Monday, 29 April 2013


She Who Shall Not Be Named
Once upon a time, there was a cop who got shot at Marchand.

He was never the most gentle person, but the shooting in Marchand was a turning point for him.

"He seemed to change after that," his baby mama told The Flogg. "Something in him just changed. He was more intense. He had rage and he would pass it on me."

It seemed that everytime his baby mama got the courage to try to leave him, the waj would take him. The Baby Mama, although she wanted to just escape and run away forever, was trapped and what trapped her was stronger than chains. She had a son with The Cop and she couldn't just leave her son behind.

But she also couldn't take him from his father. He was a cop, after all.

And so, in between episodes of hiding out with friends and running away to places he couldn't follow, she had to come back to take licks.

He would sometimes beat her with the gun-butt, but would often start the foreplay by putting the nozzle near her head as he held her down and threatened to kill her.

"He used to leave the house with the boy after we had a bad quarrel so that I couldn't try to escape with my son."

This went on for a few years, but because The Cop was mostly a weekend abuser, she would get a doctor to give her sick leave and stay out of sight until the worst bruises healed.

One day, when he was holding her down and threatening her with the gun, she struggled and it went off.
Studies show women get the worst sentences for violence against men and children, while often getting very light sentences for drugs and other crimes

"I wasn't trying to kill him," she told The Flogg, from her cell at Bordelais, where she is awaiting trial for homicide. "He was the one with the gun. It just went off. I panicked. I ran outside screaming and calling his name but he wasn't responding.

"People say he deserved it, but that's not the truth. The truth is that it was an accident."

So why is she in jail?

Why hasn't his family allowed her son to visit her in months?

Would he be in jail if the gun went off and she was killed instead?

For the Baby Mama, there is no happy ending to this story. There never will be. If she is freed, her baby daddy is dead and her son will be haunted by suggestions that his mom killed his dad. If she is convicted, her son will have lost both parents and the system would have sent one more signal to abused and oppressed women that when worse comes to worst, they are still alone in the world.

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