Wednesday, 11 September 2013



Try it, officer. It does wonders for unreasonable anger.

St Lucian cops need to smoke a fucking joint, chill and stop taking their waj out on ordinary citizens otherwise they are going to get shot.

With cameras.

Not firearms. Of course not. Who in their right minds would want to shoot a cop? People only say that for effect. Right, fellas? Fellas....? Seems like I'm on my own here.

In any case, firearms are for weak hearts who don’t know how to fight and know they’re going to lose. Like dirty cops who take money from drug dealers to kill bad boys. Hypothetically speaking, of course. I would never imply that dirty cops took the bounty on the head of the island’s most notorious hitmen during Operation Restore Confidence. Why would I do that? That would be crazy.
Cops rolling a joint so they can chill out and stop brutalizing people.

What I am doing is answering the question WHO WATCHES THE WATCHERS. The answer is, “We must. Because no one else will.”

If we don’t monitor people in authority, like cops, they will be vulnerable to abuses of power. They will test the boundaries of what is possible and learn how to not feel the least bit stressed about betraying the people who give them power. After all, they are only human. And not even the best or brightest ones.

Still playing the good guy? A bit late for that, don't you think?

Not that I’m saying St Lucian cops abused their powers. That’s the Americans saying that. Or rather, the Americans acting on what Kenny Anthony reported to them while he was in opposition. (Pa mweh ki di’y, yo ki di’y, etc, etc. By the way, does anyone know how to say et cetera in kweyol?)

The FLOGG is calling on all St Lucians to have their cameras ready at all times to take pictures and video of police in the course of their duty. From now on, St Lucian cops are the stars of the show. St Lucians are well within their rights to take photos and video of police, unless they are conducting completely secret operations. Any cops who are afraid of getting their picture taken or having video of themselves working are probably dirty and deserve to be exposed.
If these bad asses aren't afraid of the camera, why are some cops so paranoid about journalists? Hmmm...

Any cop who is clean has nothing to fear from a harmless little camera. In fact, for a clean cop, every camera is an opportunity to prove to the world how great St Lucian cops are. For the clean cop, a camera is a welcome advertisement.

For the dirty cop, a camera is a gun pointed to his tiny balls.

Which leads to the unscentific, but somehow true conclusion that any cop who is afraid of a camera is a dirty son of a bitch. (Are you offended, Commissioner? What's that? Can't hear you.)

The FLOGG cautions all those recording the work of cops to be extremely careful. The FLOGG has no intention of asking Lucians to make cops lablani them on pavements and force them to eat their noses. The last thing we want is for cops to treat you the way the marine police treated us when we tried to get pics of them moving a homeless man from under the Sans Souci bridge.

Do not confront the cops. Do not provoke them. If possible, try to record them without being detected. If you cannot prevent detection, remember to be polite, no matter how they try to provoke you to be an asshole. That’s one of their main tricks.  There is no law against a police officer cursing you out, but there is a law against being disrespectful to an officer of the law, no matter how much corruption he has done, how wicked he is and how bad his breath smells.

(For real, after this whole US Visa Scandal, cops really have to work on the bad breath. Especially, SSU, drug squad and rapid response.)


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