Tuesday, 4 June 2013



Oh dammit!! Can't even smoke on the corner in peace, anymore!
That crazy baldhead’s political career was over before it even began.

What surburban church boy in his right mind would think he could challenge PJ Pierre in the ghettos of East Castries? Like we said: crazy!

But unlike most of his other Cabinet colleagues from that by-gone era when Flambeau was a government, Guy Mayers left a legacy.

It was announced in the last budget that in spite of the surprisingly high cost, the Guy Mayer’s initiative to install cameras in crime hot spots all over the island is paying dividends. During the budget debates, Labour almost complimented Guy Mayers on incomplete CCTV initiative that he promised back in 2008.

“Already, those cameras have helped police in two major crimes,” Kenny told Flambeau, in the single compliment the government side had to offer the wounded, cornered opposition.

If Labour’s compliment seemed to be reserved, it might be because some in the government still feel that those cameras could be an invasion of privacy and a home affairs scandal in the making.
Big Brother Baldy

On the street, there was no reservation about not complimenting Mayers for being the best ‘Big Brother’ St Lucia ever had.

“So you mean every time I rolling a joint outside I have to check to see if La Lwa watching me?” one Ganja Alley entrepreneur told the FLOGG. “Fuck Guy Mayers!”

So, here’s a pat on the back for Senator Baldy. You did something right – something that will be remembered for years and already has a positive effect.

Now, if only you can get your act together over there at the MIRROR, stop pretending to be an executive journalist and let David Vitalis finally prove that he is the best damned editor on the island today!

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