events in the Richard Frederick US-Visa saga suggests that the Americans are not relenting to Frederick’s dogged tenacity but rather, throwing Kenny Anthony under the bus for failing to deliver on national security promises he made to them while he was in opposition.

Meanwhile, Kenny Anthony can’t yet tell the St Lucian public what he knows that Richard knows that he knows that Richard knows…


If you had to believe Wikileaks, US State Department internal communications and the FLOGG Blog over the last few years, you would think that Richard Frederick is some kind of satanic son of a more sinister soil.

During his tenure as a government minister, his maverick nature and boldfaced association with bona fide street thugs lent credence rumors that were most saloptatious. (That’s right, Rick Wayne, the word is not ‘salopcious’. That’s grammatically ridiculously. If you’re going to grow up to be a Neg-lish writer, like moi, you have to learn the fucking rules, couyon. In the meantime, stick to English, bitch.)

Richard Frederick was not just a drug lawyer, he was a drug dealer.

Richard Frederick harbored Dudus Coke.

"Who Richard? I have no idea..."

Richard Frederick killed the hitman Baj.
Richard Frederick bobolled his best friend, J.J.

Richard was responsible for September 11.

Somehow, different sources managed to substantiate what they were alleging by using other people’s allegations as sources and evidence.

Even the FLOGG.

It amounted to the closest thing that St Lucia had to a witch hunt since….ever….

And now, someone has to wake up and make sense.

All of those ‘facts’ are traced back to one source. The very source that first fingered Richard Frederick as ‘the most dangerous’ man in politics. Everyone who came to be involved in the US Visa scandal and the destructive aftermath for Richard Frederick was fed from the same hand of propaganda.

And it wasn’t Allen Chastanet. That cartoon character couldn’t drum up a conspiracy if he had Hitler, the NSA and the whole damned KKK on his side.


It was Kenny Anthony.

And his envoys to the US embassy between 2008 and 2011.

The same Kenny Anthony who tied crime and gang wars and drugs to Richard Frederick, in all our minds, was the same Kenny Anthony who did everything he could to prevent the US from conducting an investigation here.

I wonder why. Everyone does. Although some know. They’re just not saying.

We all thought Frederick’s time had come to pay the piper. But it seems the piper played a pernicious tune. And now, it is the piper who must pay, either for his lies or for his delay.


When Allen Chastanet won the UWP leadership in the summer of 2013, the rug was pulled out from under Richard Frederick. According to the primary school rules of war and politics, that was a really good time to kill two birds with one stone. Flambeau, in spite of looking like they were renewed and on a high, were in fact, deeply wounded and on the verge of a civil war. Frederick was the most wounded of all. More than Stephenson King, ironically.

Kenny Anthony needed to call an election to exploit Flambeau’s fresh wounds and buy his failing government some time.

He needed to call an election when Allen Chastanet gaffed over and over again in the media. He needed to call an election when his bloodhounds handed him the briefs on Chastanet and Frederick’s financial jimmy-flicks while they were in office. He needed to call an election when…sigh…point is, he didn’t.

Instead, he hesitated. He keeps hesitating.

Something prevents Kenny Anthony from making obvious and very correct decisions.

I wonder what it is. Everyone who is monitoring this situation does.

(Well, some of them know, but they’re not telling me. I’m too low on the totem pole. In the world of intelligence, I’m basically a vagrant with wifi and a couple of good friends.)

Some close to Kenny Anthony have proposed that an untimely election could rob Richard Frederick of any protection that an MP’s diplomatic passport affords him. Some propose that even though he might not be beaten, it might be worth it to get him to expend his resources fighting for his political career. Weaken him for a future election two and a half years down the line.

Losing that diplomatic passport before he got his US visa could be a disaster for Frederick. It could have meant the end.

But obstacles appeared and several tactical errors were made.

Kenny boldfaced reneged on his promises to the Americans. He let them down in every single way.  Now, they don’t trust anything he does or says.

To apply pressure on St Lucia, the US blacklisted Lucian cops, according to Kenny’s advice. One of the consequences was the closing of the radar station. The result was that for several months earlier this year, cocaine sprayed on Martinique from St Lucia like never before even while Lucian cops were reluctantly ordered to attack ganja farmers and transporters on fishing boats. (Those on yachts got off scot-free.)

This forced the French to conduct some legally-questionable maneuvers in St Lucia in order to secure their islands. Now, everyone is in deep shit, legally and otherwise, not because Richard Frederick is under suspicion or because Lucian cops acted like an assassination squad, but because Kenny Anthony has failed to keep the most important promise he ever made.

To the Americans, not being able to get at the evidence is almost the same as no evidence at all. They, apparently, want no more of this pointless witch hunt. The nightmare isn't worth it. They seemed to have decided that since they can’t get co-operation from the Lucian government to investigate the matter, they have to give the man his visa back.

For Richard Frederick, this is better than vindication. When he returns from his first trip to the US after getting his US visa back, he will, without saying a word, condemn Kenny Anthony as a liar, a bluffer and a coward whose deceit unleashed a flood of cocaine instead of capturing a reputed drug kingpin.

The reverberations of his active silence will echo in West Indian communities and international intelligence and law enforcement.

Getting that US visa will not prove that Richard Frederick is a better man than what Kenny would like us to think he is. But it will prove something far worse.

It will prove that Kenny Anthony is no better than the man he wants us to think Richard Frederick is. Mem bet, mem pwel, as the old Negmarron saying goes.

It takes one to know one.

And now, if you will excuse me, I must compose The Apology To Richard Frederick that the good gentleman requested of me last year. Fair is fair. Even in love and war.


  1. Hi, you should stick to English too.
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  2. I am a Neg-lish writer. ALL these languages are my bitch and their words will do what I say when I say. No exceptions. I mean, Hesitator? There was no such word until I smoked it up.

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