Sunday, 1 June 2014





How many court hearings does it take to get SLASPA to screw in a light bulb?

Not a very funny joke for anyone who has been on the short end of the stick of any government agency, statutory corporation or private monopoly.

If the recent court case where SLASPA wrongfully denied a water craft license to a Trinidadian has taught us anything, it is that something is deeply rotten in the state of St Lucia.

You mean to tell me that a CARICOM citizen wanted to set up a niche tourism business, targeting high end clientele and instead of giving him a license, they told him, ‘No’?

You mean to tell me that after the experts in their own Watercraft Advisory Committee told them it was cool, they still denied the man the license?

You mean to tell me after you pay Cuthbert all that money, you don’t take his advice, you take him to and then you cut him out of the new budget. WTF?

You mean to tell me that’s what Guy Joseph and Allen Chastanet really thought about business opportunity and regional integration?

Yes, that’s exactly right on all counts.

And if you’re a Flambeau, the good news is that Labour is not any better. When they came into power in 2011, they did not see this as a problem, even though Sean Matthews knew he had to go, because nobody who was involved in the aborted half-billion dollar Hewanorra Airport terminal upgrade was getting any contract renewals from Labour.

Bob Leotaud didn’t get in the news because he was a special victim of SLASPA corruption. He got in the news because unlike many other victims of SLASPA, the courts, the police, the Tourist Board, the NDC, Planning and soon Invest St Lucia, Bob Leotaud had the resources to fight them, to pay lawyers, to fly in and out for court appearances.

For most other victims, the system has a way of wearing you out.


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