Thursday, 2 May 2013


Why Flambeau’s Top Dog Need To Rip Each Other Apart


Do you know your breeds? We dare you to tell us what kind of dog is that?


The St Bernard declares that he wants to rescue St Lucia. Kinda like a hurricane (dressed up as a scientist) telling you he wants to help with your agriculture.

'Tings ruff!'
The Pitbull, who never said a bad word about the St Bernard while they were in Cabinet together, respond by saying that the St Bernard never rescued anything in his whole damned life. The Poodle, of course, sat back in his chair smiling. The Poodle never makes a move unless it’s mealtime.

In public, the rest of the Top Dogs, from the hot black Fox Terrier, to the lanky Doberman, the drooling Bulldog and the rest of the pedigrees and mongrels behind the scenes are trying to keep quiet. They don’t want a public dogfight.

But a good political dogfight about personality, principles and policy are exactly what St Lucia – and Flambeau, in particular – needs right now. Flambeau is unaccustomed to the idea of anyone but John Compton having vision, leadership skills and a successful career as Prime Minister. They, more than Labour, need to usher in a new era of unrestrained competition between leadership contenders.

Can’t count on Labour to do it. In spite of everything done to convince people to the contrary, Labour hasn’t had a leadership crisis since 1996 – and even that was minor compared to what flambeau will face if they don’t confront their future head on. Labour decided a long time ago (1982, to be exact) that they were never going to be caught fighting like a set of dogs on the street, ever again.

Since then, they have managed, with very few exceptions, to look like a flock of geese, flying in orderly fashion behind their leader. The consequences of 79-82 were so severe that all change within that party has to be orderly and to some extent, pre-ordained. Flambeau, on the other, was invented by a maverick and needs all the mavericks of the party to out-maverick each other so we can find out who the new John Compton really is.
These are dogs? Most people actually thought they were a  parrot, a  rabbit and a spider
Flambeau, unlike Labour, has never been a team of equals or rivals or anything of the sort. It was made to be run by one strong hand, to be led by a singular vision and to be loyal and to some extent, servile and unquestioning. This is very convenient for all the current Flambeau leadership contenders as none of them (with the possible exception of Spider, who none of them likes) has any experience working and succeeding as part of a team. They are all followers and or leaders – just like John Compton intended them to be.

If we are to find out which of them is truly the best, we have to let them fight. We have to let them get in the ring and prove their stuff. Without honest and fair competition, Flambeau is at risk of picking another loser – which is all they have done since 1997, with the exception of the time when John Compton took them back into his bosom for their Last Goodbye.

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