Friday, 4 October 2013





Now is the right time to get into cocaine.
Lucian cops lost the radar station, so they can only catch the ganja guys.
Although you could get two grand Euro for a pound of weed right now.
If you're willing to take the chance.
St Lucian cops have accidentally mistaken being completely full of shit for a public relations strategy.

Over the last few weeks, the cops, especially the Marine Unit have been scurrying around looking for scapegoats to burn as part of their efforts to create a smokescreen for their troubles with the US State Department.

With the headlines dominated by news of cops being turned away from security conference,  being deported from the US after qualifying for forensics courses and LOSING THE DAMNED RADAR STATION that is key to serious drug interdiction, Lucian cops did the only thing they could do.





They started chasing fishing boats around, looking for the ones with the most marijuana.

They got lucky off the coast of Dennery,  where they found a haul of ganja exceeding 500 kilograms.

This week, the Police Commissioner and some of the gazette officers were boasting their achievements in drug interdiction, all without mentioning that they did it because they have to prove that they are doing something in order to take people’s minds off the fact that the US sees them as extra-judicial killers.

The results of their efforts are themselves indicators  that Lucian cops are fighting a losing public relations war. While they seized over 600 pounds of marijuana in the last few months – more  than 500 kilograms in one lucky haul – they only managed to seize 34 kilos of cocaine.

34 kilos.

34Kg of coke and you're feeling proud. Pathetic.
I don't know how two intelligent people like Vernon and Frances can promote that shate.
Especially you, Frances!
Pathetic. You know how much cocaine slips  into St Lucia everyday on vessels that are way classier than fishing vessels? Hundreds of kilos.

The result is a drug nightmare in neighboring Martinique which gets most of its illegal drugs from St Lucia. Reports from Martinique indicate that the island is flooded with cocaine because St Lucian cops are helpless against real, serious, hard drugs without the Americans hands up their butts telling them exactly what to do, who to stop, who to follow and who to just let pass. Meanwhile, niggas in Laba can barely get a joint to smoke because Lucian cops are busy terrorizing ganja growers and fishermen of all species (including the non-drug dealers), choking the life out of ganja while ALL THE COCAINE IS PASSING.

Though they are trying to send the message that St Lucian cops are hard at work, the real message they are sending is that NOW IS THE RIGHT TIME TO FIND A FRIEND WITH A YACHT AND GET INTO COCAINE BECAUSE THE WHOLE COCAINE VIBE IS JUST FREE UP. COCAINE TRAFFIC IS PRACTICALLY LEGAL NOW. Just don't get busted with a joint.

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