Thursday, 3 October 2013



I don’t understand some people. They want to hit, but they don’t want to get hit.

Freedom of speech is for the weak and the strong, equally. But it is not for the cowards and it is not for the fucking sell-outs. For cowards and sell-outs (and I’m not talking about Timothy Poleon and his sidekick, Rick Wayne…or Jason Hullingseed…or Timothy Poleon and his sidekick…did I say that already?), for hypocrites and sychophants, free speech is the road  that leads to hell and damnation.

The good old days when Tim was just Tim - nobody's bitch...
Because once other people use it against them, they are helpless. They have nowhere to run. They’re like that girl who nags and bitches and assaults you with dishes, hardcover books and whatever else she can get her hands on. And when you get fed up and slap her one day, she falls to the ground like a football player, holding the arm she was hitting you with like it was broken, screaming bloody murder, saying that you are an abuser.

But she is the one who is hitting you, hitting you, all the time, for no good reason. Sorry. I said too much there, didn’t I? Tim and his sidekick Rick must be getting to me.

Rick Wayne goes on Tim’s show and talks about freedom of speech and the dangers of the government starting its own publications and squeezing the independent media out – as though he and Tim are the ‘independent’ media.
Nebuchadnezzar: He's finally reached the grass-eating stage.

They’re not. They’re the corporate media. They’re not small and helpless, neither are they courageous and hardworking. They’re basically the cigar smoking big boys of the media who got to hang out (at least on the phone) with the government ministers and their friends during the last administration.

Let me put it another way. Anti-Semites, who for some ungodly reason seem to be coming more and more into vogue these days, will understand this one:

Timothy and his sidekick Rick are "the Jews who control the mainstream media." Or,  at least, the racists who control FOX News by accusing Jews of things they didn’t really do.

They’re the Bill O’Reilly and Rupert Murdoch of St Lucia. So what they hell are they crying about?

At least Jouk Bwa takes his hits as hard as he gives them.

At least, Jouk Bwa doesn’t go crying to Mommy when the heat gets turned on him.

(OMG! Did Timothy and his sidekick Rick just make me learn to respect Jouk Bwa?)

Big respect! At least you can take a punch without crying like a shinya makoumere bitch!

And by the way…

When did Rick Wayne become Timothy Poleon’s sidekick? Didn’t he used to be Batman? Just because no one reads his articles anymore, doesn’t mean he has to get on Tim’s show every day and read bedtime stories to us about how bad Kenny Anthony is. Just because he’s not current and relevant doesn’t mean his legacy is not at stake.

One suspects that Rick is running from obscurity and wants to be caught. After all, if he wants to revive his reputation as the Bruce Wayne of St Lucian journalism, all he has to do is write the book about how bad 2006-11 government was. After all, he was closer and more loyal to them than he has been to any other government, including those he worked for back in the days when dinosaurs walked the earth.
So I have no choice but to conclude that it's on purpose they're doing it.  Rick for sure. But Tim, who is posing as an unbiased,, reliable journalist is colluding by aiding and abetting Rick Wayne in hijacking his show everyday with all kinds of twisted, hypocritical bullshit.
It seemed harmless. But look what happened when Tim tried to follow Rick's example of deliberately talking unmitigated bullshit. He got in trouble. He is neither artistic enough nor experienced enough for this kind of heavy shit. And the result is that large sections of the population think that the government is at war with the media, when, in fact, there is no such thing.


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  2. You, sir, are someone to be watched. Not only are you are talented writer but you seem not to bought. At least not yet. I hope you never are.

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