Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Photo of Castries after Labour ended sugar, flour and rice subsidies

Flambeau warned them that better days would not come.

Flambeau tried to show them the way. But they wouldn’t listen. And now, the new government is doing the unthinkable. They are raising the price of brown sugar by…EIGHT…CENTS….A POUND!

(Cue dramatic end of the world music)

In a world where nothing was going right, only one thing now stands between the St Lucian people and…(Dut!Dut! Duuuuuuuh!) The End of the World.

Our heroes are under pressure from a government who is using underhanded tactics like research, facts and transparency to make the people think that the heroes are themselves bad guys who made millions of Taiwanese dollars disappear.
Kenny's Horsemen (Photo courtesy FlambeauCam.com)

Government is trying to distract the people with the politically charged facts in the Constituency and Town and Village Councils Report because they know that the real story is not the millions and millions that Flambeau made disappear.

The real story is that Labour is cutting the subsidies on rice, sugar and flour in half.

The real story is that people cannot afford to pay eight cents more per pound for sugar. Not in this hypertensive country. How will poor people get diabetes now if Kenny Anthony and his wicked government continue like this?

The real story is that St Lucians had just voted Flambeau back into power, they would never have to deal with this headache right now. They would be able to focus all of their attention on trying to fit themselves in with the hundreds of millions in bobol that would accompany the HIA project. They would be focused on trying to get a little cocaine deal done. They would certainly not be in the position they are in now where they are forced to think about paying off debts and balancing fiscal deficits.

Lucky for Lucians, Flambeau is on the road to recovery.

They have a choice between King and Chastanet for leader and they are actually considering Rufus for party chairman, which is a huge qualitative difference from last chairman, Clem Bobb. Everything about Flambeau right now screams ‘change’ and ‘progress’.

In no time flat, they are going to charge through St Lucia on their white horses (bought with Taiwanese funds, no doubt) and save St Lucia from fate worse that death – paying 20 cents more for a pound of parboiled rice. Hallelujah!


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