Tuesday, 4 March 2014



What do they mean if...?

The coroner's report confirms that the boy was asphyxiated (i.e. strangled) and there was a blow to the head.

If Chakada Daniel had been found hanging from a rope in a room in my house, I would be in jail awaiting a 'fair' trial, right now.

If Chakadan Daniel had been found hanging from a rope in your room, you would have been detained from the very moment the crime was found out.
Because everyone deserves equal justice
And police should not be above the law

If Chakadan Daniel was a police officer, the person whose house they found him in would not make it to court. They would have been shot in a righteous fit of fury.

But Chakadan Daniel was found in hanging from a rope inside a police station. So as the Police Commissioner says, there is no need to speculate about whether police officers beat and strangled Chakadan to death. (Of course, he did go on to speculate about other more fantastic and unreasonable means by which Chakadan was died by strangulation inside a police station.)

And so, we're talking about IF there is going to be an inquest. Not even a court case. An inquest.

And then,  they wonder why no one trusts the Royal St Lucian Police Force.

In fact, here is the basic fact about Lucian cops: Nobody trusts them, unless they know them personally. All the community relations gains that the Royal St Lucia Police Force made in the last decade and a half have all officially been erased.

And something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

Let them don't hold an inquest...

For the ghost of Chakadan to make sure that none of them ever get a US visa again.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time out to write about this for my cousin