Tuesday, 4 June 2013


What would Steve do if he really loved you?

It’s a question of love.

Love for your country. Love for your party and love for yourself.

If Steve loved himself, he would do a sit-up. Okay, seriously, though…if Steve loved himself, he would get in better shape and show his woman (St Lucia, not the other one) that he’s doing his best for her. Only intellectuals and clergymen get to sit around being fat.

If Steve loved Flambeau, he would have resigned the leadership of the party and been the referee of the first real leadership contest ever in the history of the party. He would usher in a new dawn for the party and take nothing for himself, except perhaps the chairmanship.

If Steve loved St Lucia, he would use the best opportunity he ever had in his life to go and do a bachelor’s degree in something more useful than talking. He’s not an old man yet, so investing seven years in a masters degree would enable him to come back into politics as a whole new person, except with the benefit of decades of political experience under his new unversity-accredited belt.

But Steve loves nothing except the ride.

Now the tide is turning and things are not going to be as easy for him and King Frederick as they originally thought. If Chastanet and his co-conspirators can keep the momentum going, the biggest obstacle that he faces in becoming a successful Flambeau leader is not King or Frederick but that nasty little report on constituency, town and village councils which seem to say that everyone mentioned above may face criminal liability for unaccounted Taiwanese grant money.

Unfortunately, the wolf that hunts for Chastanet is also hunting for King and Frederick.


  1. I've always heard that any publicity is good publicity but not the one that the UWP is receiving right now. These fellas need to stop making their fights public and sit down as gentle men as I am hoping they are and resolve their conflicts. King is a story by himself, he knew that maority of the party supporters do not like the King-Frederick combo and at the first instance he heard that his sit is going to be contested he should have resigned and not have these lil boys disrespecting him. chpz! his to much of a grown ass man for that.

  2. lets not forget that King was an un-elected prime minister. Compton simply asked him to hold "this" for me until i return, and the rest is history. history will show that King's biggest failure was his success at getting the office of the prime Minister.