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So last week, we reported on (by which we mean 'mercilessly blasted' WLBL) for allowing minors to enter Green Synergy events and then have the audacity to tell them they weren't allowed to purchase or drink alcohol. As if that constituted social  conscience.

This week, for those at WLBL who may be interested in how to hold a party for the youth, we present good example. Apparently, it was not clear to you that Green Synergy was an adult affair and it  may still not be clear to you why it was not cool to let minors in.

Wolan and Swan are two Indonesian masseuses who are finishing off their contract at one of the north's better hotels. To celebrate the end of their days in St Lucia, they invited a bunch of kids from the Ciceron Home and the Boys Training Center to a party. They called a couple of friends for support. Their humble friends provided transport, food, drink and even horses for the the special fun day at Cas en Bas beach.

They didn't want to be cast as heroes. In fact, they avoided all questions, refusing to give  their last names ("Indonesians don't have last names," she lied,  gracefully). They wanted to do their good  deed in secret - just between them and the kids. It's the first  rule of good  deeds. (Matthew 6)

But because  no good  deed must go unpunished, they will be publicized against their will, as  an example to all those who think the media's presence must be bought for every little laptop they give away.

The day was full of the kind of surprises you couldn't plan.

Among the special stars of the party were St Lucia's only Capoeira crew, a former prime minister, a major hotelier, an up and coming dance troupe....the list is too long. The story is too much. The energy created when good people do good things for no good reason is magical. The small heroism of people who think about the forgotten is unforgettable. It's not enough to say thank you to Wolan and Swan and friends for inventing a special day just for the kids everyone else forgets. It's important to remember and remind others of priceless rewards of reaching out to the forgotten and neglected.

Check out the evidence:

Triple back flip for anything that gets us out of the Massade Boys Training Center. Thank God for beach days, field trips  and excursions. Anyone who has seen conditions at Camp BTC would understand the need to get those boys out of there and into the normal world of kids as often as possible.

Joy is infectitious. Little children catch it easily and spread it even faster.

Rule Number One of kids beach parties - serve lunch at lunchtime.  It makes everyone a lot happier for a lot longer. Rule Number Two: Take embarrassing pics of people eating.

See? We've eaten, we're happy and it's not even one in the afternoon. There's a whole day ahead of us - six hours of splendid daylight and some special  surprises, even though we've already had so much fun.

Now that we've eaten, it's time to kick some butt.  Capoeira style. "You want a piece of me,  Big Black Ninja Man? I'll  massage you into submission."

Or cricket. You know how popular Sammy is these days.  Not even Lebron James and Kobe Bryant can get Lucians kids to stop playing cricket  these days.

Of course,  the mermaids can't stay out of the water no matter what is happening on shore.

I mean, the beach is the really the water, not the sand. Splash!

Scene hot on the Capoeira front. Swan is learning to be a  black Brazilian ninja  style and the boys of BTC  are learning that they  have serious skills that the Capoeira  master respects.
Circles. In Capoeira, there are no straight lines, just like in nature. There are merely forces in balance moving in circles.

The black ninja  style  was developed by runaway Blacks in Brazil who  built their own kingdom called Palmares in the 16th and 17th century. They were very hard to defeat. Their last great warrior king was called  Zumbi. He gave the Portuguese and the Dutch hell. His fighting style was so effective it  survives today and is  a  great influence on mixed martial arts.

Maybe one day, more Lucian kids will want to be like Zumbi.  But  for now,  Darren Sammy is the hot thing. Check out this three-year-old's  form.

He's coming down the pitch...

Pow! It's gone to the boundary! Run, boy! Run!

Co-ed keep-it-up...hmmm, sounds sexy.

And who is this guy? "I'm just the cook," he lies. Sure. And the chicken just dropped out of the sky onto the grill,  the juice and malt,  the water,  soft drinks and beer all just miraculously appeared in coolers on the beach. You had nothing to do with that.  I believe it. I'm totally buying it.

"No, really,  I'm just  the  cook. Does this look like a face  that would lie to you?" No, it doesn't.  Here's your Academy Award.

And who are you? "We're the dancers. Can't you tell?" No.  I don't believe you. "Fine, we'll prove it."


Wow, I thought co-ed keep-it-up was cool.  Now, there's Capoeira Co-ed Keep-It-Up.  Stylish.
Is that....? Did you have something to do with this, Frenchie? Frenchie? Why  are you avoiding me like I'm the media or something?
Mr Prime Minister, thanks for coming.  Now  when you are getting back in the political game. We nee some financial good sense around here.  Plus the Che Guevara beret would probably still look good on you.
No way! Horses!

Someone paid for the horsemen to  give  rides to every kid the place.


Even grown ups rode.

Kids who never rode before sampled  the ancient  art of mastering a beast that is  bigger and stronger than oneself. It's something our grandparents and great-grandparents took for granted.  But for most kids in this generation (not just the under-privileged) it is  a rare and special treat.

Some, of course,  were already masters on horseback and needed no assistance or supervision.

A few had to overcome their little fears. But that only  made it more  fun.

And some people, could barely get off  the horses.

It was a great day.  It was  a pure day. And though Wolan and Swan will soon be gone, it won't be long before someone else in this same crew thinks of these children again. Because in spite of the culture of selfishness and corporate greed, exploitation and ruthlessness, there will always be people pure enough of heart to be possessed by angels.

See you around.

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