Thursday, 23 October 2014




Sup, Claudius?
I hear you're the new fascist bastard in the block.....

The call came in a couple of weeks ago. It was on a Thursday or a Friday.

“The letter is on its way. They’re actually doing it.”

The source couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it either. They were actually going to sue Timothy Poleon. After all the mounting evidence of political intimidation of the media, three MPees were going to go all the way and make good on their threats against a local news presenter.

The list of accusers included Senate President and Hack-a-lack in Chief Claudius Francis, tourism minister Lorne Theophilus and of course, the prince of pomposity, foreign affairs minister Alva Baptiste.

Tim Poleon’s wrongdoing was reading a story published by a spurious ‘news’ organization called Caribbean News Now whose reports of St Lucia seem to have the sole purpose of doing Richard Frederick’s dirty work.

I want you to understand this correctly:

Tim is getting sued for going on RCI and reading a story published on Caribbean News Now, which was written by a fake person called Tori Fatal or Richard Faisal or some other nonsense.

Caribbean News Now is not being sued. They can’t be. Labour was sleeping on them and didn’t change any of the old free speech or libel laws,  so Caribbean News Now can give them the finger as many times as they like with no consequences. The results, of course, are disastrous for the reputation of journalism.

Radio Caribbean is not being sued, either. The government can sue them. But they won’t. Why? Because RCI is owned by the Gibsons and Secra Gibson is a stalwart Labour Party supporter who would never be betrayed by the party.

But Timothy Poleon is being sued. Why? Because he was a creation of Claudius Francis, a Frankenstein who was supposed to play Claudius’ game but ended up playing Richard Frederick’s game instead.



Talk about justice.

Ironic note: Home and Legal Affairs basketcase Victor LaCorbiniere seemed to be the main target of the story and he originally was the first person to speak out against it. Now, however, LaCorbiniere’s name is curiously not on the list of complainants.

I smell hypocrisy.

And what’s that? I smell something else. Is that…?

Yes. Yes, it is. It is the smell of government forces targeting a media personality. Ironically, it is a media personality whose legend and false greatness they created.

And Tim is not the only one.
Jadia JnFake setting up Clinton Reynolds for the shot...

Last week Friday, the Senate President donned his talk show host costume and used his tv/radio show to attack, vilify and malign Clinton Reynolds,  the media workers president. Government Press Secretary Jadia Jn.Pierre also led a co-ordinated attack by government facebook ‘consultants’ and their friends to ‘take out’ Clinton Reynolds in a Facebook post.

It was highly instructive.

Especially for someone like me. I had recently received news of my second set of death threats. Even scarier, I discovered that I was not the first blogger in St Lucia who was threatened. In fact, the most controversial blogger before the blog had a price on their head in April 2013. Luckily, that blogger had an American passport, so the Feds were all over it.

I was the target of a semi-successful attempt to shut down the FLOGG Blog. For ten days, the FLOGG was totally deleted by Google, until they realized that something extra-ordinary and possibly illegal had happened. Of course, that was maji for 'Me & My Friends' to fix. It only served to make the FLOGG more popular. In fact, I was disappointed that the Senate President didn't attack me the way he did Clinton Reynolds. He was going to, but he chickened out. I can't wait for him to get his courage back up to try again.
But for  those who operate entirely in the oppressive St Lucian legal environment...the noose is tightening.
Claudius is leading the charge against the most qualified broadcast news editor AND the most beloved (though least qualified) broadcast news presenter. He and others are coordinating their partisan attacks. Some in the Media Association of St Lucia can't see it, but...

Let’s put all of that together and see what we get:

1.  A blogger called Friends was attacked and robbed and then run out of St Lucia for reporting on Freedom Bay’s developments within the World Heritage Site. The FLOGG has also been warned of potential threats to the life of its writer.

2.  The FLOGG was shut down by what have been confirmed to be people who are in political office and closely associated with political power in this country.

3.  Senate President Claudius Francis, tourism minister Lorne Theorphilus and foreign minister Alva Baptiste are suing Timothy Poleon for reading an internet news article on a radio station….but they are not suing the publisher or the broadcaster.

4.  And now, the Senate President and the Government Secretary were seen to engage in a vicious,  co-ordinated, multi-media attack on the president of the media workers association.

Now, when you add all of that up, tell me what it looks like. Tell me it doesn’t look like the government is targeting media people who don’t suit their purpose.

Tell me this doesn’t stink.

Because if you don’t tell me, I will have no choice but to believe what I see, hear and know. And it is that ever since Claudius Francis first insinuated himself on the media, the power has been going to the hacks and the independent trained media people have either been sidelined, or have to compromise themselves to the purpose of the parties.



  1. Thank you Jason for bringing up the vicious attack on Clinton Reynolds by the President of the Senate. I was gobsmacked to hear how he savaged the young man just for expressing an opinion.

    What is most telling was the fact that not one member of the media came to Mr. Reynolds rescue or even dare to denounce this wanton personal attack by someone whose position dictates at least a modicum of decorum.

    I suppose they must have surmised that if he can do that to the President of their association they too will suffer the same fate or worse. so they all clammed up.

    This amounts to a kind of soft censorship of the media. Step out of line and we turn the big guns on you. Freedom of the press is on shaky ground in Saint Lucia if we have such supine persons posing as media personnel then they are sanctioning this kind of behaviour on the part of Mr. Francis.

    My piece on that has been posted in Not for Party but Country for at least a week now.

    1. It's more sinister than soft censorship, sir. We only think it's soft because our dear senate president still maintains the veneer of an approachable and friendly person, when, in fact, he is one of the government's most vicious political character assassins.

    2. Mr.Thomas is that your blog? If so, please attached a link (if Mr.Sifflet will allow) Thanks x

    3. Just join the Facebook group Not For Party But For Country.

      It's worth it.