Friday, 14 February 2014


Civil war in Flambeau. That's exactly what some people want and unfortunately, that's exactly what Allen and Gail Rigobert seem to be giving them.
I mean, how hard was it to find jobs for those King loyalists in the Opposition Leader's office, instead of making them redundant.
But it really shows that the new leadership of the United Workers Party is really willing to make the old leadership a more potent enemy than the ruling St Lucia Labour Party.
That's why they picked exactly the wrong moment to pull King's pants down and spank him.
It almost sounds like a funny movie about making a porno. It would be totally hilarious if it wasn’t,  somehow,  true. You know what? It’s funny, in spite of the fact that it’s true.

First of all, Allen Chastanet showed us all exactly how much political game he has when he beat King for the leadership of the party but left him as opposition leader. That wasn’t magnanimity, that was stupidity. This wasn’t a case of Julian Hunte winning a contest for leadership that did not include Neville Cenac. This was a case of beating a guy for doing shate and then leaving him there to do more shate. If King was bad enough to remove as political  leader, if he is such a macoumere for Richard Frederick’s political manhood, then he should have been replaced with one of Chastanet’s loyal parliamentary deputies as soon as possible.

Flambeaus rightly claim that King is acting like a bitch, not co-operating with anything, not showing up for executive meetings and generally using the opposition leader’s chair the way a potato uses a couch. He’s still hurt that not only did St Lucians  reject him but Flambeaus rejected him as well. And worse yet, they rejected him for little mongrel shabine rich boys…both times!

So when King traipsed off to a government-led disaster response meeting, it seemed only right that his political leader and party executive should discipline him for that.

No.  Wait. That actually doesn’t make any sense at all.

You mean to tell me that Chas and Company were lying in wait for King to do some shate for them to jump him, and this is what they chose? A disaster response meeting? Aiyaiyai,  eh…(face slap).

Just when you thought St Lucian politics couldn’t get any stupider…Allen Chastanet’s Flambeau decides to discipline Stephenson King for not calling him to say, “Dread, I have to go to a disaster response committee meeting.”

Chastanet and friends might think they are stamping authority on the party, but all they are doing is alienating a guy who can still win his seat, even though he is hopeless at governing a country. And they are making themselves look they’re suffering from some kind of inflammation of the lack of judgment. To make things worse for them, Kenny Anthony’s Labour has shown a penchant for absorbing all of Flambeau’s defectors with the obvious exceptions of Rufus  Bousquet, Marcus Nicholas and Richard Frederick – three guys who are hell bent on dying friendless anyway.

Now King is fanning the flames of new party talk, but everyone knows that Richard Frederick with his hands up King’s butt making him say things that he could never imagine much less accomplish. The aim, obviously, is to threaten Flambeau with a force that could divide the party’s base in the Castries Basin and realistically take two seats (Castries Central and North) out of Flambeau’s parliamentary pocket.


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