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WHO'S AFRAID OF A BIG BAD IMPACS REPORT? (Answer: Kenny Anthony, Richard Frederick et al)


Poor Djab....the Jamaicans didn't lie enough on the IMPACS Report for you, pal?
Poor Kenny Anthony. 

He wants to be John Compton when he grows up, but it turns out just a high class Stephenson King. He's just another Prime Minister who is afraid of the whole truth.

He's more afraid than anyone of what is in the IMPACS report...and he's not even under investigation. Just like King and Flambeau were when they got the Ramsahoye Report in cost overruns by the previous Labour government, headed by...what's his name again...oh...Kenny Anthony.

But before we get into all that, let me just say this:

I did it. I confess.
The Man Who Leaked The Ramsahoye Report
(Identity withheld to protect the....oh, fuck it!)
I leaked the Ramsahoye Report directly out of Rick Wayne’s office to operatives of the St Lucia Labour Party. No one asked me to. No money was exchanged. No favors. I just wanted to throw a monkey wrench of truth into the machinations of the then-government and their peons in the press.

It was in the middle of the single term of Flambeau’s Forty Feeves. The US wasn’t coming down on them so hard for Richard Frederick’s head yet, but the Taiwanese had already recognized that Flambeau was a corrupt and cold blooded thing without John Compton at its helm. Everyone was stuck with Flambeau and we could only hope that they would not totally wreck the country before we had a chance to kick them out of office.

Flambeau was playing a dirty little political game with the truth. Upon getting into office, they decided to stay in campaign mode, taking every opportunity to demonize Kenny Anthony and using their semi-scandals as a smoke screen  behind which hide the criminal truth about that government.

It would have worked too, if not for that pesky John Compton dying on them and taking at least one third of their political support to the grave with him.

"I don't always lol, but when I do, it's cause FLOGG Blog said something sooo damned true!"

Pic of three random people who can laugh at both Kenny and Chastanet at the same time.
(Former minister Hon. Richard Frederick, current deputy to PM, Hon. Philip J Pierre and former PM-by-accident Stephenson King)
The deeper we got into Flambeau’s term from 2006-11, the easier it was to admit that that government was literally criminal and we needed to do everything in our power to get the hell away from them.

Once we did, we breathed a sigh of relief only to find out that the air around Kenny Anthony’s Labour smelt vaguely like the same kind of poop we just flushed down the political toilet.
Smells like Team Flambeau...

By his second month in office, Kenny Anthony,  the same paragon of virtue who promised us Richard Frederick’s head on a platter (I would have preferred a stick, I love kebab) had become the single most effective protector of everyone from the former Flambeau government.

Just another black guard blaggard.

By the end of his first seven months, he and his posse had made it clear  to the US State Department that they had no great interest in seeking the justice  they clamored for, now that they were in power. It would take a little longer for the St Lucian people to wake up to the truth.

It hurts....especially to people who took risks to weaken, dismantle and dispose of the criminals from the last government.

While Flambeau’s Feeves were in power, they were pretending that their Ramsahoye Report into the financial gymnastics and cost overruns of the preceding Labour government had found something criminal on Kenny. The government had made the report available to their good friend and fellow Kenny-phobiac Rick Wayne,  publisher of the STAR Newspaper and, at  the time, a well-known talk show host. Rick was rabid with glee at the time, talking many different varieties of shit about how Kenny did something criminal.

Rick Wayne had the report somewhere on the computer network at the STAR. I was working at the STAR. He was my boss.

I convinced the moron, I mean, my boss that if I could read the report before its release, we could lead the coverage of the report with in depth analysis while everyone else in the media  was still digesting it.

Rick fell for it. I mean, acquiesced.

A few days later, Virnette St Omer, a former media colleague who is unapologetically Labour got a call from me. She met me at the STAR. I literally printed out  the pages of the report at the office (i.e. at Rick's expense) and handed her the hard copy just outside the parking lot.

No cloak and dagger shit. No big deal. I just had a good reason for why I should commit a blatant act of betrayal against  a man who paid my salary and probably would have loved to be my mentor if only I would let him.

I was just tired of the government lying to the people about what the report said of Kenny Anthony. It said he was  a dick, a laissez faire, somewhat untrustworthy and half retarded (not in so many words),  but never once did it say he did anything criminal. In fact, very early on in the report, it very clearly said that he did not. Zero criminality. The opposite of everything King, Frederick, Guy Joseph, Rick Wayne and all the rest of the Kenny-phobiacs were saying.

A couple of weeks later,  Labour spoiled whatever plans Flambeau had for the report by outing its contents in a Market Step public meeting. Flambeau's web of lies started falling apart from there.

Guy Joseph, the real Spiderman-slash-opposition leader:
"What Jason say? Guy Joseph is Liar-in-Chief? Leave him for me to go Kanayda and give him one $19m lawsuit in his half-breed ass!"

How things have changed.

Now Kenny is in the driver’s seat and the IMPACS report on the Royal St Lucia Police Force is in, but Kenny is not performing any better than his criminal predecessors. He is not being forthcoming about the contents of the report.  He is not being open and transparent.

In fact, he is acting suspiciously like a criminal Flambeau who will do any and everything to maintain his grip on power, even if that means protecting the worst criminals in the last government  and the most corrupt police officers in the Eastern Caribbean from justice.

That motherfucker.

I can't wait to see the difference between what the IMPACS Report really says and what Kenny Anthony says about it.

But now that he has proven, over and over again that he is no less of a motherfucker than Richard Frederick, Allen Chastanet or Guy Joseph,  I have to search myself for some honest answers. After all, I'm one of the people who helped him weaken the former government. I am one of those who helped exchange the most fucked up government for  a more fucked up one.

If I knew then what I know now  about Kenny Anthony, would I have leaked the Ramsahoye Report from Rick Wayne’s office into Virnet St Omer’s hands?

Given that Flambeau is still  the same bunch of suspects (minus one) would I do the same thing today? If I got my hands on the IMPACS report, would I leak it in a way that benefited Flambeau? 

(I guess that’s quite impossible, since any honest investigation of the corruption in the Royal St Lucia Police Force is sure to damage both Flambeau and Labour. I mean, you see Chastanet marching for lower gas prices,  but you’ll never see him screaming out for the truth from about his former government cos that shit would just destroy him and all his best friends.)

And most ironically, if I got my  hands on the IMPACS report, would I do the opposite of what I did with Ramsahoye? Instead of stealing a report from Rick Wayne for Labour, would I steal a report from Labour and leak it to Rick so that he could smash Kenny Anthony's political skull with it in the weekend paper?

"Kenny bad!!! Rick SMASH!!!! RAAAA!!!!"
Would these questions even affect the outcomes? After all, Labour and Flambeau have been the same for so long.

The questions that plague my conscience now may actually all be irrelevant. What Kenny Anthony’s delay on the IMPACS report suggests is that he is no better than the former Flambeau government when it comes to speaking difficult truths to his boss, the people of St Lucia.

And what he will say about the report will probably be as far from the truth as what he said in the August speech where he launch the IMPACS Task Force, deliberately excluding the Americans, who were the only people who were asking for an investigation in the first place.

So the relevant question is not an either or question whether Flambeau is more criminal than Labour. The question is more like, “What the fuck are we as a people going to do when both our major political parties are so willing to rape us and call it love? What do we do when our government seems to be protecting our opposition from justice?"

This is not rhetorical.

We really need to figure out what we’re going to do. Because  we can’t go on like this for another ten years. We need a better option than Flambeau and Labour. We need a government that is willing to let all criminals face justice.

In the meantime, let’s  wait for the Kenny Anthony government to release the IMPACS report. Let’s just hang back and watch those motherfuckers in government and see what they do. Let’s see them for what they really are.

Mem bet, mem pwel, as the bastards they kicked out of office.

"W...W...What are you trying to say? Kenny is as bad a me?
I categorically reject that!
Kenny Anthony could NEVER be as bad as me."

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