Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Why Homophobes Are The Biggest Bitches of All



Define fag:

A fag is person who bitches about stuff that is not important enough to pay attention to.

The word is the short version of the word faggot which is an old Anglo-Saxon word referring to someone who is someone else’s bitch. The faggot had to pay attention to all the little details that were not important enough for the boss to deal with.

Like the word ‘nigger’ (which originally means a parasite or freeloader, one who lives on the sweat of others, which is ironic considering that the ‘niggers’ did all the work), the word fag has come to mean something different than what the word originally meant.

But if a fag is exactly what the word says, then aren’t homophobes and other haters the biggest fags of all?

Consider first of all that it has been proven that any man who wastes his time bitching about gay dudes is probably gay himself. Most straight men can let a macoumere walk down the street without much more than a chuckle or a stupps. But some so-called straight guys cannot let a macoumere pass them without making some kind of comment.

Unfortunately, throwing words for gays means that you are noticing gays and everyone knows that straight men notice women, not other men.

“But it can’t be helped!” the homophobes will charge. “These gays are practically pumping their gayness in our faces.”

But in the very same moment, some woman was probably flaunting some sweet ass in you face too. But you didn’t notice because you were too busy bitching about the homosexual.

Consider also that heterosexual men are obsessed with sex and repulsed by homosexuality. Heterosexual men think about sex once every three minutes. It stands to reason that no true heterosexual man can even think about gays for more than 2minutes and 59 seconds, because he’s too busy thinking about vagina. Consequently, any man who can think, much less talk about homsexuals for that long must be a fag.

Finally, consider the kweyol etymology of the word for fag.

A macoumere is supposed to be a female friend, but is used perjoratively to refer to a male who acts like a female. In this traditionally sexist society, your macoumere would help you wash your clothes, do you dishes, cook your food, all the little things that you don’t want to do for yourself. In other words, your macoumere is your faggot. And a faggot, as wesaid at the beginning, is a person who has to pay attention to all the little things you don’t think are really important.

Is homosexuality really important to heterosexual men?

Back in the old days when there were men than women, homosexuality actually helped decrease the competition to get a bride. Nowadays, homosexuality only affects straight men by making many more women available for straight guys to take advantage of.

In other words, without gays, there would be no jabals and more of us would have to share a women.

Homophobes, rather than criticizing gays should be happy that these macoumeres are making more women available that ever before in history. But homophobes have shown their true colours. Rather than be happy for what God gave them, they prefer to look at Vincent and Sharmark and Donovan and talk about how much God hates them.

And you know what that makes them?

A bunch of stupid little bitch faggots!


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