Monday, 30 May 2016


How Everything Wrong With SLU Is Kenny’s Fault.

The Most Dangerous Man in the OECS
(Think about it. Have you ever seen these children again?)
Allen Chastanet is more dangerous for St Lucia than Kenny Anthony. Allen Chastanet is not suitable to run his own father’s business far less our country. Allen Chastanet is worthless. Allen is all fail, all the time. Allen Chastanet is the reason white people don't win anymore.

Make no mistake. If Allen Chastanet’s UWP wins this election, it will not be because of anything Allen did. It will be all Kenny’s fault.

Labourites will have a hard time coming to terms with this. They are like African-Americans who vote for Hillary Clinton reflexively, without once realizing that Bernie Sanders is talking about black power for everybody. People who think they are winning always have a harder time taking a risk. Or seeing the facts for what they are. Isn’t that ironic? In this election, Labourites are acting like the conservatives.

Gimme a minute to roll the Georges, Charles and Odlum, back into the right position in their graves.
Kenny, I'm pregnant...
Me too! Me too! I'm pregnant too!

Everything wrong with St Lucia right now is Kenny Anthony’s fault, even the stuff he didn’t do. Maybe especially the stuff he didn’t do.

Now coming to the ring, weighing in at a combined 525 pounds,
most of them hanging around Peter's egotistical ass...
In 1997, he promised us a true free press with monthly press conferences and…well, with the way the Senate President and the House Speaker are coming down on the media as a tag team these days, strategizing in secret Stalinist meetings how to attack and take down another anti-Putin, anti-Labour journalist, you can just write off Labour as the government of press freedom. If they were, they would have written press freedom into the constitution back when they had a 16-1 constitutional majority. But they didn’t. Instead, starting with Article 361, they seemed to only get worse when it comes to widening the freedom of St Lucian citizens.
Will someone please legalize ganja so that Jason can stop terrorizing me about my hypocrisy!
Kenny Anthony never made big promises to farmers. He never really gave a damn about them. You see, Kenny doesn't eat. He only drinks scotch. But you would think that an academic who has read a bit of history would know that you can’t have a nation without a viable agriculture and you can’t have a viable St Lucian agriculture without de-scheduling marijuana. Over the 20 years we’ve known Kenny, agriculture has been in constant decline. He could have turned it around when he came in 2011, but he opted instead to piss off the Taiwanese, the one global partner we have who knows how to help us get up off our knees using food production as the base.

I NEVER said that! I never promised not to sell the...Oh Shit! It's in the 2011 manifesto? Who de hell put that in the...oh, me...yes, yes, I remember now. I was mamaguying the people to win an election....

The beaches, he promised never to sell them. Look it up in Labour’s election manifestos. Allen Chastanet used to dream of selling beaches instead of having sex with girls, as a teenager, so it was no surprise when, as tourism minister, he tried to sell some beaches – right before an election, no less. Lol. With Allen, you know what you’re getting. It’s back to the plantation neo-liberal World Bank style. Allen Chastanet will sell the Pitons and the Sulfur Springs if he gets  half a chance. It’s his philosophy. But Allen Chastanet never successfully sold a beach. Who is the biggest beach seller in St Lucia? Kenny Anthony. That bastard. That godless bastard.

You forgot fagget. He's a godless fagget bastard. Get it right, Jason.

Now that both Richard Frederick and Rufus Bousquet are out of St Lucian politics (for good, dear Lord, for good?) I think we can all admit that St Lucian politics took a dark turn around 2005/6. It was supposed to be a brighter with the return of John Compton, but instead it was the dawn of the rogue state. Once John Compton died, St Lucian government became increasingly corrupt and criminal. Kenny Anthony could have prevented the criminals who took over from Compton from ever getting into office if he had just called the elections sooner than December 2011. If he had just listened to his own advisers. If he had just used good judgement. But he doesn’t have good judgement. What he has is power madness. So he called the election too late, Flambeau won and we are still suffering the consequences of what Richard Frederick, Guy Joseph, Rufus Bousquet and the gang did in their one term of office. It’s his fault they got into office. 

We're not even going to talk about the fact that he robbed us of a great prime minister (Mario Michel) by pretending he never promised to spend only two terms. That whole 2006-11 mess Flambeau made - that should have been Mario Michel's first term in office.

Thanks for nothing, Kenny!
I'm home free, bitches! Thanks to Kenny

Even Philip J Pierre thinks that...when he thinks only Comrade Pel and the real Labourites can hear him.

Once he returned to power, Kenny could have kept his campaign promises to arrest the more well-known criminals of the former government. It wasn’t as hard as he makes it sound now. Both the Americans and the British tried desperately to assist St Lucia to clean up. But Kenny didn’t want that. He didn’t want Flambeau to change for the better. He wanted them to stay the same so that he could face them in the next election – this election – and say, “Are you kidding me? I’m better than these guys. Crapaud scenti is better than these guys.” And he would be right. Except for the fact that he is no better than them. If he was, he wouldn’t let them escape unscathed for the tens of millions of dollars that simply disappeared and the tens of millions more that were put to corrupt uses.
"Isn't that right, Kenny? You bent-over little bordah, you...."

Kenny assured us that the police had acted as criminals during Operation Restore Confidence when they turned Jeremie Street and the four ghettoes of Castries into Afghanistan and then proceeded to terminate a special list of bad boys with what Robert Ludlum used to call ‘extreme sanction’. He cried out for justice to be done and seen to be done. But when he got into office, there was only whimpering and doublespeak about why he was not co-operating with international efforts to have justice be seen to be done.

You kill people, you go to jail
I kill people, I gets paid
Show me the money!!!

As for foreign affairs, who can imagine a bigger foreign affairs screw up that Kenny engineered over the last half decade. In his last days in opposition in 2011, it was the first time in forever that the United States of America was more willing to work with Labour than with the United Workers Party. Taiwan was fed up of Flambeau’s corruptions and was more than willing to throw them under the bus to work with Labour. Beijing was not in a position to let St Lucia switch allegiances from Taipei anyway. So what did Kenny do? Did he cut a deal with Taiwan to flood St Lucia with hundreds of millions in exchange for diplomatic relations? Did he work closely with the US to investigate the extra-judicial killings by the cops? Did he do anything about the man he called ‘the single most disturbing development in local politics’?

Tanto, tanto, he kept promising. But Tanto never comes, at least not when Kenny promises.

Richard Frederick keeps giving him the finger, in public, on television and he just sucks it all up like a good boy. He prefers to be seen as a blatant liar who manipulates justice to protect his most corrupt enemies than to keep his promises.

What kind of man is that?

What kind of human defends corruption and criminality in his enemies?

The kind that wants to beat Allen Chastanet in an election, that’s what.

Thankfully, whether he wins or whether he loses, this will be the last time we have to vote for or against Kenny Anthony. If he wins, we only have to survive five years or less of him. If he loses, well good riddance to him and I have no doubt that at this time next, most Flambeaus will be willing to throw UWP under the bus.

This is the situation that Kenny Anthony has put us in. We are caught between a rock and a hard place. Between the devil and the deep blue sea. Between the world’s dumbest mulatto and a man who was supposed to be the smartest shabine Vieux Fort ever made. Turns out, that’s no difference at all.
"Alright! That's enought messing around! Get back to work Negroes!! And no smoking that ganja either!!!"


  1. Hegas! Flogg Blogg back with a ginormous bang!

  2. 4-20, 2017 is the promise days for the full legalization of marijuana in Canada. The markets are there. Export legally and get that tax revenue.

  3. 4-20, 2017 is the promise days for the full legalization of marijuana in Canada. The markets are there. Export legally and get that tax revenue.