Sunday, 2 March 2014


Hooray for Richard Frederick.

Not only is he fighting back against the slander and lies and rumors that everyone in the entire world told about him, he’s now taking his case to court. The Boss has always promised that he will be vindicated from all the vicious falsehoods that forced even the most corrupt government in the history of the island to demand his resignation.
Poor Richard. It's him against the world....
Every Don has his day, as El Chapo used to say. Although I guess El Chapo is not exactly best example right now given his current state of incarceration. Not to mention his impending state of extradition to the United States of I’m Going To Make An Example Of You-merica. But enough about El Chapo. We’re talking about a true St Lucian hero here, not some lowlife drug baron with delusions of grandeur. Right?
El Chapo
When the announcement came that El Fredo Rico was going to have his day in court, it sent shockwaves through the island. Everyone who bought into the lies and horror stories and fables had good reason to be ashamed.

Because now, Ritchie is back. He’s on the sure path to getting his visa back.

Richard Frederick's brand new US visa
Proof that the US is ready to vindicate him
Against the lies of Kenny And Company
After all, if he has a court case pending in America, they have to give a him a provisional visa, at least. Otherwise, how will we ensure there is a fair trial? The man has almost won. He has scored the penultimate victory by bringing this case of malignant misjustice (sick!) all the way to the American court system.

In doing so, he has assured that even before he wins the case (which is almost a foregone conclusion now, isn’t it, Lydia?) even before the case starts, Richard Frederick will score another big victory.
Lydia Faisal

All he has to do to beat his backstabbers and backbiters is use that provisional visa to get on a plane bound straight for the United States of Sir Can You Please Step Out of Line and Follow Me Please-erica.

Talk about  “Nyah, nyah, nyahnyah, nyah.”

As for us at the FLOGG, we know we contributed to all the jeering. We took that news like a slap in the face to our integrity. Now, we have no choice but to humble and turn tail. You were right all along, Richard. We can see that now. And so, The FLOGG is now proud to take Frederick’s side against the terrorist, imperialist racists of the Barack Obama administration and its communist allies, Kenny and Company.

Hooray for courage.

Hooray for never giving up.

And hooray for you, Richard. You poor, persecuted, innocent Christian philanthropist bastard,  you. Take heart. The tide is  turning. Because as Bob said, “Jah would never give the power to a baldhead.”

Um…Except you, buddy. Except you.

Now, go pack your bags and get on that jet plane to the United States of I Don’t Know If I’ll Be Back Again. Don’t chicken out or disappoint us, now. Get on that plane.

We dare you.

I mean, we cheer you. Cheer you. We’re cheering you on all the way. Go get ‘em, Tiger!


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