Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Oh no! Not you, too! I thought you were our friend!
What would you do if you found out that:
1.       SLTB paid BET US$450,000 for get Akon, when one of their own board members could have gotten him for US$275,000?
2.       SLTB paid an outside company $80,000 to do passes (yeah, the backstage, vendors and media passes) when they equipment to do it cost about US$10,000 and they had already bought it and been doing the passes themselves, for years?
3.       SLTB paid one producer of HOT COUTURE $120,000 to do what Adrian Augier was already doing for $68,000 and Vincent McDoom was doing for free.
4.       SLTB turned away a French media outfit called B Black who wanted St Lucia to host a three-man crew while they got footage of the festival and the island for documentaries and programs to air in Europe. B Black is like the BET of France. SLTB asked them what their demographic was, as though it would not be worth is to get the free publicity if the target audience was old white people who like country.

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