Wednesday, 15 May 2013


“Your St Lucian designers are not up to par. I have seen their work and I don’t think they are fabulous. We disagree very much on this point. Not one St Lucian designer is strong enough to open.”

Those are the words of Mae Wayne, publisher of SHE Caribbean and co-producer of HOT COUTURE. Wayne’s harsh criticisms of St Lucian designers came in an internet exchange with the show’s Creative Director, Vincent McDoom, who replied, “That is not fair of you to say this and I cannot let you say this. Give these designers a chance to surprise you. It’s a St Lucian event. It is normal that a St Lucian should open the show.”

The Flogg obtained a copy of some contentious disagreements between McDoom and Wayne on the role of St Lucians in the show. McDoom thought they should have priority while Wayne, as quoted above, thought they were not good enough. (Which explains why Lucian models and designers have benefited so little from SHE Caribbean being based in St Lucia.

McDoom set a press conference for 2:30 Wednesday afternoon to address issues raised by the emails about the treatment of St Lucians in Tourist Board related festivals. Over the last week, McDoom has publicly criticized the Tourist Board and HOT COUTURE producers Mae Wayne and Adrian Augier for exorbitant fees and their controversial contribution to the show.

Do you think St Lucian designers suck?
What you know about fashion?

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