Thursday, 9 May 2013

DRONES, DRUGS & DENIALS What Are The Cops Hiding?

243 Kg of coke. One arrest. That’s it. That’s pretty much all the local cops are allowed to tell you.

Unfortunately for them, it’s a very small island and some of us practically live on that beach where the big drug bust happened. With a pathetic telescope, you can practically see surveillance aircraft tracking the drug boats at night.

What cannot be officially confirmed is that there was a joint operation between the US, St Vincent and St Lucia. Local officials in both islands cannot, under any circumstances, confirm that a drone was sent from Puerto Rico to track the movement of a large consignment of cocaine. The St Lucians could barely make mention of the Vincentians when they finally confirmed the operation a week after it caused a national sensation.

Furthermore, everyone involved should be at pains to not make it look like there is an escalation in tensions between Venezuela and the United States and that Caribbean islands – particularly those who want a bite of the Petro-Caribe deal – are getting caught in the middle.

Marisule beach is usually one of the quietest places in St Lucia.

It is less than 100 metres of sand, bordered by urchined rocks, with a litter of sea fans and old conch shells, depending on the time of year.

Usually, it is a recreational community beach, but sometimes, a canoe pulls up with potfish and the beach reverts to an older time. A good fish sale was the most action that beach ever saw before that drug bust.

This week after endless investigation, procrastination and vascillation, the cops finally confessed that there was a bust and an arrest. They excused the delay in addressing the matter saying that the operation was continuing even after the bust on the beach was over.

But given the paucity of information they finally provided, couldn’t they have addressed in all before?

What are the cops hiding about this drug bust that they should be boasting about?

"Hey Commissioner! What you saying?"

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