Monday, 17 June 2013



Once upon a time....the fabled HIA upgrade
What ever happened to the fastest growing company in St Lucia? Remember them? Asphalt and Mining. President Antonio Assenza. Absolutely no connection with Guy Joseph, then Communications and Works Minister. Part of the evil plot of borrow half a billion dollars to upgrade the terminal at Hewanorra. What ever happed to them?

Deutche Bank didn’t like A&M. Pop! Bublle burst, game over.

SLASPA now says the runway is deteriorating.

“Priority must be given to the runway.” And what about the terminal that Guy Joseph and friends were going to spend half a billion dollars on?

The cost of runway repair is an estimated $54. There will be improvements to the terminals but the bobolists who wanted to spend half a billion are not going to see anywhere near that spent. Because 500 private jets land here a year (what the hell are they doing? I don’t see the effects of this except in the increase in the number of zombes), government figures some private jet facilities are needed.
I have nothing to do with it (lol)

And that, my friends is how A&M meets the end. Even the little road project by Ravine Chabot has been stalled and closed. Much less the HIA. Game over boys. You had a good run. I hope you didn’t throw it all in the Hairy Bank.

In related port news, Labour almost redeveloped Castries harbour when John Compton re-entered politics and stole their cake in 2006. Flambeau paid new consultants to tell them almost exactly what Labour already knew. But Flambeau was trying to use Port Castries to get into bed with Royal Caribbean. Lucky for everyone, this is not going to happen. Even more importantly, A&M has nothing to do Lucian ports anymore.

Now, all that remains is to finish the damned Chabot road and get them out of our hair forever and for good.

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