Tuesday, 14 May 2013



What SHE Team? The STAR doesn't even have an office dedicated to SHE Magazine. The SHE Team is a bunch of emails.


We saw her twice or three times before the show.


She had a team? What team? The dressers? Was she even paying those people?


If they’re were talking about the dressers when they said the SHE magazine team, well, ok. The dressers and the make-up people, they were really on point. But the real team was us, the models. I don’t know where this SHE Magazine team was.


Planning committee...? They had a planning committee?


Personally, I thought it was Vincent’s show and Tourist Board was sponsoring. When I saw all these people at the Audi Showroom acting as though they were in charge, I was surprised.


The only time when we, as models, did something that didn’t involve Vincent was a photo shoot at the STAR with Rick Wayne. And we never saw those shots, ever.


But the way Mae and them write the story in STAR, you will swear that there were no models. It was as if she and her team and the designers had a show.


I saw Mae at rehearsals. She stayed for about 10 minutes. We saw a lot of Joan Johnson and Denise Lay, though. They were very helpful to us.


I saw Mae at the fittings. I think the team she’s talking about are the dressers. But these people were like the waiters in the restaurant. The service was excellent, but they were not in the kitchen cooking. We were. The show would have been exactly what it was without them.





A lot of people in the show didn’t even know who he was. He was never at rehearsals or anything like that.


They say as if Vincent was the only to miss a fall on the stage. Endless of us were tripping on that same spot. That stage was not level and you could feel it moving under you. That’s why Vincent said for us to use no stage at all.


The models were at risk. I don’t think Louis Lewis understood that when he blew up in Vincent’s face. Vincent was saying that the stage was not only not good, it was not safe. The shoes were leaving marks in the stage. The boards under the stage were shifting. One of the dresses got stuck in the stage itself.


They had to have people helping us on and off the stage, because it was not stable and it was not safe.





We didn’t just learn walking. We learnt about the fashion industry. He showed us videos and talked to us. He got them to tape us walking and then we watched the tapes and critiqued each other.


At the beginning, he told us, he wasn’t there to be our friend, he was there to train us. So we knew what to expect, if he talked to us harsh. But in the end, he was more than a friend to us. To some of us, he’s like family.


The most I ever got for a modelling gig before Vincent came along was $100.




I loved J-Lo


To me they were all very good. You couldn’t tell who was St Lucian and who was foreign if nobody told you.



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