Saturday, 13 September 2014



"This should never have happened," a Google insider told the FLOGG when after the controversial blog was reinstated last Wednesday.

"It was a mistake that should never have happened. There was nothing on the blog that could possibly be construed as Hate Speech or give us any other reason to delete this blog. It doesn't violate free speech in any way. In fact, we have flagged The FLOGG Blog so that if another community complaint comes in, it cannot be dealt with at the standard level, it has to go to a higher authority and that is because of this incident."

So there was record of complaints from local sources. Another more official source later confirmed that the shut down was not as a result of an automated scan for TOS Violations. It was triggered by a complaint.

The complaint had no good grounds.

But somehow, The FLOGG Blog was deleted anyway.

Someone who was too low on the ladder took a decision that they didn't have the authority for. If not for a strategy of targetted, multi-directional complaint, The FLOGG might still be down today. Thank God for friends with friends. With friends in Google.

Thank God for officials with conscience. Unfortunately, not quite enough to suit my present purpose. Google readily admitted that it made a mistake that should never have happened. It was much more difficult to make them rat out the fascist Nazi Lucian lawyers and executives who wrote the complaints that caused someone at Google to wrongly and maliciously delete The FLOGG.

"I'm not in a postion to say how many complaints or where they originated," said the more official source. "You understand that in the same way you have free speech guarantees, they do too. And one of their guarantees is anonymity."

But the anonymity shields those who shut down The FLOGG's free speech. There was an attack on free speech. We have to find the culprits, right?

The official couldn't help me any more.

I was going to need a lawyer.

Luckily there was a firm that was interested in kicking some ass in the name of free speech to find the egg fucking aliens who committed the dastardly act.

The Freedom of Information Act was already being loaded, like a clip, into a court order. Not that we don't know who did it. We know. We just want to tell you in Google's words. After all, one of theirs was complicit in this.

In the meantime, we learnt several valuable things:

1. The shutdown of The FLOGG Blog was NOT the result of an automated scan as suggested by St Lucia Labour Party operatives like Jadia Jn.Pierre, Jah Yute, Claudius Francis, Frank Charles and others who are active in the social media. Their eagerness to pwen douvan on this matter, arriving at conclusions and co-ordinated defensiveness on behalf of a cornered political elite, in fact, makes them rather suspect. Either they are idiots who being misled or they are hypocrites who are pretending to be on the side of freedom, when they are working for the opposite side. Their active attempts to smear the President of the Media Workers Association, Clinton Reynolds, as a political partisan, in the same period, do nothing but harm to their cause.

2. The morons who did this think they are very clever, but they do not understand how the 21st century works. They left a trail of cyber-breadcrumbs that will live in the metadata for all eternity. It as though a murderer left a trail of blood that will never wash off and led the cops directly to his red hands.

3. The one-man team of The FLOGG Blog and DIS Flogg has rather over-estimated the intelligence of those whose baseless complaint shut down the blog. These people are educated and dangerous, but like most people who don't apply their education, they are not actually very smart. They have exposed the fact their most real threat against 21st century Lucians lies not in intelligence or organization, but in the control of the violence of the state and of the street. That violence is the only thing left to fear from Lab-Flam. As long as we do not take a bullet in the head from them, we're home free and they are extinct.

4. St Lucians, in general, have outgrown the current crop of leaders so much that one FLOGGer with a small team of teenage computer enthusiasts could probably put an end to Labour and Flambeau. People who think the Lab-Flam still has the power over their lives are living in the past. They are tethered to feathers.

5. The FLOGG Blog's contacts in Google outrank Lab-Flam's contacts in Google.

6. The FLOGG Blog's relationship with international law enforcement and intelligence is based on much stronger trust than the relationship between those agencies and Lab-Flam. In fact, when it comes to international contacts, Lab-Flam conceded a lot in terms of networking and useful contacts when it cornered itself into isolating Richard Frederick. And he, the one with the most links, is an international pariah.

7. The community complaints originated in St Lucia.

8. The suspects were politically motivated. They were partisans and paid friends of partisans.

9. They did not go through perfectly normal channels to get the shutdown effected, which is why Jason Sifflet received no warning, no deletion of offending posts, just a very weird shut down. They cheated their way through the shut down by using a Google contact who was too low on the totem pole to legitimately effect the shut down.

10. Because of their actions, FLOGG Blog is now more protected by Google than ever. The FLOGG has been flagged so that anyone who tries to mess with us again is going to have to climb a lot higher on the corporate ladder to find someone powerful enough to corrupt to their cause.

They act all scary but our leaders are a just a bunch of wicked little children.
They don't need more respect. They need some licks and a time out

As for the identities that everyone wants revealed, that game is not totally complete yet and must be dealt with in a later report. However, let us address the list of suspects who we know have complained about the FLOGG as well as those who were accused in inboxes, by the very people who did this.


Who shut down the FLOGG?

Was it Lorne Theophilus, Louis Lewis and their lawyer friends? The FLOGG Blog was digging into waste, corruption and total failure to get results at the high maintenance, big budget St Lucia Tourist Board. We're still digging. Tourist Board remains one of the most wasteful and potentially criminally corrupt of all island agencies. They don't waste money in millions. They waste it in the tens of millions.

Was it Peter Foster? The FLOGG had pointed out that he, as Speaker of the House, was breaking ethical firewalls like hackers break code, by accepting government clients AND clients who were suing the government. The FLOGG also pointed out that anyone whose personal bad reputation eclipsed their professional reputation was not a plus to the nation, but rather harmed us by maintaining their official postions.

Was it Allen Chastanet? The FLOGG called him an ass in a headline. And proceeded to prove the thesis. Rather effectively if I do say so myself.

Was it Richard Frederick? He was the first person who threatened The FLOGG with a lawsuit. The first politician who publicly complained about the new style of journalism and its deleterious effects on the protected species known as politicians. The FLOGG answered with a poem that gave him the finger and cursed his mother while quoting scripture.

Was it Thaddeus Antoine? He is one of the ruling party's favorite lawyers right now. Tourist Board loves him.

Was it Al Elliot? Who's Al Elliot?

Rick Wayne? Please. He might take secret pleasure, but he would not do it himself. Would never even think it.

Was it Sarge Bruno? Someone wants me to think that, but that's not what I'm seeing in the field research or in the, um, other research, if you know what I mean. For now, I'm writing that off as a rumor spread by the very people who did it.

Was it Kenny?

He wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. But he has this way of avertying his eyes from Peter Foster, Yasmine Walcott and Alva Baptiste proclivities. He has shown great capacity for allowing things that should never continue to persist interminably. I can't actually find Kenny's culpability in all this.

But I am finding his boloms everywhere. Either Papa Bois is in on it or the boloms are off the reservation and Papa Bois does not have command of the armies of the night anymore.

From the first moment that it was known that Google deleted The FLOGG for Hate Speech, everyone had the feeling that the poor politicians couldn't take the FLOGGings anymore. It was messing up everything. even when it was wrong, it was damned right. Worse yet, The FLOGG was not asking people to support something or buy something or vote something. It was just honestly asking them to admit that there was something in their butt that didn't belong there and it hurt. Oh, and it was telling them exactly who put the lubless dildos in.

In their desperation, the culprits made the one wrongest move they could possible make, apart from suing The FLOGG. They made moves to shut it down and they left a trail. And then, they got on social media, some with their real profiles and some under fake identities like "Bruce Tucker", pretending like there was no evidence that politics had anything to do with it and politicians were being unfairly attacked.

It was like the part of World War II where the Nazis pointed to the Jews in the ghettoes and said, "Nooo, they're the bad guys."

They cried and pleaded for the innocence of the protected species as 10,000 lurkers in SLAP looked on disbelief.

"Not all politicians are the same...." Claudius Francis, Jadia Jn.Pierre/Jah Yute and Frank Charles agreed.

Sure. Yeah. Right. Lucian history totally supports that.

The FLOGG reborn really has to try to remember that as it continues its mission to expose the most exalted members of St Lucian political and professional elite for the small-minded sell-outs they always were.

"We can't unfairly accuse politicians of..."

Of what?

What can't we unfairly accuse them of, given the current state of affairs? Murder? Rape? Money laundering? Drug dealing? Embezzlement? Waste? Nepotism? Neglect? Which of these shall we talk off the list of chronic crimes that Lucian politicians, as a group, are not guilty of?

Which of these shall we fool ourselves into pretending that it is possible to unfairly accuse a dirty political class of?

More importantly, now that they have exposed their stupidity and helplessness against one man's laptop, the question is:

How will they stop us now?


  1. I will take no consolation if I have to say "I told you so" Jason because it would have confirmed what I have been saying all along the lesser of the two evils are in control now and this time they will spare no expense in ensuring their hegemony of the political landscape. The guardians of the starry galaxy are all over SLAP trying to digitally slap down anyone who tries to tell Saint Lucians jumping in the frying pan offers no consolation. Chou nous patay too par too. That does not exonerate the opposite side chances are they saw you as the enemy of the political elite and they were either gleefully rubbing their hands in excitment or colluded with their "enemy" to bring down the FLOGG BLOGG. Say what you want about America but not mess with their first amendment rights. While you may to be an American but Google will upbraid anyone who would collude with the enemies of free speech anywhere around the world. Lamentably they cannot help you when these vicious people victimize you and your family for exposing spiritual wickedness in high and low places. BE INSPIRED, BE UNDETERRED, BE FEARLESS, BE PERSISTENT BE CAREFUL. "Jah will never give the power to a baldhead run come crucify the dread. Time alone..." - Tuff Gong. Jah Guide...

    1. You got me, bro.
      You really got me there.
      You did tell me quite a while ago about the lesser of the evils...