Friday, 14 February 2014



So the prime minister is telling St Lucians to get real about crime and do their part.

Makes you want to laugh to prevent yourself from crying. After all, Kenny Anthony has made himself look like the number one obstruction to the investigation of the biggest, most problematic criminal cases on the island. I’m not saying that he is. I’m saying that’s what he made it look like.
Please Dr Anthony...don't make me angry.
You won't like me when I'm angry.

When a tourist like Pratt get viciously beaten, robbed and killed, that gets a lot of international press, because it’s easy to relate to. But that doesn’t mean it is the really big criminal story of St Lucia. The infrequent attacks on tourists are just that – infrequent. Isolated. Not really part of a chronic problem.

Unless that problem is the cancer that is killing the Royal St Lucia Police Force.

The really big story is what it has been since before Kenny Anthony was prime minister. It is a problem that Kenny Anthony is very aware of because he identified the problem more clearly than anyone else and called it “the most dangerous development.”

But ever since getting back into office, Kenny Anthony has deliberately and consistently failed to co-operate with efforts to, ahem, shall we say, resolve the problem. In fact, his actions have only made things worse.


If the prime minister of the country won’t  co-operate with efforts to investigate the biggest, stinkiest, most internationally damaging criminal problem in St Lucia…why should a regular citizen put himself out to rat out a little coke runner or midnight robber or tourist assaulter?

The same goes for Commissioner Vernon Francois who wants civilians to do their share in crime prevention while he effectively shelters the entire force – good guys and bad guys – from investigations into the extra-judicial killings under the last administration. Although, to be fair, Francois’ vision of what a police force is requires good socialists like Kenny to improve to social development infrastructure so that anyone who has criminal ideas truly deserves a kick in the ass. And Kenny promised to be that good socialist.

Not that this excuses the protection of potentially criminal elements in the police force and the people who commanded their extra-judicial operations.

Perhaps, the prime minister and the police commissioner think that they are targeting their comments to an international audience of tourists and potential tourists. But when it comes to the domestic audience and the people who pull strings on the outside world, the moral high horse won’t run when Kenny Anthony and Vernon Francois are riding it.

Not until they do what you know that I know that they know they haven’t done.

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